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Warning: Use It or Lose It

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Includes a true story about a man losing it.


Having read repeatedly over the years that a man's general overall health is directly related to his sexual health, I can especially understand this in one specific area, namely cardiac health. I read not long ago that every erection is a vascular event. This means that blood must flow into a man's penis in sufficient quantity to cause it to become erect and stand proudly while enough blood is retained to allow it to remain engorged, instead of flowing out at the same rate. So it is possible that if a man has trouble getting erections due to lack of sufficient inflow, he may also be close to having heart problems and should have his overall circulatory system checked by a doctor as soon as possible.

It was evident that our neighbor enjoyed sex because he frequently included sexual inuendos in his conversation. They were always enjoyable, nothing vulgar. The best one was when he told how his young boar (male pig) jumped the fence and bred all 24 gilts (young female pigs) the same night! All 24 gave birth to little pigs within a 24-hour period. He really bragged about his young boar! Some months before he died half a dozen years ago, he complained that his manhood had shrunk. His spouse confirmed that he had almost nothing anymore to hang on to when urinating. Like many other skills we have such as playing music, riding bicycle, welding, crafts, etc., if we don't use those skills, we become rusty and cannot perform as well. The specific warning is that if we don't keep exercising our sex organs, they will likely fail to perform as well as we wish when we want them to.

As you may have read in one of my articles earlier this month titled 'Rewards,' I was taught how to create fantastic pleasure within my body during my seventh grade year in school. I was still 12 when I learned how to 'pump' my love wand (it was called a prick in those days) to pleasure. It took some months before I was able to produce any beautiful, white 'love juice.' Oh, those were some fun days I still remember well and told about in that article! However, the feelings only came after pumping a very long time, so long that my arms felt like they were going to drop off. In short, from age 12 to 66, my love wand has produced thousands of fantastic feelings! 54 years is over half a century of thrilling tickles and fantastic thrills! In my later years now that erections are hard to come by, I regard every erection and every orgasm as a miracle and try to remember to thank our Creator every time.

Due to her medications, my wife has lost all desire for sex and lost interest in sexual activity. It's possibly a year ago that I made a comment that if she had stayed by me a little longer, I might have had an ejaculation. She forcefully reprimanded my by saying, 'Don't make me responsible for your orgasms!' Ok, so I haven't. Throughout our married life, I have always wanted more sexual activity than she has, so I have supplemented my thrills and excitement by going solo in between

I used to feel guilty until a massage therapist asked 'What's wrong with it? Self-pleasuring is not illegal and nobody gets pregnant nor catches a sexually-transmitted disease.' So for the past number of years, I have not felt guilty by creating my own pleasure. I have her to thank for that. Valuing her profession, she always refused to massage my favorite toy, but one female who was not part of a professional organization did cause my volcano to erupt on several occasions! She allowed me to lie uncovered during my massage, but at first refused to massage me all over saying the town council forbid it. Lying there uncovered was already so delightful because my erection could lift and stand up proudly for both of us to see without being hindered by a towel or a sheet! When I requested her to give me some special attention, she refused, saying, 'I can't, but you can.' However, when she gave me a squirt of lotion and I started slicking up and down, she soon took over! She wore only a T-shirt and allowed me to stroke her thighs and butt cheeks while she played with me! What bliss! So smooth, so delightfully smooth like all females! God certainly refined His touch when He created females! One time when she propped one foot up on a crosspiece of the table, I slid my hand through between her legs and felt her fuzzy love nest! It didn't take me long to erupt and feeling her was over. Sigh! What thrills she gave me several times before she was run out of town. Evidently she had also given each of the town council members some thrills too. It certainly did not seem fair to her for them to have run her out of town after pleasuring them.

Now that my erections and ejaculations are harder to come by, I've paid more attention to the numerous ads on TV about Viagra and Cealis as aids to overcome erectile dysfunction. I've also received numerous flyers and mailings about products to stimulate erections. Everything from Horny Goat Weed capsules for taking on a daily basis to aphrodisiac inhalers to inhale and Blue Steel strips to place on one's tongue minutes before sexual activity begins. Being specialty items, all of them are expensive. Worse than the expense though is the fact the widely-advertised drugs have some serious side effects ranging from headaches to erections lasting over 4 hours. I used to think that a 4-hour erection would be superb, but a nurse told me that in the emergency room a guy came in once with an aching penis which required surgery to removed the clotted blood from the spongy tissue of his manhood. That means that some of his spongy tissue was also removed, thus making future erections smaller.

To date I have not chosen to use any of those artificial and invasive stimulants. Instead I have been quite creative over the years to enjoy my erections with the use of homemade gadgets ranging from gentle vacuum devices to mild electric stimulation (Be VERY careful not to electrocute yourself.) and a variety of things to slide up and down on my love wand to produce those tingles I love so much. This morning I thought to check a vitamin booklet from which we frequently order vitamins. I was elated to find that they have a number of pages for women and over a page of natural supplements available for men that have no side effects like drugs give. Furthermore, the prices are affordable instead of being so expensive as the flyers and mailers I have received or the TV ads.

Overall, because I believe that an active sex life helps to keep us young, I intend to continue playing with my favorite toy and encourage other readers here on SoloTouch to do the same. Our prisons are full of sex offenders because someone was used, misused, or abused. Self-stimulation, self-pleasuring, self-gratification is not likely to harm anyone else-unless a man forces a female or child to pose nude while pleasuring himself. Pornography does nothing for me because I cannot touch and am not involved, but reading Solo Touch has been very rewarding because mentally I feel part of the action. My wife has said that a person's brain is their biggest sex organ. So I guess I'll continue reading ST for many years! Thanks to the webmasters and to all contributors! I don't usually read the male or male-male articles, but really enjoy the mf, fm, f, & ff. I especially thrill to reading long stories specifically detailing female orgasms and most of all enjoy the stories about multiple female orgasms! I'd be jealous except for the fact that females deserve special joys because of their beauty! We males can enjoy their beauty and they can enjoy multiple orgasms! Happy tickling to all! Enjoy your bodies and the pleasure they can give you! After all, sexual thrills are the most delightful feelings we can have as human beings! RC



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