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Wanking With Niece and Her Friend (2)

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A true follow up story to my first submission.


As I mentioned at the end of my last submission (Wanking in front of my niece and her friend)after watching us wank ourselves it was only a matter of time before we wanted to wank each other. We had got into a nice routine of the girls coming in from a night out and us all getting naked and wanking in front of one another, then one night as they were getting undressed (I was already naked and hard) Jayne said she thought it was time that we wanked each other, as I had been thinking about asking the same thing I wasn't going to say no, she looked at Carol and said what do you think?. Over the time we had been doing this Carol had become less inhibited as she was a little reluctant to let me see her completely exposed as it were, but eventually she had loosened up and now was the same as Jayne in that she was happy to show every part of her body to us, and what a beautiful body it was. Carol said ok but just wanking I don't want this to lead to full sex, so we all agreed to that and started straight away.

Jayne said I give a great handjob would you like me to show you? I said yes please and sat down between the girls on the sofa, Jayne ran her finger tip up the length of my cock and I moaned with pleasure, she then gripped my shaft and slowly started wanking me, Carol was watching this and Jayne said don't be shy join in, so she gently placed her hand on my balls and started to tickle and squeeze them, I was in heaven having my cock wanked and my balls felt by two girls at once, Carol then pushed Jayne's hand off my cock and replaced it with hers. At last wanked by my gorgeous niece, she had good technique and was alternating between wanking and tickling the underside of my shaft, they both knew how I liked it as they had watched me wank lots of times, Jayne had put one hand on my balls and was slowly rubbing her pussy with the other and getting nicely turned on, Carol saw this and said can't wait eh. Jayne replied that she was just warming it up for us when her turn came. During all this I was close to cumming and said I am ready to blow who would like to pump the cum out of me? As Carol was still wanking me she said I will do it and Jayne can have the next one, so I told her grip it tight and don't stop pumping till I tell you. So she started wanking with a tightened grip and I said I am cumming, Jayne stopped wanking herself and concentrated on my balls as Carol pumped spurt after spurt of cum out of my cock all over my belly and chest and all down her hand, WOW what an orgasm. After I had finished moaning with pleasure and my orgasm had subsided I said to Carol you can stop now, she let go of my softening cock and I took her hand and licked my cum off her. I looked at Carol and said thank you that was great, Jayne said you looked like you enjoyed that, she wasn't wrong, then she added it was time for me to bring them both off.

I stood up and said right girls how do you want to do this? One at a time or both together? Jayne said wank us one at a time then both at once starting with me as my pussy is nice and wet. Jayne leant back on the sofa and opened her legs wide to show me her glistening cunt. I knelt down in front of her and slid a finger over her wet labia and up towards her clitoris and started to slowly circle it with my fingertip, she let out a gasp and said oh yes that's the spot, I kept going on her clit and occasionally moved down and fingered her cunt before going back up to her button. (I also knew how they liked to wank after watching them before). While this was happening Carol had turned to face us with her legs spread and was playing with her swollen clitoris and her now wet pussy. I carried on wanking Jayne while watching Carol, Jayne was watching her too and said to me don't stop as I am nearly there, so put all my concentration into making Jayne cum. By now I had two fingers in her cunt and was rubbing her clit with my thumb, she was squeezing her tits and playing with her hard nipples and then said oh fuck I am cumming, please don't stop. I kept a nice steady rhythm as her orgasm hit and she screamed in ecstasy as she came. After her orgasm subsided she pushed my hand away as her clit was too sensitive to my touch, fuck that was a good one thank you, my pleasure I said as I licked her juices from my fingers, I held my fingers up for her and she licked them clean, I said you can relax now while I wank Carol.

Carol had got herself quite worked up watching Jaynes wank and as I moved across so I was between her legs I could see how wet her cunt was. I said are you ready for this? As I had never touched her before, she replied do it now. Again I started by sliding a finger up her labia to her clit as I knew how she liked to wank as well, she didn't use direct contact instead she liked to rub it just to the side, so I did the same and slipped a couple of fingers from my free hand into her very wet pussy. Not long after I got a nice rhythm going she said I am cumming keep going, her cunt contracted around my fingers as her orgasm hit and she too screamed in pleasure as she came. She pushed my hand away after a while and again we shared her juices from my fingers, she said that was great you really have been watching haven't you, I said it's no more than you deserve after wanking me so well earlier.

After we had taken a breather and had a rest my cock was starting to recover and I started to slowly wank it up to a full erection then I said right I want bring you both off at the same time are you ready? They both nodded yes so I told them to get up then kneel down next to each other on the sofa with their arses in the air, they did this and what a great pair of arses they were. Carols was quite big and beautifully round and Jaynes was small and perfectly shaped. I stood behind them stroking my cock and looking at two great arses two lovely little arseholes and two very wet cunts. I said right I will work on your cunts you work on your clits and that way I can bring you both off, so I placed a finger at the top of their arse cracks and slid it down slowly over their arseholes and into their cunts. They both gasped and looked at each other and started wanking, I had two fingers in each pussy and my thumbs gently massaging their arseholes as I slipped them in and out.

They were both wanking their clits as I fingered them and I said hows that girls? And just got grunts of affirmative back, before long Jayne said I am close to cumming and Carol said wait for me and we can cum together, so I pulled my fingers out of Jayne till Carol got close as well then when she said I am almost there I slipped them back into Jayne and got a nice rhythm going with the girls as they both cried out I am cumming. I felt Jayne's cunt tighten first as her orgasm started then seconds later Carol's followed as they both came screaming and panting with intense pleasure. After a while they both said stop as they couldn't take anymore, so I pulled my fingers out of them and had a little taste of them both before smearing their juices on my now rock hard cock and starting to wank it. I told them to stay where they were as I was close to cumming and wanted to cum on their arses, they said go for it, so I started wanking faster and said here I cum as I spurted first onto Carol hitting her tight little anus with the first spurt then catching her lovely round arse cheek on the way to spurting on Jayne's pert little arse. WOW what a cum and twice in one night. We carried on having these wanking sessions for close on a year till Jayne got a regular boyfriend and stopped going out with Carol as much but we two carried on whenever the occasion arose, one of which I will tell you about in my next story.



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