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Wanking With Gary

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Until I was a few months short of my sixteenth birthday I had never had any sexual experiences with boys or girls. The furthest I had got was kissing girls and I had never had a proper girlfriend. I was kind of shy with girls partly because everyone, boys and girls made fun of me for being so skinny (weighing just over 100 pounds) and young looking and I knew the girls all went for the muscular, manly guys. Partly though it was because I was also attracted to the muscular, manly guys and I spent more time thinking about them than about getting a girlfriend.
Most of my friends had started having sex but they still talked openly of masturbating. I being a total virgin was wanking 3 or 4 times a day while dreaming of seeing my friends wanking or having sex. When they told me about their sexual activities, mutual masturbation, oral and full sex, I would get a hard on and precum would start to seep out of my cock. I would hurry home after these conversations and jerk off thinking about what they told me.
My first experiences were started when I was talking with my friend Gary and he was telling me about his girlfriend wanking him off and stuff. We were alone in my house and I was imagining him naked. He is the same age as me, really amazingly good looking with a great body. I was really excited and he could tell. He said am I turning you on and I said of course and he laughed and said it looked like I needed to have a wank because I had a bulge in my trousers I was trying to hide. I admitted I did and he said I could do it right there if I wanted. I said no way but he said it was cool and that he could do with a wank as well. I still wasn't sure and said I had never let anyone see me with a hard on before but he said so what and that him and his other mates wanked in front of each other quite a few times. I was really nervous but excited too so I said ok and he started to get undressed, encouraging me to do the same. When we both got our underwear off I was first to comment as I saw his big hard on spring out. My God your dick is huge, I gasped and he laughed and said thanks. He then added 'Yours is tiny....no offence' I didn't know how to react but as he stared at me and I stared at him he stepped closer to me holding his dick next to mine to compare them. He just looked at them both and rubbed his dick against mine and grinned 'yours makes mine look massive'. I told him it WAS massive and that I thought it was amazing. He again thanked me and then he asked me how big mine was exactly. I said I didn't know so he suggested that we measure both our dicks to see how they compared. I said ok and he sent me to get a tape measure from my mum's sewing kit. He measured his dick first and showed me that it was 6 1/4 inches long, 6 inches thick around the base and 5 1/4 inches around the head. He helped me to measure mine and found it was 4 1/4 inches long, 3 3/4 inches around the base and around the head. His balls were also bigger and lower hanging than mine and we were both uncircumcised. He was excited and kept saying how amazing it was that he was so much bigger than me while I was just as impressed but a little confused. I said surely his cock was bigger than most of his other friends but he said that most of his mates he had seen had longer dicks although his was one of the thickest. He told me he had a couple of friends who were 7 1/2 and 8 inches long but only 5 1/2 thick and one friend who was 9 inches long and 6 1/2 inches thick. We both observed that was almost twice my length.
At this point he was really horny and needed to wank so we both sat next to each other on my bed and started to jerk off. I quickly neared my orgasm and as I panted that I was going to cum and lay back he stopped wanking himself and watched me closely as I came over my hand and it dribbled down into my little patch of dark pubes. He then laid back next to me and continued to wank. I sat up and looked at his tight, muscular body and big, fat cock as he jerked it. He looked at me grinning as I watched him and started to wank my soft dick again. Finally he grunted that he was cumming and he shot what must have been 7 huge spurts of jizz which covered him from chin to pubes. I stammered that I never thought anyone could shoot spunk so much and so hard and admitted mine had only ever shot as far as my chest 2 or 3 times and never produced more than 2 or 3 little spurts even then. I was hard again already as I watched him lying bathed in his own spunk and I told him he had got me all turned on again. He laughed and said for me to use some of my spunk to lube my dick and to wank again. I eagerly scooped his still hot cum off his body, taking the opportunity to feel his hard body at the same time as his sticky juice and I rubbed it over my cock and began to wank again.
I took longer this time and after a minute he started to wank himself again too. When I came he reached over and took a fingertip covering of my spunk from my hand before rubbing it in with his own over his slimy cock. When he got near to cumming I asked him to shoot it over my body. He giggled and climbed up to kneel astride my body. I only intended for him to turn and shoot a bit onto me but now as he pumped out his second load he aimed it all over my face, neck and chest. I was in heaven and I shamelessly smeared his spunk into my mouth and tasted its salty flavour as he giggled.
After that first time we kind of looked at each other differently in school and we would whisper to each other and 'joke' about what a stud he was. It was only about a week later when we had our second experience, which I may write about another time.



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