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My Brother's Best Mate

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I was 14 and he was 17 at the time.


This story happened some years ago. I was 14 and had only just worked out what to do with my junk. My brother had just turned 18 and I was allowed to stay home for his birthday party while my parents were out.

About six o'clock people started to show up. One of the first was my brothers best friend, Nathan. He is my favourite of my brothers friends. We got along really well and had since we met two years previously. I had a really big crush on him for a few months before the party and I know that he had noticed. Nathan said hi to me and smiled. I blushed and smiled back, my voice cracking when I said hi back. He laughed and then went off with my brother to start partying.

Mid way through the night, Nathan caught me staring at him. He thought that I was staring at his beer and offered me one. I nervously said yes and he passed me a beer. I sat next to Nathan and we started talking about stuff.

Nathan was really friendly, I kept staring at his eyes, which are blue and really nice. I built up my nerve and asked him if he'd ever got with a girl. He asked what I meant and nervously I said well you know done it. He said yes with two girls. He then asked me how far I had got and I said just a kiss. He asked who and when I didn't tell him he teased me by saying it was a boy. I laughed but my face must have betrayed me because he stopped laughing and said that it was ok, and that he had kissed a few boys. I then asked if he had gone further and he said yes a few times. I told him that I wanted to as well. He smiled and then left for another drink.

When he came back there were more people sitting with us so the topic changed again. After the party had died and most people went home the rest of us decided to go to bed. My brother had a girl with him and asked Nathan if he could sleep in my room instead. I had a small room and knew that meant he would have to share my double bed. I was excited when he said yes.

We went to my room to sleep and started talking again. Eventually the subject turned to wanking and I asked him if he ever did it. He said yes of course and asked if I did. Until then I thought I might of been doing something bad but he said there was nothing wrong with it and it was normal so I said yes. He asked me if I was hard and I said yes nervously. He said he was too and then to my amazement asked if I wanted to wank now. I said yes and he started touching himself under the blanket. I did the same.

After a minute or so I asked if I could see him do it. He said ok and I pulled back the covers. His dick was nice. Much bigger than mine and he had a lot more hair. I had only a small amount of hair and not a big dick. He was slowly moving his hand up and down and I was nearly there just watching. I asked if I could touch it and he said ok. I took it in my hand and copied his motion of up and down. Then he slipped his hand under the covers and grabbed my dick. He said I was a decent size for my age and started to play around with my dick. In about thirty seconds I peaked and my whole body shook.

I recovered and continued on his dick. After a few minutes he peaked as well and shot what he later told me was cum. I was fascinated by it as I had not ever done that. He told me that when I was older I would make some too. He said that was great and that we should get some sleep before the morning when we had to clean up before my parents got home.

That night we slept cuddled up with him on the outside of me and I felt so happy and safe. I asked if I could kiss him before we slept and he said yes. So I kissed him and it was really nice.

We still get along really well but didn't had another chance to do anything again. I recently told my brother that I think I might be gay and he said that was ok with him and that Nathan was bisexual and that I should talk to him if I needed to talk to anyone about that stuff.

Hopefully that may lead to some more time with him. It was the best night of my life.



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