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Wanking With a Mate

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This is what set me off wanking with guys-the first time I realised that doing it with someone else makes it sooo much better


When I was 15 a new guy called Mike started at our school. I had never had a gay thought before beyond the usual, and had had a number of girlfriends, but something about him made me feel different.

Mike was about my height, 5'10ish, but he was more toned and fitter. I am and was slim 32 waist, 40c with brown hair and eyes. Told I was good looking I used to stay fit playing footy and dressed well. But Mike was something else. He had short blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and a great smile. We quickly became friends.

Although I knew I was attracted to him, in a different way to my other mates, the time I really clicked that I fancied him was when he got put in my PE class. In our school it was quite rare for anyone to shower after sports unless you were really messy so it wasn't until we started doing rugby that I first saw him naked.

Now, you have to realise I have never been shy about my body, and was reasonably confident that I didn't have anything to be embarrassed about, but standing next to Mike in the shower it became clear that he was in a different league to the rest of us. His muscles were defined, his stomach rippled with a six pack, his pecs firm and a long, thick cock hung low between his legs. As I stood next to him washing the mud away it took all my effort not to stare and even more effort to control the swelling I was beginning to feel in my cock.

After that it became hard to think about much else and I made sure we always showered together. I was fascinated by him and used to find myself thinking about his body and his cock even when I was having a wank.

It wasn't until the summer that things started to take off. By this point we were firm friends, hanging out together, playing footy and swimming together and just generally best mates. We'd seen each other naked loads of times, but never hard and neither of us had ever made any moves.

It was a weekday in the summer hols and we were both at my house. The sun was out and we were lying on sun beds on the patio having a beer and listening to music. We'd stripped down to just our shorts and were lying topless next to each other. Conversation had moved to girls and sex and I was getting horny as hell. Mike made some comment about the sun making him horny and we both laughed about it, but I daren't tell him how I was feeling.

Mum and dad were both working and my brother was out so it was just the two of us. I went to get a drink and as I was coming back I could see him with his hand down his shorts, adjusting his cock which I guessed must have been getting hard. As I was sitting myself down on my sunbed I slipped a bit and spilt my drink all over him. He gasped, laughed then said 'right, payback!', throwing his drink over me. Laughing, I got up and ran to the garden hose, switching it on and aiming at him. He jumped up and ran so I chased him round the lawn aiming the hose at him. Next minute he tackled me to the ground and pinned me down. As he was stronger than me I couldn't break free and he sat over me laughing, grabbing the hose and soaking me all over.

It was at this point he noticed I was hard as a rock. My cock was bulging in my wet shorts and there was nothing I could do to control it. He laughed out loud and starting poking it, called me a horny bastard and teasing me. I must have blushed because he then noticed and rolled off me, telling me not to worry about it and that he was horny too. I tried to bluff, saying it must be the sun and that I always got horny in the sun.

Then it happened. He rolled onto his back and looked sideways at me. He slid his hand into his shorts and said that he was feeling horny too and had been getting hard earlier. He said he really needed to wank and he'd better go home so he could have one. He paused then added...'unless you don't mind me doing it at your's?'

Although I was surprised I didn't hesitate. I replied straight away. 'I don't mind, I really need one too. Come on, let's go in.' We got up and ran across the garden, both of us with bulges in our shorts. We both bounded up the stairs and then at the top stopped short. I turned to Mike and said 'you want the bathroom or my room?', thinking he would want to do it in separate rooms. He looked at me and said 'have you still got that porn video you had?' I said yeh it was in my drawer. He continued 'well I'd like to watch it now'. 'OK..' I said 'good idea. But I think I'll burst if I don't wank soon'

Mike then said exactly what I wanted to hear. 'Sod it, let's put it on and if we want to wank, we wank. It's not like it's gay or anything.'

So that's what we did. I rammed the video into the machine and switched the TV on. Straight away there was a guy and a girl fucking and moaning. I was lying on my bed and Mike on the spare bed about four feet away. Both of us were hard, both had our eyes fixed on the screen. I saw his hand slide down his shorts and begin rubbing up and down so I did the same. After a minute or so the pressure was too much so I pulled my shorts down and began wanking furiously. I saw him glance across then do the same.

His cock was big. Rememeber by this time we were both 16 but his cock must have been nearly 8' long and very thick. Mine was about 61/2' uncut. He was stroking his long shaft faster and faster and I could see his hips rising up and down. I was stroking hard and faster and could feel I wasn't going to last much longer. It was clear neither of us was watching the film anymore, just watching each other wank. It was the horniest thing ever.

All of a sudden his face tightened and his hips thrust up. A huge wad of cum shot from his cock, landing on his chest. He shot another huge string of cum, letting out a moan and then another.

I couldn't help myself and came so hard that my cum shot onto my face. Both of us continued wanking as we came, cum going all over.

There was a slightly awkward silence as we looked at each other, both of us hot and sweaty, covered in cum. Then he broke the silence. 'I've made a mess' he whispered before cracking up laughing. We just lay there, covered in cum, laughing our heads off for about five minutes. Then I threw him some tissues and we cleared up.

After that, the ice was broken and it became quite a regular thing for us. We never touched each other and never went any further. But for about the next three years, and even when one or both of us had girlfriends, we'd often wank together.

Great times



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