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After School

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This happened just the other week when I was walking home from school.

It was warm here in Florida, so I decided to take the short 20 minute walk home. I planed on stopping right before I got home in the woods near my house to jackoff. I needed only to pass an apartment complex, and then through a large field owned by the VFW into my backyard. As I was nearing the entrance to the field, a boy who lived just down the street from me tapped me on the back. He told me he decided to walk home too, because it was so warm for January. I was worried because I still wanted to go and masturbate, but, I did not know how to get away from Billy.

His name was Billy, and he was my age too, 16. He had slightly curly hair and was about 5'9'. His body was slender, and he had quite a bit of hair on his legs. We talked for a little bit as we were crossing the field, and just before we got to the point where we were to turn off into my backyard, I said, 'Hey Billy, I'll see you later. I'm gonna go and jackoff over here.' He looked at me for a few seconds, but man, did it feel like a few minutes. To my suprise, Billy asked, 'Mind if I come with you?' I was shocked, because I have always wanted to jackoff or do something sexual with another guy, but have never had the chance. So, quickly I replied 'Yes.'

The two of us walked into the woods around the field and not far in we found a good, sheltered area. We stood there for a few seconds, not knowing what to do. I was getting pretty hard and hot, and I could see Billy was too, because he was wearing only gym shorts. So, I slid off my cargo shorts and pulled off my shirt. Billy followed suit. I was wearing low cut briefs that day, and they were very tight on me. Billy on the other hand though had boxers and I couldn't get a high quality view of his cock. Billy then slid off his boxers and showed his 5 and 1/2 inch cock. He didn't have a foreskin, and although I knew about circumcision, I had never seen a cut cock. Immediatly after, I took off my briefs and Billy saw in full view my hard 6 inch, uncut cock. I was so proud of it.

I sat back on a downed tree behind me, and Billy walked up and sat next to me. We didn't speak much, and just looked at each others bodies.

I asked Billy if he had ever kissed a girl, tongue and all, and he said no. We turned face to face after he replied, and I leaned forward to kiss him. As my tongue was in his mouth, he started rubbing my thigh. I pulled back my head a little and said, 'Go for my penis.' Billy did so as we started to kiss agian. His thumb started to go under my foreskin and rubbed my head with all of the smegma in there. As I got harder and my cock went up against my belly, my foreskin pulled back and Billy started to stroke me. I twisted his nipples, and move by hand down his somewhat hairy stomach. I got to a huge bush of pubes and found his cock. I began rubbing the head and then made a fist around it. Billy's thighs were very hairy and he even had some of hair on the shaft of his penis. This feeling made me even more horny.

I started to lean back, so my back was on the downed tree, and Billy lay on top of me. His mouth was drooling on my lips and chin, and he went to grab both of our cocks together. The friction between the two was amazing. I started grabbing his ass, and seconds after he started to cum on our sandwiched bellies. I came immediately after and the two of us shook for a few minutes.

After I licked the cum off his hairy belly, and he cleaned my almost hairless stomach off, we got dressed and decided that we needed to do this more often.



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