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Vibrators and More

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I've been reading this site for quite some time, and I felt it's time for me to contribute.
I feel the attitude that you have about sexuality and masturbation are wonderful. I have always felt the same way you have, despite what my parents think.
I have been an avid masturbator for about 4 years now, but I remember 'playing with myself' as early as 4. When I was in preschool, I remember squeezing my legs together and holding my breath while I pinched my thigh. Yes, I know, it's wierd. I don't think I acheived an orgasm from that; although I could be wrong. I used to use this method to stop me from having to go to the bathroom in traffic on long car rides, or in class. I never thought of it as wrong then or before. I had never told anyone about the pleasure I was feeling though.
There was a while there when I don't remember masturbating--about a year. I don't know why I didn't. But in 5th grade, when I was 10, we got sex education. I went to a Catholic school that year, so you can imagine what they told us. I'm pretty sure that they had said that masturbation was wrong. I'm actually glad they did...because that lead me to my own self-discovery. In the back of my mind, it had been bugging me. Why is it wrong? Why did they specifically bring it up when no one asked about it?
One night soon after they had told us that, I was in my bed thinking about it. I decided to find out what was wrong with it. I shared a room with no one, and had a full size bed, so I was fine with that. I did, however, have a step-mom and dad coming in sometimes. I remember at first, when I touched myself, I didn't feel anything besides just friction. It didn't feel good or bad. So I stopped for the night and went to sleep. The next day, I tried it again. I don't remember how long it took me to start feeling pleasurable sensations, but eventually I did. I did it for a little, and it felt nice and all, but I didn't see the point.
A while later, I think after I had started liking it, I tried putting a pen inside me. I mean, I had no clue what I was doing--I grew up in a very sheltered home. It hurt, of course, from all the sharp edges and what not, so I didn't do that again. Later that year, I found a vibrator in my step-mom's dresser drawer. It was labled 'Adam & Eve'--what I know now to be a sex toy company. I remember turning it on, and I was curious about it. What made me think of putting it over my pussy, I don't know, but I did. It felt great. But I was paranoid about anyone finding me, I put it away and left it at that.
I remember once, I had my friend Christy spend the night. When everyone else but her and I were downstairs, I brought the vibrator in my room and layed it on the bed. She didn't know what it was, and truthfully, neither did I, but I remember I called it a sex toy. We put it away and nothing else happened.
When I was 11, I moved to my mom's house. One day I was home from school, and I was rummaging in her dresser drawer I think for some candy. In the back corner of it, I found what I know now as a 'pocket rocket'. I knew what it was the moment I saw it, and decided to try it out. It felt good, but once again, I don't recall orgasming. I put it back for later use. Whenever I was home after that with my mom not, which was rare, I would use it. One day I had put it in my bathrobe pocket, and when she came home I got out of bed and it fell out. She got upset--what she said I don't remember exactly, but I remember she said 'You're 11 years old! Stay out of my stuff!'.
She hid it after that somewhere else. From then on, I looked around on the computer at other ways to masturbate--since I knew what it was called from sex ed class, it was easy to find it. Too bad mom found out too. She got parental blocking on her computer. But I did save a large collection of stories from this site in a word document with a password. I printed out all of them, using a bunch of ink, but now having methods to masturbate right at my fingertips.
I tried rubbing my finger over my clit, I tried sticking small objects inside me, I tried a lot with my hands. I don't think I ever orgasmed. We had a pool, but since my mom was always there when I was in it, I couldn't do anything with the jets. I had played around with cyber sex, which I liked, but I couldn't masturbate while I did it, because the thought never came to mind.
There had always been a locked trunk in my mom's room, which since I found her pocket rocket, I've always had this thought that it was full of toys. One day I was desperate. I looked around in her beside table again, and found a key--the same type that matched the lock. It was the key for it; and that trunk was indeed filled with toys. I was ecstatic. I grabbed the bag I saw with a bunch of toys in it, and headed to my room to look at them. Then, I had no idea what a lot of them were. I did, however, find dildos, anal plugs, rope, (apparently my mom was into bondage, and as I later found out, she was a Dominatrix) and all sorts of stuff. The vibrators were all out of batteries, or broken. I replaced the batteries on the one that I did find that worked, but it was weak.
I saved a couple of the dildos in my room, along with the weak vibrator, and went to put the bag back when I saw a very powerful massager. I was excited. I took it back to my room, and it hurt--even on low. So I kept it though just in case.
That powerful one and I have had some very good times. I had my first orgasm from that. I later started using the smaller of the two dildos I saved back. I've used it in my ass, and I've sucked on it while I used the vibrator on my clit.
I just started using the toothbrush method with our Braun professional care toothbrush, since I thought before it would hurt. It always does at first, but it gives me a different type of orgasm than the vibrator--it's good to have variety. I like to pinch my nipples, and put on clothespins over a shirt. Since I have my own computer now, I look at porn videos and read Solo whenever I want, as well as have cyber sex. Life is good. :D
I'm on a habit of masturbating at least once a day, usually more. I love tasting how my pussy juices taste, and I love the smell of my pussy. I don't particularly to look at it though, since I'm overweight, and I don't like that.
We're moving in about a week, and I've lost the key to her trunk, although it is locked. I also don't know where to put my toys since I can't find the key. I'm starting to panic about that.
Anyway, this is a bit longer than I expected, so I'll wrap it up. Ladies: we need more contributions from you! This site is overdominated by male stories and techquines! Keep it cumming. ;)
Editor's Note: It's one thing to be experimental, and another to put anything potentially dangerous into your body. This is obvious. Be smart.



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