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Come Fuck Me

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Are you Male? Female? It doesn’t matter at all.  You see, I’ve woken up in a deliciously sensuous mood this morning. 


My boobs are rock solid and my nipples are erect. They ache to me touched, kissed, sucked, dare I say bitten? (Gently) 

Even the movement of my t shirt scratching my nipples is erotic. 

Ive thrown the duvet off me, and a waft of my feminine scent gently rolls up and over me. Can you see the little white cotton panties I wore to bed last night? Quite virginal, arent they? I wore something like this when I was 13, so If imagining me as a good catholic schoolgirl turns you on, just tell me and I’ll play along.

i feel moist, damp. A gentle finger reveals I’m wrong. I’m  not moist, or damp. I’m wet. The entire crotch of my panties is slippery. Was was  I dreaming about last night? 

Maybe I let you gently part my legs. Just a moment of resistance for good form’s sake, then I acquiesce to you demand. I shouldn’t really....good girls don’t let strangers spread their legs, do they? 

What are you doing? Pulling my panties aside? No, you mustn’t do that. But.....ohhhh....it feels so good, just knowing you can see my vagina. Vagina? Well, that’s what it’s called, isn’t it? What....you want me to use other names for it? Alright....pussy! There! No? Oh, please, you don’t want me to use that  word, do you? Oh, alright, maybe just once. Cunt. There! You can see me cunt cant you. 

I stretch back, my arms high above my head on my pillow, my t shirt up exposing my tits, and you, you dirty thing, holding my panties aside. Take them off? Alright. Just for a bit. 

I raise my ass and let you slide them off me. I feel very grown up being naked here with you. Well, not quite naked. Alright, you can take my t shirt off me too. 

Why are you smelling my panties? They’re wet, after all. Tell me why you like doing that. Describe it for me.

You can smell my cunt....my feminine wetness. It’s soft, musky, and sweet. Like summer flowers. Ohh that’s sweet! Thank you! And something else? What? Ohhh that’s naughty! A faint after hint of pee? That turns you on? Well, I suppose I shouldn’t tell you, but pee turns me on too. Sometimes I pee in my panties on purpose. I love feeling that warm, wetness spread. No, I haven’t peed in these, but I suppose some pee kind of escapes. 

Kiss me? There? Ok. 

Ohh that feels wonderful. I love what you’re doing with your tongue. Yes, my clit is pierced. And we all know why a girl has that done. Put a finger inside me, there......now hook it forward. You feel that little rough area? That’s my g-spot. Press it hard....no...harder than that.....really hard. Ohhhhh yesssss. That feels so fucking good. It makes me want to piss, but don’t worry, I won’t......unless you want me to! 

Your hand. It’s between your legs. Are you playing with yourself? No, I don’t mind. In fact, I like it. 

My asshole? Yes, if you like. Ohhh that slipped in easily didn’t it? You’re fucking me in both my holes now. 

I think you’re going to make me cum. 

I want you to cum too. Cum in my panties. Whether you’re male or female, I don’t care. If your a man, shoot your sperm right into the crotch where my cunt has been, if you’re a girl, push the crotch of my panties inside you and cum on them. 

When I was in England, they call them knickers. I like that expression. Cum in my knickers for me. Then I can smell and taste you when you’ve gone. 

Im nearly there. Call me some dirty names.

slut,....whore.....cunt.....ohhhh yesssssss

You made me cum! You dirty fucker. Now let me watch you. I can see you’re breathing hard.....that’s right....imagine whatever you need to. I’m a grown woman...a professional....I’m a dirty little schoolgirl.....whatever does it for you. Cum for me.....cum On me.....cum inside me.

there....Ohh my! That’s huge! You’ve really made my little white knickers wet now, haven’t you? 



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