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Very Understanding Neighbor

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I was going crazy at the time and it was our neighbor, Mrs. Garcia, that knew why and came to my rescue.


I'm now 26 but back when I was 19 I'd had an accident while working on a fuel problem with a buddy's car and had seriously burned both my hands. They were both blistered real bad and wrapped up and I was having to go to the doctor every two days. Needless to say, there was no way that I could even think about pleasuring myself jerking off. At 19, I was jerking off at least once a day and sometimes more often than this if something had turned me on during the day. At the time I had gone around four or five days without 'relieving' myself.

Then one morning, our neighbor came over to visit my mother and see how I was doing. She didn't know that my mom wasn't home. I think she had gone to get her hair done. Mrs. Garcia knocked on the door and I answered it. She came in asking how I was doing and feeling sorry for me. I was not in a real good mood and Mrs. Garcia could see this. It didn't take her long to figure out what was probably wrong with me. She sat in front of me and ask 'Can I ask you something personal'? I said 'Yea; go ahead'. She came right out and ask me 'How long has it been since you last came'? I wasn't sure I understood and I ask her 'What do you mean'? She answered 'You know. Cum' pointing at my crotch. She said 'I bet that's what's wrong with you and the way you're acting. A boy your age needs to cum'. I felt a little embarrassed with her talking to me like this and I'm sure I was red in the face. Then, she really shocked me. She ask 'Would you like me to jerk you off so you can cum'? I just sat there looking at her not knowing what to say. She said 'I know you need it and I sure don't mind doing it'. I still just looked at her I guess too embarrassed to answer.

She got up and said 'Come on. I know you want it. Let's go to my house to do it' I got up and went with her. Yes; I did need it. I was crawling the walls wanting to get off. Mrs. Garcia was probably in her mid thirties and did look good. We got to her house and she said to sit on the sofa and she'd be right back. She then came in with a wet wash cloth and a tube of gel. She said 'here, let me help you' reaching for the top of my pants. She said 'Don't feel embarrassed. I've done this a lots of times' giving me an evil grin. She then threw in 'If only you knew'.

She pulled down my pants and there I was showing my penis to my first woman other than my mother and it felt exciting to be doing this. She took my pants and shorts all the way off leaving me nude from the waist down. She said 'Now you lay down there and just enjoy this'. She got the tube of gel and filled her hand with some. She spread it around her hand and then I felt a woman's hand touching my penis for the first time. I was laying there looking at her and really enjoying it. She then got the wash cloth in her other hand and went to working on my penis with her lubed up hand. It felt fantastic. It didn't take me very long at all and she knew when I was there. She held the cloth right in front of my penis as I started shoot my cum. She caught it all saying 'I knew you needed this. Now, doesn't that feel better now? Just look at all that cum'.

She wiped me off and then put my shorts and pants back on. As I left to go back home I thanked her for her help. She said 'anytime now. You need it again and remember I'm here'. I again thanked her. Well, sure enough, two days later I was at her door ringing her door bell. She really knew how to do it and really make it feel good. Even after I recovered, I'd go over to see her and get one of her wonderful feeling hand jobs. This went on until I ended up with a girlfriend that started doing it. But, with the girlfriend, it worked both ways and I got to feel her pussy and tits.



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