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Lori's Challenge

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My older female friend Lori asked me to come over and hang out, get a massage and relax at her house as she was all alone and wanted company...on the condition I drive the 11 miles to her house naked!


My friend Lori (who was then 42) called me up after a long discussion about how much weight she'd lost and how she wanted me to come over and see for myself and she was in her two storey home on a wooded dead end road all alone (she dumped her boyfriend of 10 years three months earlier). She offered me a full body massage and time to relax and chat...IF I drove the 11 miles to her home totally naked! Well, thank God I love to be naked and it was June!

Here's how I did it. I got in my car fully clothed and stripped as soon as I got in (it was dark out). On the ride over, I was anxious and really turned on by the fact that here I was driving through the village totally nude and no one was on the streets. I had an erection thinking about it all the way there that I just couldn't quell! It was wonderful! Finally I pulled in her driveway at the very end of the road at the bottom of the hill. I could see the lights were on at the distant neighbours house through the trees and Lori's porch light was on as well. "Here goes!", I said to myself, still erect. I got out, walked up the stone paved pathway to her concrete porch and knocked. Lori opened the door, though I couldn't see her at first and she told me, "Come in you naked thing you!"

My hard cock lead the way in, bobbing about as I walked. I looked to my right as I passed the open door and there was Lori standing there totally naked, clothed only in a broad smile! "Well, you have a beautiful cock, sir", she exclaimed. I was stunned...she had to have lost a hundred pounds and she looked so fantastic! Lori is 5'5" tall, sandy blonde hair and medium, but very shapely tits. I noticed immediately that her pubic hair was shaved off to reveal her smooth mons pubis and both of her large nipples were pierced! She gave me a deep and passionate kiss and pressed herself against my nude body. She then led me into the den where she set up a massage table, candles and massage oils.

I lay down on the table face first as she asked. Lori applied a generous amount of oils to my bare skin and the oils were already warmed. She began at my feet and worked her way slowly up. My hard cock I had pushed so that the head was pointing towards my feet. As she reached my ass, she "slipped" and lightly rubbed the skin beneath my cock head. I was in ecstasy! I told her it was ok. She continued to massage my ass cheeks and the shaft of my cock. Every so often she would "slip again" and penetrate my bunghole. It was very nice!

At last, she rolled me over and my rigid member sprang upwards! "Oh! I see that we're enjoying our massage huh?"
I simply moaned in response. Lori finished the rest of my body and made sure her tits were rubbing me all over as she leaned in. Mostly she kept them over my face and I took full advantage and licked and sucked them...she cooed as I did so.

Finally she went back to my cock and cleaned it off. She then began to slowly masturbate me while she switched the firmness of her grip from light to hard. I was arching in delight! She kept this up for ten minutes and she intermittently slipped her finger in and out. I was going nuts and she knew it.

She then had me lay on her bed in her bedroom and she straddled me with her her smooth pussy over my face...I knew immediately what I was going to do as she went down on me with unbelievable skill! I spread her lips and found her clit which fell victim to my lashing tongue and sucking lips. I did circles about it and then lashed across it in firm lashings. She was moaning ever so loudly!

We kept this up for another 20 minutes and I nearly came. Finally she had a large orgasm that shook her and me in a huge way and I came at that very moment when she'd finished!

We had many other experiences like this and I'll write them down soon!



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