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Valentine's Day

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Amazing experience...


Okay, so background information. My friend, Bre (Briella) has been my best friend since I can remember, and she is absolutley amazing, and beautiful. I never had a thing for girls, ever. But Briella made me shiver and I loved being close to her. Briella is 5'6, long brown/blonde hair, green eyes, C36, and an AWESOME butt. Very shapely! I am 5'6' as well, DD36, curvy, small but round butt. Black hair (dyed) and green eyes. Briella amazed me with her natural beauty and made me laugh with her clumsy and awkward ness! I love her so much.

Okay, so, this Valentines day, my boyfriend of six months decided he wanted sex, and I declined, so we broke up. Of course, being the amazing friend she was, Briella came to my house to comfort me. I cried and cried and she just hugged me. At one point I sat on her lap (don't take it the wrong way, we always did that.) and she brushed the hair out of my face. Bre stared at me and told me I was beautiful and smart and perfect BlaBlaBla. After awhile, I started feeling a little better. We laid down side by side and watched a PPV movie. The main character was hot, and I was getting wet. Bre said that the movie scared her, so I hugged her and she hugged me in return.

Horror movies don't phase me much, so I soon fell asleep. Bre woke me up by shining her cellphones light in my face. 'You fell asleep, I was scared, dude, what the eff?' I laughed but apologized. She smiled, hugged me and kissed my cheek, another thing we do regularly, but this peck lasted far longer than any of her other little smooches. Playfully, I pushed her away, but she wasn't having it. She pushed me back and we started to wrestle. After about 20 minutes of that, I asked her to stay over for the night, and she agreed.

We watched another movie and got ready for bed. She didn't realize I was watching her change, but her ass was so tempting and her long hair was so pullable. I realized I wanted her. More than any other silly old guy! She asked who was sleeping on the floor and who was sleeping on the bed. I asked which she wanted. She said she wanted the bed, but that she didn't want to sleep alone after the 'scary' movie. I crawled under the sheets and she followed, and the second her skin grazed mine, I could feel a tremor run up and down my spine.

She asked if I was cold, and I said I was, so she moved closer and hugged me close to her. So invitingly warm! I moved closer and soon felt her breast graze my back. Her nipples were hard, I could feel them through her thin tank top. I turned to my side to face her and said 'I'm so lucky to have such an amazing, and beautiful best friend.' She smiled and kissed my cheek again. I thought this was my chance. I moaned softly and she laughed. 'Wow, what was that?' I could feel my face get hot as I blushed. I sighed and said 'A moan.' She pulled me closer and asked 'Why'd you moan?' I looked into her eyes, and they weren't criticizing, they were eager to hear my answer. I smiled and said 'Because... I liked it.' She asked me how much and I responded with 'Grrr! So much!' so she kissed my cheek again, teasing me by getting closer to my lips everytime.

Finally she asked 'Alea, what would you do if I like... umm... kissed you.. really kissed you?' I smiled really big and said 'Kiss you back, Bre, kiss me. Pleeeeassseee?' She pulled me closer to where there was no room between the two of us, and she planted a sweet kiss on my lips. I loved it, it was sensual and nothing like kissing a boy, so gentle. I kissed her back and tried to slip my tounge into her mouth. I was rewarded with a moan. 'Alea... Can I tell you something?' I nodded and she told me I couldn't laugh. I promised not to. 'Alea... Okay, so... I kinda have a thing for girls... like... girls are just so pretty and they always smell good, and they're so warm and... like you. You're gorgeous, and you have an awesome body and... yeah... what I'm trying to say is... Alea, I want you... A lot.'

Wow, those words changed everything. I kissed her again and she moaned my name, and grabbed my ass. I sighed into her mouth. After five minutes of kissing and exploring each others bodies, I told her I needed to get off, and she said she did too. I kicked the blankets off and pulled off my shorts. She pulled off her shorts and tank top, and now was down to only her boyshorts. She encouraged me to take off my shirt, so I did. She smiled and said Rawr. I laughed. She slipped a hand under her panties and started rubbing up and down her slit. I could hear her moan, so I reached into my panties and started rubbing my clit. Wow, I was SO turned on! I started moaning and sighing and I heard Briella do the same. I was on the edge of climax when I looked over at her, saw her arch her back and moan my name. I gasped and came, moaning her name right back. I could hear her panting softly.

Then I felt her arm around me, and I snuggled into her body, realizing late that we were both half naked. I tried backing away, but she wrapped her legs around me and kissed me with a new passion. I was finally able to slip my tongue into her mouth. I was in complete ecstasy, when I remembered my vibrator in my dresser drawer. I jumped up and went over to my dresser. She asked what I was doing, and when I turned around with the pink vibrator in my hands she gasped. 'Alea!.. Wow...' I smiled and just layed her back. I rubbed the vibe up and down her slit and in between her lips. She moaned softly, and I loved it. Pulling her panties aside, I could see the wetness. I asked her if she wanted it and she nodded, biting down on her finger. I turned it on low and ran it up and down her lips before sliding it up to her clit and leaving it there.

She moaned loudly, and I took that as a sign that she wanted more. I turned it up and pushed it against her clit, and was rewarded with a sexy 'mmmm'. I wanted something more, so I slipped a finger in and slowly started thrusting in and out. She begged me to do it harder and faster, I did, and I turned the vibe up. She threw her head back and groaned. Shortly after, she came. I was so close to climax myself. I crawled into bed next to her and smiled 'How'd you feel?' she panted and looked at me. She managed to say 'soo good.' I smiled and hugged her close. After she recovered, she climbed on top of me and said it was my turn. She turned the vibe all the way up, and gently slid it up and down my pussy before pushing it into my hole. I groaned and she moaned and said 'Oooh Baby... God Alea you're so wet!' I bit down on my thumb and nodded. She thrust the vibe in and out of my cunt and I cried for more. She went faster and harder. I reached a very satisfying orgasm and I moaned her name.

We laid side my side for almost 45 minutes, without saying anything. Then she laughed. I asked why she was laughing and she said 'Damn, that was the best valentines day present in the world.' I laughed and said, 'hell yeah it was, happy valentines day.' She smiled and said 'Happy v-day'

Briella and I are... Yes, we're dating... And we actually have done much MUCH more since this... But I can't tell you those stories



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