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Vacationing With Beth

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My cousin Beth and I have always been close. Actually more like sisters. We grew up living two blocks away from each other, went to the same schools and got married a year apart from each other. Last summer we decided to get together for a vacation just to get away from the daily routine of life and reconnect as her and her husband moved a state away. We decided to go to to a beach resort. It was an 11 hour drive and we spent it catching up with one another. It was great to get together again.

After getting to the hotel and settling in we laid in bed (seperate beds) just talking and catching up. We talked about our families, our jobs, our interests and hobbies, etc. Eventually we got to talking about our sex lives. We both agreed that we had adequate sex lives, but they could be better. I don't know what sparked the question, but Beth asked me if I had any fantasy that had never been fulfilled. I blushed and admited that I had always wanted someone to play with my butthole, but had always been too embarrassed to tell my husband and too afraid to try anything myself.

She admitted to me than she had always had a secret desire to have somebody pee on her. We laughed over the whole thing and soon turned off the lights and went to sleep. I had to admit though that the conversation had made me a little horny. When I woke up the next morning Beth was sitting up in her bed and was just looking at me. 'Good Morning.', she said. 'Hi', I replied. Then she shocked me. She said,'Remember what we talked about last night?', 'Yeah,' I said. She said I kept thinking about it all night long and didn't sleep very well. 'Oh sorry.' I said. She said, 'Do you have to pee right now?' 'Yeah, of course I just woke up.' She took my hand and lead me into the bathroom and into the tub and said, 'Pee on me.' I was stunned.

She knelt down in front of me with her face in my bush. I had to go, but I was nervous and couldn't. I told her, I don't know if I can right now, I've never done anything like this before and I'm nervous.' Hold on, I'll be right back. She got out of the tub, threw on a robe and went out to the car and came back with one of those big cups you get at gas stations. She filled it with water and handed it to me. 'Here, drink this. I drank it, plus one and a half more. Beth led me back into the tub (leaving the water off) and knelt in front of me once again. I could feel my bladder filling up quickly. There we were in the tub both naked. I asked, 'Beth are you sure you want to do this?' (I was till in shock). She said, 'Please Lynn.' Her eyes were focused on the hair between my legs and there was a look of excitement in them. I still wasn't sure that I wanted to do this, but my bladder kept filling up and I knew that very soon I wouldn't be able to keep from peeing even if I wanted to. The pressure was building fast. Soon it was at the point of no return. 'Get ready Beth, here it comes.', I said.

I felt my pussy lips open as a huge stream of whiteish yellow liquid exploded out from me and hit Beth right in the face. It ran down her neck, her tits, down her stomach and between her crotch. I saw her hand fly between her legs as she began to thrust her first two fingers in and out at lightening speed and rub her clit hard with her thumb. As soon as the first stream ended, another one shot out hitting her on her hard nipples. She moaned, 'Ohhhh!', and her thrusting became more frantic. As the third stream hit her, I saw her whole pelvis jerk uncontrolablly as she screamed, 'I'm cumming!!!' I squirted a few more small streams onto to her and I was finally empty.

She didn't say a word, just knelt there in front of me, dripping with my urine. Then all of a sudden, she plunged the two fingers that had been in her pussy, into my pussy! We had never done anything like this together before (we had jilled off in front of each other a few times when we were teens, but never actually touched each other). Her thumb rubbed my pussy lips, then began flicking my clit. I felt a rush run through me as her other hand went up my leg and cupped and squeezed my butt cheek. Then she put those fingers between her pussy getting her fingers wet with her juices and placed them back circling my butthole! Oh it felt so good. I moaned in pleasure as I felt one finger slip inside, then almost immediately she slipped the other one in stretching my butthole. Within seconds I was shaking as the biggest orgasm of my life swept over my entire body! I think she knew I was about to cum because she sped her fingers up in both holes and then thrusted them deep in my ass. I was leaking my cum all over her hand as I rode wave after wave until I collapsed! We dried off and left the hotel room and headed to the beach. We had a late night that night, but that is another story for another time.




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