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I Just Had to Cum

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Fuck, but I’ve been feeling horny lately! It seems like I see sex in any situation, any time, anywhere!  Then, a memory stirred...well, a partial one that I developed in my mind into something delicious. It involves my Uncle (mother’s side). He never behaved inappropriately, nor did he ever do any of the things I’m going to talk about, but I used to fantasise about him, and his daughter Charlotte. 


Uncle Bill was cool. Lots of fun, and always up for a practical joke. His daughter Charlotte was more restrained, and as she was an only child, I felt kinda sorry for her. No siblings to talk to, no one to compare puberty notes with. But Charlotte was desperately sexy! Fuck, she looked horny! I would sometimes imagine her wandering around their massive house in just her bra and panties, and Uncle Bill getting interested. I would make up scenarios where he stole her panties and masturbated into them, or tried to watch her naked, which led to this....


I was horny.....and fucking annoyed! Charlotte and Bill were over for the weekend. Charlotte hung around me like a second skin and I wouldn’t get any time to myself to take care of business. She even shared my fucking bed! 

One night I decided to rub one out anyway. Fuck her! 

“Listen, Charlotte, I get real horny sometimes, and I just need to rub one out. It that ok?” Fuck her if it isn’t. I’ll do it anyway.

”uh..sure.” It goes quiet. 

I jam my hand into my panties and theyre already, as expected, very wet. I begin to masturbate and let my mind float, hoping it will pick up on something nasty. 

“I do it too...sometimes.” (Oh for fucks sake...shut up!)

silence....I’m getting a nice buz on now.....then....

”Especially when I hear dad talking about you,” (huh? What?)

”He talks about you as if he fancies you.” (Buzz doing VERY nicely now)

”I think my dad would like to fuck you...or at least use your panties.....like he uses mine.” 

“He uses yours?”

”Oh yes. I often find his cum on my panties. It’s rather sexy, isn’t it, to know you can make a man that horny. I bet he’d like to cum in yours too.”

”Has he ever....you know...tried anything?”

””Fuck no! Ewwww! But then he’d like to touch you, I think, maybe like this.”

i feel her finger on my leg, just tracing up and down gently as I rub myself. Then higher until she is touching my panty leg. Then to my delight, she goes under the leg hole and slips that long, elegant finger into me.

its almost too much and I very nearly cum there and then, but I think there’s more. 

I let my free hand touch Charlotte’s leg. She doesn’t object. She doesn’t object when I touch her panties, or when I slip my hand down the waistband. She moans softly, and spreads her legs, placing her right leg over my left one. I take her hand and slip it into my waistband and we lie there masturbating each other, alternating between clits and fingering holes until we find that sweet spot of two fingers inside and the heel of our hands applying pressure to each other’s clit. 

I feel her tense and relax inside. I curl my fingers into her g-spot and press hard. She squirms. She is unusually wet in there. Every part of me aches to go down on her, but I just know that’s not what she needs.

i finger her, she fingers me. 

I am teetering on the edge of an orgasm. It just won’t go over though.....

....until she says “Can I take these panties for my Dad? I’ll make sure I send them back when he’s cum in them. (Giggle) Imagine Uncle Bill, your panty crotch pressed to his nose, and him jacking off. Just as he cums, he holds them in front of himself and catches it right where your cunt has been.”

 Immediately, I cum hard. My orgasm triggers hers, and she cums wetly into my palm. 

In real life, Charlotte and I never did anything except talk about puberty and sex the way girls do. I would get very turned on. Sometimes, yes, we would share a bed, and we might hug. Once, and once only, we kissed. I did try to touch her breast but she immediately pulled away. I never tried again. 

Once, and once only I had the opportunity to smell her on her used panties. She had the most amazing scent. It made me dizzy. I sucked those panties dry before having to stuff them back in her bag as she, yet again, disturbed the possibility of a quick rub. 

As with many things in life, the unattainable is always the sweetest. I would have loved to do something sexual with Charlotte, but it wasn’t to be. 



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