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Vacation Brandy and Krissy

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an epic story. This happened a few years ago, and I'm so glad to finally send it to solotouch


My girlfriend Brandy is from a very wealthy family. Her and her sister Krissy moved around a lot when they were little, and they are best of friends, yet they are very different. Brandy is 5'3, Krissy is 6'1. Brandy is a sexually open, awesome lay, her sister is a bit of a prude, dresses like an old lady, and hardly ever talks about sex.

Every year, Brandy's family takes everyone on a very elaborate vacation. They want their daughters to always bring their significant other's on these trips. The parents are very open minded as well.

The first time i went on one of these vacations was to Boca Raton Florida, and we stayed in a place that had a private heated swimming pool. The first night there, we were all drinking. Me, Brandy, Krissy and Krissy's boyfriend, Jim.

We sat around the pool. I was shirtless wearing just swim trunks. Jim was fully clothed, in jeans and a tank top. Brandy was in a super small, smoking hot red white and blue bikini. And Krissy, was wearing one of those big wrap-like robe/dresses over her swim suit. We were drinking, laughing, enjoying the Florida weather.

I had never ever thought of Krissy sexually. She always dressed ultra conservative, but when she came out to the back porch, I immediately noticed her toned, tan legs and her very nicely manicured feet. Anyhow, my focus of this night was to get Brandy good and drunk, and end the evening with hot vacation sex. The evening got a little more interesting.

Brandy and Krissy were killing vodka tonics, and me and Jim were pounding tequilla shots. Brandy started talking about how much she loves to swim naked, and like the horny little minx she is, she get's buck naked and dives in the pool.

'Join me Krissy', Brandy called. And without a hesitation, Krissy drops her robe, and dives in. She was wearing a nice little gold bikini. It was a interesting sight. Then, crazy Brandy starts to untie her sister's bikini. There were these two amazingly hot girls, in the swimming pool naked. When in Rome, I dropped my shorts and got in the pool with them. So did Jim, and there it was, full naked skinny dipping.

Krissy had these freaking perfect boobs. Nice nipples, perfect tan. There were no tan lines. So we swam naked, kept drinking and had this great night. I couldn't help but stare at my girlfriend's super hot sister.

Jim's drunk ass got out of the pool and sat on a lounge chair and passed out. so me and the girls kept swimming.

Brandy who was smaller, and drunker was sitting on the edge of the pool with her last drink, she slowly crumpled and laid on the ground, right below Jim's lounge chair.

So it was just me and Krissy. Krissy said 'I can't believe Jim's passed out, I was hoping to get laid tonight.'

I immediately thought of all of the solotouch stories I've been reading for the past 7 years. I was terrified with the idea of trying to do anything with Krissy, in case Jim, Brandy or their parents caught us.

Krissy got out of the pool. and got on top of Jim in the lounge chair and cuddled next to him. I got out of the pool, wrapped a towel around Brandy and laid next to her.

I had a half or full erection the entire night, but my plan was to get Brandy back to our bed, jack off and then go to bed. Brandy was laying flat on her back, and I curled up to her left side below and to the right of Krissy and Jim, like 4 drunken slugs.

I laid there for a few minutes enjoying the quiet Florida night, when Krissy's foot slipped off of the edge of the lounge chair and landed right on my ass. The heel of her perfect foot slipped between crack.

An amazing sensation ran throughout my entire body. I was shocked, surprised, erect, drunk, and every other feeling you could think of. I believe I let out a small moan.

We both laid still, I then arched my back towards her foot. I'm not sure if it was to move it or what, but she pressed it forward. Even more amazing. she began to move her foot back and forth and it was the most amazing feeling i ever had. I didn't want to move, or make a sound, or turn around for fear that it might end.

I started to make noise, it was fantastic feeling. I then heard small shallow breaths coming from the lounge chair above me. I looked over and saw Krissy with her middle finger rubbing her clit. Nice and slow. I then turned my head more and saw that her big toe was up near my hole. I never had that before, it was amazing.

We then locked eyes, she moved her foot. I flipped over and sat up, and I said to her 'keep going.'

She rubbed her clit while I put my face on her thigh. I could smell her amazing femininity. She finished, and I was rock hard. she got down on to the ground and sat in front of me.

She smelled of vodka and sex, one eye was slightly shut.

'Do it,' she drunkenly whispered.

'Do what?' I said.

'Grab it' she said.

I grabbed my penis. and with 2 strokes shot a gigantic load all over krissy's amazing tits.

Krissy smiled at me. put her feet in the pool, and slid her entire body in. She cleaned the cum from her body. She exited the pool, grabbed a towel and said, 'Good night.'

She walked back to her room alone. Jim laid there drunk and naked in the lounge chair, for their parents to find in the morning. I took Brandy back to our room. And the vacation continued as planned. After one of the greatest nights of my life.

Our relationship changed that night. For the first time, we were really friends. we are very open with each other, and it's a great relationship. Brandy is now my wife and Krissy is now my sister-in-law.



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