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Flat Hunting With Christine

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One or two names may have been changed.
When my older sister Jill told mentioned that her best friend Christine was coming to stay with the family while she looked for a flat to rent my ears (and another part of my anatomy) pricked up. When I was 15 I had developed a crush on Christine, who is about 18 months older than me. For a while I was a pain in the neck to her and big sis-it didn't last too long because I started dating a girl who was in my class who was able to divert my attention through teaching me lots about kissing and petting. Meantime Christine's family moved to another city. It fell to me to help Christine look for new digs because I worked in the evenings while Jill and our parents worked days. I was also asked to keep her company (if required!)-this was Christine's first time living away from home and she was a little nervous. So was I as I wondered whether I'd yet been forgiven for trying to spy on her in the shower that time... As soon as I saw her I remembered why I had developed that crush. Christine is a petite brunette with a body featuring compact, expressive breasts and firm, beautifully curved hips and buttocks rounding into long legs. She has a bright, bubbly kind of personality. After some teasing it was obvious that she'd forgiven my boyish pranks. It wasn't long before I was enjoying the company. About a week after she'd arrived we were in the kitchen making lunch when she decided to flick bits of vegetable at me. After a quick chase I caught her and wrestled her to the floor; she was shreiking with laughter as I tickled her ribs. Next thing I knew we were kissing deeply. Her legs were wrapped around my waist and my cock was throbbing into a hard-on with the heat of her groin rubbing against mine. Soon I lifted her top and bra and started sucking her long red nipples and firm, pointed breasts. Christine lay moaning quietly, grinding her pelvis against mine. I reached down to unzip her pants and started pushing them down her legs. That's when she asked me to stop. Rolling out from under me she ran to her room. I sat there for a while feeling kinda hurt and angry, but I didn't want to hurt her either. I knocked on her door and said I was sorry. No reponse. Heading for my room I lay on my bed and thought about what had just happened; my hormones were still buzzing and, as I recalled the feel of her succulent nipples and smooth skin my cock returned to life. I dropped my pants and started jacking off. Just then Christine knocked at my door. I mumbled 'Don't come in' and she did. Scrambling off my bed I tried to haul my pants back up and gabbling that she wasn't supposed to come in yet, while Christine turned bright red. Somehow I tripped and fell back onto the bed with my hardened cock standing to attention. Before I could do anything Christine reached out and gently took hold of my erection. She sat down beside me and told me that she didn't really mind what had happened, that she really liked me, but she was a virgin and didn't want to rush into sex. She then asked if I wanted to see her naked. My cock twitched in her hand and I kissed her and said 'YEAH!' Once we were both naked we lay kissing and feeling each other's bodies. After a while Christine lay across my chest and started giving me a lovely hand-job, stroking my cock up and down after lubricating her small hands with baby oil. Running my hand down her gorgeous bum I gently eased a finger between her labia. Christine in turn eased my foreskin off my mushroom head and stroked my sperm crack, which was oozing with pre-come. My knees turned to jelly, I snorted and giggled as a jolt of delicious pain ran through my spine. Lifting her leg Christine showed me how to peel her labia wide open. The sight of her warm, deep pink, lucious looking vulva and her tiny erect jewel of a clitoris...my cock pulsed in Christine's hand and quirted great gobs of semen, some of it on her hands and breasts. For a while we lay together petting and talking about what was happening. Then Christine, turned around and knelt, straddling my chest. I was treated to a close up display of a woman masturbating. Boy, was I going to enjoy this flat hunting business! Although Christine and I tried to keep things quiet I know now that my sister guessed at what had happened fairly quickly. She didn't seem at all surprised when, a few weeks later I became Christine's flatmate.



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