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Upstairs With Mom

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Three years ago, around my 45th birthday, I had a rash of bad fortune. First, my second wife of five years and I divorced after a sexless marriage. Next, no more than two months after the divorce finalized, the house which I kept was hit by lightning and almost burned to the ground. I did have insurance, but the divorce had drained my savings substantially.

My parents offered to let me stay with them for the six or more months it would take to have my house rebuilt. Given no other options, I accepted.

My parents live in a two-story home with lots of room, so it was not too bad of a situation. My father had a crippling injury some years back and was confined to the downstairs rooms. He slept in a guest bedroom downstairs, had his television constantly on sports and generally kept to himself. My mother still kept the upstairs master bedroom as her sleeping quarters but several days each week would sleep downstairs with my father. I took another upstairs bedroom that was used as a guest bedroom.

We all got along well so I settled in quickly, although it was odd to be living at home again in my 40s. I would arrive home from work, share dinner with my parents, and retire upstairs. There was a den upstairs with an entertainment center that I would use to watch the news and maybe a movie each night before bed.

Since I stayed up later, my mom started coming into the den around 10pm each night after making sure dad was settled downstairs. She would usually have her shower first and get into her long nighgowns and robes and join me to watch the television, that is on the nights she slept upstairs, which was about five nights out of very week.

And so we came into this routine where mom would join me for a few hours of television in the upstairs den most nights of the week. My mom was around 65 and in great shape for her age. She walked with friends daily and exercised with her friends at the gym. This was in contrast to my father, who was wheelchair bound and had ongoing medical issues.

After about a month at home, I was in my boxers and a t-shirt, my typical sleeping clothes, and in the den watching television. Mom and I had gotten comfortable with each other over the past month, and it was early summer, so I no longer bothered with my robe. She also no longer wore her robe when she came to the den at night, just her long 'old lady' nightgowns.

We are both talkative and some nights we barely noticed the television at all. She talked a lot about Dad's deteriorating health. I talked about my two failed marriages. The first was just a bad fit overall. The second, as I mentioned, was sexless after the first six months. My mom seemed to find that hard to understand and kept probing, why didn't you go to therapy (she wouldn't), did you try vacations (yes), etc etc.

One night around 10:30 I had finished watching the news. I thought Mom was going to be sleeping downstairs and I began to channel surf for something to watch. I landed on a documentary show about sex. Up to this point I had been very discreet in my masturbation, choosing the shower or my bed for this about three or four times a week. Thinking that this was a night I'd be alone in the den, I left the channel on the sex documentary/talk show and thought I could get some inspiration before bedtime.

Well, about five minutes later I hear Mom walking down the hall as she does when she joins me in the den. I thought to change the channel, but I had left the remote across the room and I now had the start of an erection that I didn't want her to see. I was stuck.

Mom walks in with a glass of wine, says 'hello dear' and walks across the room to 'her' chair a few feet from the loveseat where I sat. Luckily at that momemt there were just two talking heads discussing marriage in general terms. Mom asked what I was watching, since it was not a movie or the news which was typical for me.

'Just some sex documentary or talk show. I was just clicking around. You have the remote, you can change it.' thinking she would. Instead, she seemed to perk up 'Oh, that's different. Might be fun for a change!' and settled in, remote in hand. She actually turned it up as well.

'What are they talking about?' she asked. The topic was sex in the middle years and senior sex, which I told her. She laughed and made a joke about 'well that won't take too long, will it?'. We both laughed and I relaxed a bit.

The topic came to sex after 50. The discussion turned to male impotence. To my surprise Mom started talking along: 'You know, your father has that problem. He hasn't been able to get an erection in the past five years.' I was shocked that she was opening up, but then, I guess it was something she had been living with and this was the first time she could talk about it. 'We tried the pills, ointments, pornography, just about everything short of an implant, which he refuses to get. 'Still in shock, about all I could say was things like 'oh.' and 'I'm sorry to hear that. It must be difficult.'.

The show jumped to some animations and video for various devices for E.D. I was blushing a bit. Mom would comment 'we thought about that one' or 'that is a new one'.

Next, the show changed topic to what a person living alone or with a disabled spouse could do, masturbation. Between the usual discussion of 'it's perfectly natural and healthy' to videos demonstrating both male and female techniques. Mom just kept on commenting. 'Yes, that's how I maintain my sanity', 'tried that a few times, it was OK', and to my surprise 'I'm still masturbating about three times a week.'. Finally, she turned her attention to me and muted the TV.

'What about you? Are you keeping your sex alive?' she asked.

'You mean, do I masturbate? Yes, about three or five times a week' I answered.

'Good for you!' she said, 'you'll find another wife someday but for now you need to keep your libido going and keep your prostate healthy'.

We both laughed and she stood up to go 'time for me to go to bed. See you in the morning' she said as she started to leave the room. Just as she was about to leave, she handed me the remote and pointed to my crotch 'From the looks of it, you'll need a good release tonight!' and laughed. I glanced down and notice that I was semi-erect and showing quite easily though the thin fabric of my boxers.

'Goodnight' I said with a shared wicked smile between us.

The next couple of days were routine. Mom slept downstairs with Dad for two nights in a row. It was now a Saturday night. Like clockwork, around 10pm Mom entered the den. The news was on TV. We watched the news and chatted about work to be done on the house Sunday. Towards the end of the news, Mom left the room for a short time and returned with two glasses of wine. She put a glass on the armchair next to me and sat in her chair. 'Let's see if that sex show is on again, shall we?' she asked.

I was surprised, but willing. 'Sure' I said as I clicked around. I did find the show 'ah, here it is'. 'Great', she said, 'I wonder what tonight's topic is?'. The topic was anal sex. I was embarrassed at first, but we kept chatting during the show. Both of us agreed it was kind of gross, but she knew friends that enjoyed it. She wanted to know if I'd tried it, and I admitted that I had once in a while. She said she hadn't tried it, but did massage Dad's prostate which he seemed to enjoy now that he couldn't have sex. She asked if I had ever had my prostate massaged and I admitted having a toy that did just that and that I enjoyed it about once a week.

We both sat silent for a moment, sipping our wine as the show graphically showed some positions for anal sex, lube recommendations, etc.

And then she asked me what I thought was an odd question off topic. She asked if I watched adult movies or adult content on the Internet. I admitted reading erotic stories online, and some adult pictures and movie websites but not very often. I thought it an odd question.

After that our conversation diverged to more rudimentary things like what to make for dinner on Sunday night. The show ended and an infomercial started.

'Shall we find something else to watch?' I asked as I started to change channels. Mom put her wine down and asked 'Can I have the remote? I want to show you something.' I didn't think anything of it and handed it over, taking my last sip of wine. 'Oh hon, could you go get us the rest of the wine and bring it up here?'. Since it was Saturday and nothing to get me up early the next day, I agreed and left the room. I returned shortly, and filled our glasses back up. Mom seemed nervous or excited about something. 'have a seat, I have something to show you.'

I sat, with curiousity about what she had in mind.

'Now promise not to judge us too harshly. Several years ago your dad and I ordered an adult channel for the TV. We thought it might help with his E.D. It didn't do the trick. But we kept the channel since I enjoy watching it alone now and then. It's not on the changer if you click around. We didn't want the grandkids or strangers to find it by accident. You have to manually enter the channel number to get it.' and with that she told me the magic number and changed the channel.

Immediately it was a scene of a guy pounding away on a woman from behind. Mom quickly lowered the sound as the stupid music and grunting were obnoxiously loud.

'Whoa!' I uttered almost reactively. Mom looked over at me quickly to gauge my reaction. 'Are you OK? Should I change it? Is this embarassing you?'

'No, I'm OK, just a wee bit surprised at you, Mom!' and I laughed as I teased her. 'But it's fine with me, in fact, I am pleasantly surprised.'.

'Are you sure?' she asked.

'Yes, I'm OK if you're OK'

'Yes, I'm OK. I don't do this often, but sometimes it helps me sleep. If you know what I mean' she said.

'I do. It helps me too' I said. I noticed I was getting instantly erect. 'Mom, there is just one problem. This may have an effect on me, if you know what I mean.'

Mom looked over at me with a blank expression until what I said sank in 'Oh. Of course. I forgot about that. I don't have that issue!' and she laughed. We both laughed as the couple on screen changed position. 'I have an idea' she said, getting up and leaving the room 'I'll be right back'.

As I sat waiting for Mom's return, I grinned. I had been wanting to watch some porn for quite a while. Before my home burned I would watch a porno every few days to help with masturbation. I hadn't seen one since the house burned. I took a sip of wine and relaxed. Mom was pretty cool for an old lady, I thought.

Mom returned with an armload of things. She put her things down on her chair. She handed me a light blanket, 'Use this to cover up. Then you won't have to be embarrassed. You should be proud to have a working body, but I understand your need for modesty.'

'Thanks' I said, covering my legs and lap.

With that, Mom put the rest of the things on the floor. She sat, picked up a blanket and covered her legs and lap too. Next, she reached over and turned off the light on the end table that sat between our chairs. The room now was glowing from the light of the TV only. She took a sip of her wine as she settled into her chair. I followed and had a sip from mine. Next, she bent over and put a box of tissues on the table next to me, and a tube of petroleum jelly.

'Mom!', I interjected.

'Ssshh' she hissed without another word and smiled at me. 'Here's the rule: what goes on under your blanket is your business. What happens under mine is my business. No judgements. Just remember that it stays under the blanket and stays just between us'.

'OK, I can live with that' I answered.

'just our secret, right?' she followed.

'absolutely. I won't tell a soul' I answered. We looked at each other and grinned. Two of a kind, I suppose a mother and son have a lot in common. I knew I loved to masturbate. And it appeared my mother was no different.

Mom reached down to the floor and grabbed a small bag. She then tucked it under her blanket. She then reclined her chair far back, pulling the blanket up to her neck. Both her arms disappeared under the blanket.

Taking the cue, I stretched out on the loveseat, bringing my feet up and onto the seat and leaning against a large pillow against the arm. With my knees up, I tucked my right arm under the blanket and rested it on my thigh.

I was enjoying the fact that the room was darkened, and the blanket would hide what my hands would do under there.

We sat silently for a while, both of us still. On screen, the couple had just finished up with a lovely facial. The movie was changing over to a new chapter or scene. There were two female actresses dressed as school girls. I could see this one coming from a mile away, the usual female-female lesbian scene as two girls learn to explore their bodies and lesbian urges. One of my favorites.

Mom reached for her wine, and glanced over at me. 'Doing OK? Not too embarassed?' she asked as she took a sip of wine.

'I'm very comfortable' I said with a laugh.

'Good' she said, setting her glass down. 'Looks like these girls are going to get a wee bit naughty', she said as her arm disappeared under her blanket.

'I hope so' I joked. 'It's one of my favorites'.

'Mine too' she remarked. With that, Mom started to shift and squirm under her blanket. From her movements I could tell she had pulled her panties down or off. As I watched, she seem to pull up her long nightgown to around her hips. In the dim light I could see that she was slowly undoing her buttons from the bottom all the way up to her neck. She seemed to notice me watching her. 'Watch the movie, not me' she chuckled.

'Yes ma'amm', I said. I pulled my blanket up to my chest. I got both arms under the blanket. And as the first skirt onscreen came off, I shifted to pull my boxers down and off.

'Getting comfortable, are you?', Mom teased.

'Just like you' I remarked. We both laughed.

With that I heard the faint sound of a zipper opening under her blanket. Having been married, I knew that she had a toy or two in that little bag under her blanket. Her arm came out with the empty bag which she lowered to the floor. She then reached over for her wine and took a sip, obviously now engaged with the movie. After she sat the glass down, she gently lifted the tube of petroleum jelly. It disappeared under the blanket. I could hear the cap open and she fumbled around with it under the blanket. She drew her knees up higher to make a bigger tent, as she lubed up whatever toy was under her blanket. Her arm emerged with the tube of jelly. She reached as far as she could to tap my shoulder with the tube. 'Your turn' she giggled.

I took the tube with a quick thank you, and it disappeared under my blanket. I had a moment of guilt and wondered if what we were doing was too weird. But all doubts left me as on screen one girl shoved her hand into the other girls panties as their lips came together. With that, no going back. I popped the lid on the tube of jelly and carefully filled my left hand with enough lube. I returned the tube back to the table with my right and again it disappeared under my blanket.

Without another thought, my left hand surrounded my shaft and I stroked the lube from top to bottom. There was a little squishing sound, which caused me to laugh a little. 'Oh my' I uttered softly.

Mom let out a little moan of her own, and I can only imagine that her toy finally entered her pussy. 'This is nice' she said softly and in an sexy tone that I had never heard her utter.

'Yes', I agreed, 'I needed this' as I began to slowly stroke my cock under the blanket. I looked over at Mom and found that she was looking over at me, her eyes fixed on the tent over my crotch. My stroking was pretty obvious, as at the top of each stroke I was raising the blanket up and down.

'You are a beautiful man', she said. 'You deserve a little release now and then.'

'You are beautiful too, Mom', I aaid. 'I can't believe we're doing this, but I am so glad that we can relax and share this'.

'Oh I'm old and not much to look at', she said. I watched as her blanket movements revealed that she was sliding something in and out of her pussy, just hidden from view.

I looked between her and the movie, which was heating up. Both actresses were nude and they were taking turns going down on each other.

'You have the body of someone 30 years younger. You should be proud of it' I retorted.

Mom's breathing was getting heavy, and her movements were pulling her blanket lower. As I suspected, her nightgown was unbuttoned and opened. I could see one hand squeezing her breast. The blanket was just covering her lower breast and nipples, but just barely. From her breathing I could tell she was close to orgasm.

I found this all a huge turn on, and since it had been a few days since my last cum, and I found myself getting close to shooting my wad. As the girls on screen began to scream and writh in orgasm, Mom went over the top of her climax. Her mouth opened, her eyes closed and her head tilted back sharply. She stopped breathing for a few moments and her hips jumped up several times. Then she let out her breath in a long slow exhale. I was mesmerized, but still on the edge of climax myself. Not wanting to make a mess of myself or Mom's loveseat, I quickly reached over for the tissues, almost knocking the box over as I grabbed three or four tissues rapidly. In doing this, my blanket had slid off, exposing my erection wrapped by my left hand now stroking it quite vigorously. Just in time I mannaged to get the tissues over my head as cum welled up inside me with that lovely heat and liquid sensation. A moment later pulse after pulse was shooting sweet cum up and out of my hot cock and soaking the tissues. Like Mom, my breathing stopped, my head tilted back and I closed my eyes to let the sensations rool over me.

With a few last grunts, I stopped climaxing. I caught my breath and started coming back to the reality of the room I was in. I quickly covered myself up with the blanket, and wiped the tissues around to soak up the last bits of semen. 'Phew!' I said. After a few more breaths I looked over at Mom. She was watching me intently with a grin on her face. 'Good one, eh?' she said.

'Fantastic' I answered.

'Me too. Kitty is just purring right now' she giggle, She appeared to be stroking her lips slowly under her blanket.

We both sat and recovered for a while, watching a few more scenes in the movie without speaking. Then, quietly Mom fetched her bag from the floor next to her. It disappeared under the blanket. She shifted around a bit, and it appeared she was wiping herself and her toy with some unseen cloth. Then things went back into her bag and she slowly zipped it up and put it back on the floor.

I shifted in my chair too, depositing the soaked tissues onto the floor. I shifted again and brought my boxers back on over me, sitting up slightly and putting one foot back on the floor.

Out of the corner of my eye I watched Mom buttoning her nightgown underneath her blanket. Then she shifted and apparently got her panties back on. With that, she pulled her nightgown back lower over her thighs.

With that, she stood, picking up her bag and tucking her blanket under her arm.

'Well, that was interesting', she said. 'Are we OK with this?' she asked.

'I'm OK, and I won't say a word to a soul', I said with a grin on my face. With that, a bright smile lit up her face.

'OK, great. I'll see you downstairs for breakfast tomorrow. And we'll have to do this again soon!'

'Agreed. Goodnight Mom!'



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