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Two Weeks Experience

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I was selected to attend a two week seminar at the state university for good students when I was sixteen. I couldn't refuse although I dreaded being unable to jack off during the seminar in that I always did it at least twice a day. The night before I left for the university, I jacked off three times, and did it again in the morning while I showered.


On our first day at the seminar, we had orientation, room assignment, and met our roommates. Two boys were assigned to each room all of which had their own baths. My roommate was Sam, also sixteen, almost six feet tall, slender and dark complexion. I was shorter than Sam, also slender, but very light complexion. I was circumcised, but, as I would later learn, Sam was uncut.

After orientation, we went to our assigned rooms, got settled in, and then went to the first lecture. The day finally ended about four o'clock, and we had two hours before supper. Sam suggested that we go swimming. I agreed, and we returned to our room to change into swim suits. That was when we got our first look at each other nude. Sam was about four inches taller than I with a hairless body except for a dark thick bush above his penis. I was also hairless except for my light red bush. We both eyed the other as all males do, and pulled on our speedo's. I also noted that Sam's dick was uncut, and, as Sam later said, he noted that I was a veteran peter puller. It was apparent to him in that my dick was still red from the exercise it had gotten that morning. Sam's uncut dick head was partially covered by his foreskin with the head peeking out. The foreskin looked odd to me because instead of having smooth contours it looked lumpy. I later found out that Sam gave his dick as vigorous a workout the night before as I had given mine.

Anyway we went to supper, returned to our room, watched TV which included some soft porn, and then showered. We were both semi-hard from the movie which we both noticed, but said nothing about. Then we went to bed. After about an hour, I got up, went to the bathroom, lathered my dick with soap, and bled the serpent. That took about half an hour from getting out of bed to returning. I looked at Sam; he lay still with his eyes closed, apparently asleep. I lay down, closed my eyes, but couldn't sleep. After a few minutes, Sam raised hinself on one arm, looked carefully at me, got out of bed, and went into the bathroom. After a short while, I could hear the unmistakable sound of his fist hitting his abdomen as he jacked off followed by his gasps when he came. He came back, got in bed, and all was quiet until we awoke about five o'clock the next morning. I had my usual raging piss hard when I woke up, and hurried to the bathroom to pee. When I opened the door, there was Sam sitting on the toilet with his big dick in his hand jacking away.

At first we were both embarrassed, but I broke the ice saying, 'Don't be embarrassed, I jacked off last night, and I think you did too.' 'Yes,' said Sam. 'I was going to jack off too. Do you want to do it together?' 'Yes.' 'Then come out, and let's sit on the bed and jack together. Let me pee first.'

Sam went out, I peed, and then sat next to him. We were both nude. Sam's dick must have been at least seven inches, and mine was just as big. We jacked for about five minutes when Sam got to the moment of truth, pulled his foreskin back, and shot three ropes of come on the floor. His orgasm set off mine. When we calmed down, Sam asked,

'Didn't you jack off the night before we got here?' 'Yes, at least three times, and once in the morning.'

'I could tell that you must have jacked off from how red your pecker was. How often do you do it?' 'At least twice a day, and you?' 'About the same. Let's do it together as long as we are here.'

'Ok,' We got in about 25 mutual sessions in the two weeks.



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