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Two Friends Teaching a Friend

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Technically this story is FFF.


I have been masturbating for years. Since I was around fourteen years old. I am not shy about it, and most of my friends are well aware that I enjoy masturbation on a regular basis.

One night, over the summer, I was out with two of my friends, Melissa and Emily. Melissa and I were both sexually active by that time, but Emily was still a virgin. Melissa and I were talking and exchanging idea and tips for sex. Emily had just been sitting there quietly, not saying much which was unlike her. Melissa and I asked her what was wrong, were we making her uncomfortable with all this talk of sex? She said no, she wanted to ask a question but she didn't want to feel stupid or have us make fun of her. Melissa and I swore no matter what it was that she wanted to ask, we would not make fun of her and we would answer it as best as we could.

Emily told us that she had this bump down there and she didn't know if it was normal or not and she was concerned. Although she had never had sex, she had done other things and was afraid that she might have gotten an STD or something. So we asked her whereabouts the bump was and she explained that it was above her vagina. Melissa and I looked at each other and we knew. She was talking about her clit and she didn't know what it was. I asked her if she ever touched it. She said that she had before. I asked her if it felt good when she touched it and she admitted that it did feel good.

Melissa then told Emily that that was perfectly normal and that it was her clit. I asked her if she had never masturbated. Emily said that she never had. Melissa and I asked her if she wanted to try it. She said that she had tried before and it felt nice but nothing ever happened. She had never had an orgasm. Imagine, nineteen years of life and she had never had an orgasm. That poor girl! So Melissa, Emily, and I went back to Melissa's house. Her parents were away so we had the place to ourselves.

We went up to Melissa's room and we turned off most of the lights. Things went slow at first. No one said much and we just sort of awkwardly sat there. Finally, I asked Emily if she would show us the bump, which by now we were almost certain was her clit. She was hesitant, so Melissa volunteered to let Emily and I look at her vagina and clit and so Emily could see if it was the same thing she had. So Melissa laid down on her bed and took off her panties and spread her legs. I had never seen another girl's vagina up close like that before. And I doubt Emily had either. We looked briefly and Melissa pointed out her clit to Emily. Then, Melissa sat up. Emily laid down next to her and we looked at her vagina. The bump was indeed her clit.

Next, Melissa got out a vibrating back massager and told Emily to put it on her clit, and that it would feel good. Emily obeyed. She used it for about twenty minutes. I don't think she ended up having an orgasm, but she learned a lot more about her body. That is the only time anything like that has happened among our friends, and Melissa and I didn't end up masturbating with Emily that night. But I know as soon as I got home, I rubbed out at least three amazing orgasms. Emily has since lost her virginity and has had successful orgasms at the hands of a man, but I am not sure if she ever uses what we taught her or not.



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