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Two at Once

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I do have a boyfriend but every Tueday night I jerk off two brothers and let them masturbate me.


I've known David and Allen most of my life and still live down the street from them. Almost every Tuesday I go to their house and we get naked and masturbate each other. David is 18 and Allen is 20 and this has been going on for just about two years. It began as like a dare type thing where we exposed ourselves to each other. Even though David is the younger one he is the one who started it showing me his penis. I showed them my breasts and each week it got more daring for us. David was the first to completly undress in front of me and the first to have me see him jerk off.

It was probably a few months after that that I got the courage to let them see me totally naked and another few months before we began masturbating while naked and watching each other. Then the mutual masturbation started and it has became a weekly event most of the time. I jerk them off sometimes both at the same time. Sometimes they take turns masturbating me but I like it most when the two of them are playing with me. Sometimes David or Allen will be masturbating me at the same time I am jerking off one of them.

David has suggested we do other forms of sex but I am not ready for that with them. It sounds funny but it's just more of a fun thing with them since we are just good friends and I have known them for so long. We laugh all the time even when we are only getting undressed and I kid them about how fast they get a hard on. They kid around with me because I shave my pubic hair and smack my butt a lot. I tease them often and when I know they are ready to come I stop jerking them sometimes. I like playing with and tickling their balls and we just have a good time with each other.

We do talk serious sometimes and tell each other what we like best. David likes me to hold his scrotum when I am jerking him off and Allen likes me rubbing my finger under his balls near his anus. Both of them cum a couple times every week I'm there and I have many orgasms. We joke with each other about the way we react when we cum and kid each other about the way we moan or make sounds while having an orgasm. Allen is the funniest because when he is ready to cum his face gets distorted and he says a long 'O' when he ejaculates. David is pretty quiet but he does moan quite a bit. I know I moan a lot and David seems to know and tells me when I am having an orgasm. I like sitting in between them on the floor and jerking both of them off kidding about who will cum first. Its usually David.

We are always on the floor on top of a large quilt and often sit naked and talk for hours in between touching and playing with each other. Its just a lot of fun for us to be so open minded with each other. We know everything about each other. Tuesday nights their parents aren't home until midnight. My mom knows where I am but surely don't know what goes on neither does my boyfriend. We just have a lot of fun.



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