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Twins Part 5

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This continues with my sister and I at college in our first year. It's this past February and we have a long weekend. Being too far from home, we do not go home but my sister joins a friend who lives nearer and is going home. Both of our room-mates go home. A mutual friend (female) tells us her roommate is having her boyfriend in for the weekend and wants her out. She can not go home either (too far away too). My sister says to stay in her room but she says she would feel awkward with no one else there (and my sisters room-mate can be a jerk if anything was 'moved').

My sister says stay with Jimmy. I said fine, then blurted out, but I sleep naked. Not sure why I blurted that out but she said she didn't care. I later confirmed with my roommate it was OK with him for her to use his bed.

It's Friday night and she asks if I want to join her at a frat party. I say sure. We go and hang out but I leave about 11:00. I eventually go to bed. I didn't hear her come in but around 7:00 AM I wake up, I had pushed my covers off over the night and my morning wood was fully exposed. I have no idea what she saw but she's fast asleep so I go take a shower, go to the gym, work out, eventually coming back around noon and she is out.

I see her in the cafeteria at dinner and mention I am just going to hang out in the room this night if she wants to join me. She says maybe but she will be with friends for a while.

So I am hanging out watching an amateur cam site I watch all the time and sometimes go on and stroking under my boxers and sipping Jack. She walks in and I immediately close the site but she sees my raging hard on under my boxers. She asks what I was watching that got me so excited. I said a cam site. She said let me watch. So I not only bring it up but log on to cam. We start getting requests to do just about everything. At this point, she starts daring me to take off my boxers (as do the folks on cam). I agree and there I am at full mast in front of her. Our audience asks her to give me a blow job but she says she will only blow a shaved guy (I though I might actually get my first blow job too) but she starts stroking me.

Soon the requests come for her to strip which she obliges. She is shaved (I actually prefer unshaved pubes but hell, I'll take shaved if it presents itself). We move to my bed and continue with her stroking me and me now jilling her. Next she moved to put my cock between her large tits (much bigger than my sister's) and for the first time, I am having my dick masturbated by large tits. It felt great. Then with the world watching I shoot a huge load right in her face, and in fact, her mouth as she was laughing as I squirted!!

We continued to play and I got her off a few times. We fell asleep on my bed with the cam on. The next morning we got up showered (she came to the male showers with no cares and another guy was in there but he didn't care either). We got on with our day and nothing happened other than some nudity the rest of her stay. We did talk about it and she did have a great time but we agreed to keep ourselves as friends but we could make it friends with benefits! Now I have my sister, my roommate, and another female for play!



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