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Catch Me- And You Can!!!!

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I discovered masturbation in 1972 when I was thirteen years old; I've now been at it for over thirty years.
It was a practice I ALWAYS kept to myself: sure , I got busted by Mom on a few occasions (entirely unintended), but there was never a great deal of fuss over it). She just became more alert about 'knocking before entering'.
Almost a year later (to the day), I got laid for the first time. I was with a girl ('D') I'd been seeing (read: fondling, fingerfucking and tittysucking) for about two months. She wouldn't let me see her naked, she wanted nothing to do with my crank- feeling her up had been about as far as I ever got- I was left to deal with my own needs after bidding her goodnight..
One Saturday night, her Mom (an E.R. nurse) called from the hospital to tell her that there'd been a multicar accident on a nearby freeway, and that she wouldn't be coming home that night- her shift had been extended because of the accident, that she was going to nap at a co-worker's apartment near the hospital, and that she wanted 'D' to make sure that her two younger siblings were in bed by the appointed time. 'D' and I had been going at it pretty heavily prior to the call, and the realization that, after the kids had gone to bed, we'd have the entire downstairs of the house to ourselves only threw wood (so to speak!) on our fires.
About fifteen minutes after the kids were asleep, we went to the daybed in the den and proceeded to make out. Bit by bit, I was able to coax her out of her blouse, then her bra, and eventually I had her jeans down far enough that her butt and her pussy were exposed. I started dry-humping her, and managed to undo my own jeans and pull my dick out of my underwear.
By this time, her pants were down around her ankles; I climbed on top and began to gring my oozing member against her bare belly. This lasted for about ten seconds- I knew that I had to go for all of the marbles.
The feeling when I finally snaked her snatch was fabulous! She had already been popped by an earlier boyfriend, so there was none of the bleeding, crying, or mess that ( I've been told) are usually involved when defloweriing a virgin (Personally, I've never had the priveledge!) We only screwed about four more times before we broke up, but at least I had some experience to fuel my masturbation fantasies.
The remainder of my high school years were limited to occasional titty squeezes and dry humps, but mainly jacking off- the particular high school I attended had an almost 20% pregnancy rate, and thet girls who were 'on the bubble' tended to shy away from sex. Damn!
Shortly after graduation from high school, a buddy and I rented a vacation cottage not too far from a local beach- thte rent was cheap because it was too damn cold for beachgoing during the winter. As we were both musicians, the weekend jam sessions usually developed into keggers (or worse), and there were more than enough babes to choose from. I eventually found one who moved in with me (the first girl who ever let me shave her cooch!) and we humped like rabbits for the three months before I went into the service. Even then, I rarely showered without jerking off.
Two years later, while in the Navy, I chanced upon a theatre in a large Northwestern city that offered live nude dancers. Typical setup- small booths with roll-up shades on the opposite side of the glass. My first dancer was a little Asian hottie with nice round boobs. I knew what the tissue dispenser on the wall was for- in no time at all, I had my pecker in my hand and was whacking like crazy. As this was my first experience with a live dancer, I couldn't have lasted for more than about thirty seconds! Damn!
Anyway, I began to frequent that part of town on a regular basis. As I learned to refine my technique, I was eventually able to hold off for as long as fifteen or more minutes.
One night, sampling the wares of a club I hadn't previously checked out, I had a revelatory experience. The windows in the booths were a lot larger than most, and there was sufficient light that the dancer could observe what the patron was doing. When I reached for my fly, the dancer (a tight little brunette with an absolute hourglass body and a shaved snizz) stopped & shook her head no. She walked up to the glass and told me that if I wanted to do that, we would have to go to one of the private viewing rooms- house rule.
We went into a room alongside the stage- it was about 8' x 8' with a sofa on my side of the glass, and a bed on hers. She pointed to a copy of her 'menu' (price list) in a frame on the wall, and explained that the club also required that she observe the patron ejaculating before sending them away.
Damn! I had always done this in private- behind locked doors- in the dark- NEVER where anybody could see me. And now I was stuck with a screaming blue-veiner that wasn't gonna wait.
Grudgingly, I paid for the almost-deluxe show (not knowing if I would be able to perform under the circumstances) and described the kind of show I wanted. . She proceeded to drop her tedi and lay back on the bed, facing me, with her legs wide apart and alternately fingering herself and holding her smooth little labes wide open for my viewing pleasure.
This was the first ime in my life I had gotten to watch a live woman masturbate- but the biggest turn-on was realizing that she was also watching ME!!!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!! Not only was I able to perform, but I found that my excitement increased with the amount of my own clothing I took off. I was completely bare-assed by the time I finally emptied my nuts all over the glass!
In time, I met my future ex-wife (typical military marriage) and became accustomed to (yawn) regular marital intercourse. Granted, there was something to say about a soft warm body with titties and pubic hair, but the net result was that I'd usually pop in sixty seconds or less. Damn!!!
Shortly after we were wed, my ship went on an eight month deployment to the Western Pacific. I soon learned that the greatest privation while at sea was the lack of a sexual outlet- other than cuffing the carrot- and even that got old in short time. I began to remember that one of the details of sex with my lady was that she liked to do it with both of us laying on our sides- the thing that I enjoyed about it was the feel of my nutsack rubbing on her thigh- to this end, I began to keep a couple of rubber bands with me when I went in for 'routine maintenance'- with a couple of the bands wrapped loosely around my balls, I was able to approximate the sensation.
One night, about two years later, my wife and I were having an after-dinner conversation over dessert (banana splits, as it were)- she made a joking remark that bananas were the only thing that helped her to remain faithful during the eight months my ship was deployed. I responded by saying that I had certainly given the handsoap dispensers on the ship a workout- on my way INTO the stall!.
What followed was probably the most frank discussion of masturbation that I've ever had with a woman. She went on to describe a technique she had discovered while in her teens. It involved laying in the bathtub, on her back, with her legs going up the wall and the tub faucet aimed at her snatch. She'd set the water to warm at full force and pull her pussy open, letting the water flood and fill her vagina as she fingered the 'little guy in the boat'. She said that it gave her the sensation of a 'perfect fit' cock- neither too big or too small. (In all honesty, as she had deivered four kids during a previous marriage, my package leaned a bit toward the 'too small' side :-( ). At any rate, I had a raging boner by the time she got through her description; I asked her if she'd be willing to demonstrate. She said yes, but I'd have to give her a show as well- an adult version of 'I'll show You mine if You show me yours'. We were both butt-naked (except for the rubber bands I was wearing!) in the bathroom about sixty seconds later.
Watching as she fingered herself, I learned a lot about the way she liked her cunt to be treated- she favored a lot more pressure on her panic button than I had ever previously applied. Also, when she pulled her lips apart, she liked to do it by pulling on her pussy hair, rather than putting her fingers into her cunt.
Surprisingly, even though watching her jill got me hotter than I had been in years, I was able to hold off on my own climax for almost twenty minutes- during which she popped around four or five times.
When she'd had as much as she could take, we showered, dried, and went to the living room- still naked- and cuddled on the couch. After about thirty minutes of treating her to a full-body massage, she started steering my hands to her tits, then to her pussy. She then went and got a dry towel, spread it on the living room floor, and laid down as if for a doctor exam- I got to be the doctor!!!!!
I was amazed at how she actually liked to have her snatch treated in a way that almost seemed like abuse! At one point, I was almost picking her up by her cunt hair- and she absolutely LOVED it! The only thing she objected to was when I tried to fistfuck her- she had undergone major pelvic surgery a few years before we met, and the scar tissue in her vagina left her less elastic than normal. Still, I was able to get four fingers in, and I loved the slippery feeling as I rolled them around inside of her.
Because her snatch was getting a little bit sore after all of the attention, she asked me to stop after about fifteen minutes. She then asked if I wanted to trade places- or anything else- I thought about it for a moment and asked her if she be willing to put on a show for me. During the deployment, I had often fantasized about watching her work out with the vibrator I had given her shortly before we sailed. I was now going to get a front-row seat with titty-fondling priveledges!
Watching the smooth white plastic sliding slowly in and out of the red wetness in the middle of her thick black rug while I jerked off gave me one of the most intense cumshots I 've ever known- some of my load hit the rug six feet away!! The feeling of viewing her willing, naked body while she watched me pleasuring myself was akin to a confession of who I really was- the hell with the techniques in the sex books, woman- THIS is what your man enjoys!!!
For numerous reasons, we ended up divorcing a little over a year later. It would be almost four years after the divorce before I'd get into a relationship that progressed to the point of having sex- for what it was worth. She was another divorcee, and she regarded sex as a household chore. (At one point, while I was treating her to a G-spot massage, she accused me of deliberately trying to please her. HUH?????). Suffice it to say, we only lasted a few months.
My next hookup was a tight-bodied single mom I met at a concert. We dated for about a month before I got into her pants. Her favorite was doggy-style; I preferred lying on my back, with her on her back on top of me, and my dick entering her pussy from behind. This was nice because I could fondle her boobs- or massage her clitty- or both. As a rule, we generally grabbed a piece eight to ten times a week- but I still found myself jerking off at least as many times (we maintained separate residences duringthe time we spent together, which was about five months).
She was quite a character- she seldom wore panties, and she loved to flash her snatch in public. She also liked to run around the house naked (in front of her six-year old son- one of the traits that eventually drove us apart), wanted sex any time any where- but she refused to let me watch her buffin' the muffin- she claimed it made her 'feel like a whore'!!!!!!!!?( I know that she engaged in the practice; during an arguement shortly before our breakup, she attempted to forego a discussion by opening her blouse and massaging her tits in front of me, hinting that there were more important things to do than talk. When I told her it was 'we talk or I walk', she ran crying to the bathroom. Several minutes later, I heard slapping and moaning noises coming from behind the door, followed by high-pitched sqeals of the type I had heard while slipping her the sausage!). She later related to me that I was cruel for forcing her to resort to performing such a 'whorish' act!
Because of extended work schedules (I'm employed by a start-up electronics firm), as well as the amount of time I put in with my current band, my social life has largely been limited to coworkers and patrons in the clubs we've played. I really have no interest in a relationship at this point- but I still keep my hand in, so to speak.
Something that I've learned since I started reading the posts on this site is quite surprising to me: I never realized how many women there are who enjoy watching a guy tickle the pickle. I've heard stories from other guys about girls/women who wanted to watch them jack off, but so far my ex-wife is the only one I've ever met.
I've recently moved into a new apartment; for financial reasons, I was in a (platonic) roommate situation. As my financial situation has improved, I've now got a place of my own. I spend quite a bit of my time naked- I made my first trip to a nearby nude beach about four years ago, and I've been into the naturist scene ever since. Until I started reading of the experiences posted on this site, I always made it a point to keep the door closed and the blinds closed- especially when I wank- but that's all about to change.
The way my place is laid out, most of the living room is viewable from the balcony outside the front door (I don't share the balcony with any other unit) if the vertical blinds are left partially open, but only from the balcony- no one in any of the other units, or folks on the street, can see in. On a usual weekend, there will be three or four door-to-door peddlers stopping by- hawking everything from newspaper subscriptions to softball candy to who-knows-what. Generally, the females are in thier late teens, and quite nice to look at.
Wouldn't it be something if one (or more) of them happened to catch a glimpse of a guy
massaging a boner?
Would thier curiosity be aroused?
Let's hope so!!!!!!



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