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Jamie and I are identical twins, remain very close to each other, and while growing up were virtually inseparable. When we were 10, we were absolutely innocent of anything sexual. One evening, we had a white mouse who died, which upset us. We slept in a double bed, and that night, I lay in bed feeling sad when Jamie started sobbing. I placed my arm around his shoulder to comfort him-and nearly started sobbing myself!

After a few minutes, he quieted down and suddenly grabbed my back side and pulled me towards him. I felt his erection poking me (I had occasionally had erections, so I knew what it was). I don't know why, but I pulled back a little, pulled the cord of his pyjama trousers loose and slipped my hand down to gently feel his cock. He exclaimed that it felt so good and then pulled my pyjamas loose as well. By this time I had an erection, too, and his hand on me felt wonderful. This was the first time we had touched each other there, although we each knew what the other looked like as we always had baths together. We finally fell asleep with the comfort of the other's hand on our cocks.

After that, we often played with each other and finally discovered pumping each other felt very good. About a year or so afterwards, we were wanking each other in bed when I felt Jamie's cock seem to go even harder than usual and swell, while he gave a little moan and stopped moving his hand on me, and sprayed his hand and my cock with his first cum. He was in his seventh heaven as he described the feeling to me afterwards. The following evening, he said to me that, as we were identical, I should be able to do the same and we set to work together again and he worked hard on me. After about 10 minutes, I came for the first time. I'll never forget that experience. He came again, but with little cum, a minute or so afterwards.

On the following nights, we started wanking each other very regularly. At first it was perhaps twice a week but we soon were doing it every night. Mum must have seen the cum stains on the sheets and our pyjamas; even though we tried to be discreet, she then started to put some small towels on our bedside tables (tissues had not really caught on, that long ago).

This continued and I don't think Jamie ever wanked himself off or with another boy-I know I didn't. We were a regular mutual wanking team! When we were 16, Jamie was knocked out by a cricket ball being hit for six (we were both in the school's 2nd eleven) and he was taken into hospital for x-ray and observation for concussion; this was the first time we had ever been separated. That night, I felt cold and lonely in bed and couldn't sleep. At about midnight, I wanted very badly our nightly wank. Of course, thinking about it made me stiff and I started to do it to myself, for the first time, ever. I came rapidly into my towel and found that it was almost as good as having Jamie do it. The following day, Mum, Dad, and I visited Jamie in hospital and learnt there was no skull fracture or serious signs of concussion, but they wanted to keep him in for another day or two, just in case, as he was still a little woozie. Mum and Dad went off for a discussion with the doctor and left us two kids alone. I told him that I had done it by myself, I missed him so much, just after midnight. He replied, 'Johnny, I felt and did exactly the same and I came at exactly three minutes past midnight, according to the ward clock'. This was just the same time as I did it!

When he got back home, actually a week later, and we went to bed, we started to feel each other when Jamie announced that he thought we should not do it to each other any more. He had got used to doing it by himself, and he felt somehow that this was better. I couldn't argue with him because I was beginning to feel the same way. In fact, we continued to wank ourselves in bed nearly every night, sometimes comparing notes about techniques and feelings, but we touched each other only once after that. It was the day we received our A-level results, both with straight As and Bs in seven subjects, ensuring a good place in university.

We had a celebratory wank of each other! It was good, but no better than doing it ourselves. That autumn, we went to separate colleges at Cambridge so, although we saw each other every day, we no longer wanked together. It was the true Solo Touch from then on until we married (yes! to identical twins at a double ceremony!) about seven years later.

We are still living close to each other, Jamie and Mary in the next street with their three kids, Jane and myself with a girl and a boy. Our first-borns, both girls, arrived in this world one day apart! Although I still have a good sex life with Jane, I occasionally 'beat the meat' in the privacy of the bathroom and think that Jamie may be doing the same.



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