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A Massage to Remember

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An unplanned trip to a midwest massage salon brings a happy result.


Every month, I had to go to Columbus, Ohio for a business meeting; a four-hour drive for a one hour meeting. Every month I booked a hotel and a massage to reward myself for the eight-hour round trip drive.

Actually, the regular massage was an accident. One time, I took a short cut to the office and saw a sign: “Full Body Massage: $35.00” on a strip mall store. I hadn’t planned on getting one, but I was early for the meeting, so I thought I’d check it out. When I went in, I was enveloped in dark, tasteful, somewhat luxurious lobby filled with Chinese décor. While the receptionist had a halting command of English, I let her know I wanted “the works” with a male masseur.

I was led back to your standard private massage room and instructed to disrobe to my comfort. For me, that meant nude. When “Frank” came in, I soon realized he knew less English than the lady who escorted me.  As I leaned around to acknowledge him, I saw a nicely built, dark haired, clean shaven, young Chinese man. I was more impressed that his black polo shirt/ uniform fit snugly on his slim frame, and really enhanced a sculpted chest and impressive biceps.

Although I was already laying on the table, I got up to introduce myself and shake his hand. I think it caught him off-guard and he simply smiled and lowered his eyes.  I was already sporting a semi, so he focused a little longer on my crotch than I expected.

Back on the table I was treated to an amazing rubdown. Frank started with long, full body, confident strokes to oil up the full length from my neck to my ankles. He didn’t back away from generously lathering my ass, something that others might not do. Every time he hit a good spot, I offered a muted guttural sound of pleasure, and sure enough, more attention went there.

I’m an average, decent looking, moderately in-shape guy and probably on the hairy side. I keep “the boys” trimmed up, but that’s about it. Somewhere on my chest fur is a pierced nipple, something he hadn’t seen yet. 

As he continued to move around the table, I found a few opportunities to “accidentally” come in contact with his thigh, and it seemed he lingered a little longer than necessary.  The more this happened, the more time he spent on my lower back and legs.

I felt his hands leave my body, and within a few seconds, he had mounted the table and rested his butt on my thighs, stroking me from my neck to my butt. With each stroke it seemed like he leaned further and further into me and eventually I could feel his breath on the back of my neck.

I tried to subtly lift my ass and writhe, just enough to let him know he was delivering intense pleasure.  And with each rise of my ass, I pushed my hardening dick and balls further down between my legs. He noticed I wasn’t interested in hiding my excitement, and when he got back down, he resumed long, deep strokes on my leg, unafraid to let his fingertips graze my scrotum with each move.

He stood above my head and began long moves over my back, leaning into me and pressing hard. I had kept my arms to the side, but with him so close, I instinctively raised them up to hold onto his legs as he continued his touch. They were as firm as I imagined his chest to be. I thought I was going to explode without him ever touching my dick. And within a few minutes he began pressing warm wet towels over me, signaling that this part of the massage was coming to a close.

As I turned over, he tried to cover my midriff with a small towel, which I quickly tossed on the floor. I wanted him to know he had complete access to my body and I wasn’t the least bit modest.  Once again, behind my head he began long, deep, intense strokes right to the base of my penis, circling back up again and pausing over my nipples. It was then he discovered the small metal ring and almost gasped. He leaned into my ear and asked, “Does it hurt? May I touch it?” I gave him license to rub, pinch and twist to his heart’s content. He was tentative and gentle at first, but with my low moans, he soon became more assertive.

I kept my eyes closed, but again reached my arms above my head and clenched his ass. I could feel him flex, just to let me know how firm his body was. Within a few minutes, I opened my eyes and looked down to see I was at full mast. His stroking now fully stretched to my dick and slowly brought both hands to my shaft.

He maneuvered around the table and started giving his full attention to my dick and balls, gently massaging but with increased intensity. This gave me the chance to start playing with my chest and nipples as he focused solely on my cock.  I knew I had to be quiet to avoid attention from other nearby rooms, but I felt I needed to put my fist in my mouth to mute my pleasure.

As he stroked more vigorously, and I squirmed with more intensity, I felt his one hand begin to massage my perineum. I was so close to cumming I could hardly stand it! I began to move in sync with his thrusts and without warning felt an oiled finger massage and enter my ass. He knew exactly how to bend and push against my prostate. It was like and electric jolt up and down my body. I pinched my nips almost to the point of pain while he was almost brutally attacking my dick with his muscular strokes. We were in rhythm and I knew I was going to blow any moment.

He thrust a second finger in and I went over the edge, spraying a load on my chest up to my neck. I felt I was hyperventilating. But, Frank didn’t move. He held onto my dick with one hand, and left his two fingers inside me, waiting for me to come back down from this intense orgasm.

I absently rubbed my chest and felt the warm jizz on my belly. I let my fingers circle around the pool of cum and brought it to my mouth. Frank took my fingers, scooped up some more and put it in his mouth as well.

He slowly pulled his fingers from my ass, reached across and grabbed some warm, moist towels to clean me up. As spent as I was, I wanted to return the favor, but our time was up. I wrote down my hotel and room number and a time later that day. I hope he visits!



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