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Treehouse Jacking

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My Brother and I always constructed a treehouse during the spring/summer months at the many varied places that our family lived while we were boys. Looking back I guess that we did it for a number of reasons, being just boys and enjoying outdoors and nature, but I'm sure it had a lot to do with creating some privacy for ourselves and our activities. Of course, this was the perfect place to 'Jack-Off' and we utilized it to the fullest extent possible, inviting our friends up to our little hideaway as well, for some enjoyable dick stroking. Being high up in a tree with all of the greenery and usually a good cool breeze blowing, was a wonderful experience during our boyhood as we just laid back with our erections while pumping away as the treehouse swayed because of the usual breeze, with additional sway caused by several horny boys with their fist/fingers full of dick.

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Horny Ten Year Old
Boys In The Summertime


I really did enjoy the treehouses that my brother and I built each summer during our boyhood, and since I have not seen but, I think, two stories concerning treehouse jacking on 'SOLO', I thought I would contribute some of my treehouse experiences for all to read. Although this a true account (as far as my memory serves me), it is not a single incident, but a combination of stories involving treehouses while growing up.
Well my brother was the main constructor as he could climb better than I could, so I usually just let him do it and when he got it finished, I would climb up very carefully. Although we called this a treehouse, it was actually just wooden boards placed side by side where 'Y' limbs of the tree were located and nailed to the limbs, so it was just a floor up in the trees. Some locations we could have a good sized one, some places it had to be smaller. Anyway it was a private situation as all an intruder could see from below was the bottom of the boards.
So during the warm/hot months this is where we spent a good part of each day. Our prime activity up there was 'Jacking-Off. He was around Nine years of age when he started this treehouse building which made me Twelve years old. He had already started masturbating on a daily basis and I had been doing it since I was eight but close to my ninth birthday. So both of us were still pre-puberty when this activity began in the treehouses.
At times it would be just myself and him and at other times it would be from one to four other boys in the neighborhood, and at times I would climb up just myself and have a private jacking and brother did the same at times, as I remember walking under the tree and looking up and see a lot of shaking action going on, but I wouldn't interrupt him, but let him finish with his orgasm before I said anything and then climb up to join in the fun. It was so great to have this degree of privacy with no fear of being caught in the act by our parents or anyone else.
So we had a real laid back (literally) situation. At times we would completely remove our summer attire (usually just short pants with no underwear), but other times we would just slip them down to our knees or ankles, although I personally preferred to be in the nude. We both jacked ourselves off and jacked each other off during these good times and when we had friends up for guest, we all jacked each other off as well. I dearly loved a mutual jack-off as a boy as it felt so much better with my brother's hand or a friend's hand/fingers around my little hard dick.
We had a cousin that joined in the fun too. Before my Puberty I could climax 10 or more times in a afternoon with just a short rest in between, and my brother did it twenty-one times at one point in a single afternoon, but he could not reach an orgasm on the 22nd time, so he quit for the day. It would take him about a minute longer to orgasm than it did me, as I usually orgasmed in two minutes or less.
I continued to have 'dry orgasms' for nearly a year during these treehouse jackings before I had my first ejaculation of semen exactly two-weeks before my thirteenth birthday while my brother, my cousin and myself were jacking-off in the front seat of my uncle's old junk car one afternoon after school. This happened on the last day of September, so it was the next spring before we started the treehouse situation back up. Its spring again, and I'm shooting several squirts of boy juice by now and continually horny, so between our pond down in the woods and the treehouse, plus another jacking spot or two, my little dick is getting a real good needful workout. Well up in the treehouse, I didn't need to catch my semen in anything, as I just rolled over on my side next to the edge of the planks and let it squirt where it may, then take a tissue and clean the dribbles off of my goober as I laid back relaxing while my orgasm subsided.
So at this time, some of us could shoot and some could not, but the younger boys were always amazed to watch us older ones shoot our sperm as they looked forward to that great day when they could do the same. My brother's first ejaculation finally arrived when he just turned thirteen and he was thrilled to say the least. Soon afterward, he and I and I think three more boys were together and he began to tell them how He could now 'Shoot-Off' as we called it back then but they did not belive it, so he had to show them, gladly sliding his pants down and started whacking away with all eyes on his thirteen year old pecker when sure enough as he tensed up, stretched out and arched his butt a little bit, a few drops of white semen oozed out of his pee hole, as they all exclaimed,'He Did It, he's a Man now', however, at this occasion we were in an old shed that we used for this purpose as well, just having one small ledge where brother could lay down and be comfortable while putting on his show.
Back to our treehouse situation now, as both of us were squirting sperm and still having a real good time. As I was much older now I couldn't have but maybe two or three orgasms in single afternoon, but my brother could still have several because during those first few months up to about a year, some boys can still experience several orgasms with very little rest in between.
I definitely remember during our treehouse jackings, he would cum the first time and it would be just enough cum to cover the entire head of his dick real good and as he pulled his foreskin over his glans it sort of made a skin cup that retained all of his recent cum and then he would begin to stroke his pecker again (he retained some of his erection upon ejaculation) when after a number of strokes this second time, his previous cum would begin to look like soap suds all over the head of his hard pecker. And for some reason or another, I found that to be highly arousing as I never did that at his age as I immediately cleaned myself up, even though I knew I was going to do it again. And now at sixteen years of age, it was way too messy to try such a thing, but I liked to watch him stroke his 'soapsuds' so to speak.
Of course, then he would want me to stroke it for him with all of that slick mess all over it and I would, but I preferred to just watch him as I didn't like that sticky mess all over my fingers and hand with no way to wash up up in this tree.
Anyway, he would continue to remain in this same spot, lying flat on his back, reach another orgasm with his semen oozing out, rest a minute or two, and go at it again without cleaning his penis off until it got to the point that the semen started running down the shaft of his goober, when he would finally clean some of it up, but not all. I belief he just liked to do this for the lubrication effect that it had plus that erotic slurppy sound that it created. Well I know this has been long, so I'll cut it off and tell some more in a later post. If anyone out there has any treehouse stories, please tell us about them.



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