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Tourist Attraction

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I posted this on Whispering Lily a while ago. Veronica's post (see link below) helped me decide to share it here.

This describes an evening to myself, chasing my hobby. It isn't a quick jerk story, but kind of builds up to the ending. If you're looking for a fast read, this won't be for you...


I often go out for long evenings with my camera, looking for anything but typical shots, nothing voyeuristic or with people as subjects, mainly the city, the waterfront, architecture, unusual or uncommon subjects. Not that I don't appreciate a beautiful woman, I actually relish them, but it is much more appealing with a willing companion. Besides who wouldn't get pissed if they saw their lover/sister/mom strewn across the net. It's too overdone.

But I digress...this particular warm breezy summer evening, I found myself on Navy Pier, and for those unfamiliar with it, it's a great place to visit when in Chicago, as long as you are on the company's tab. It had been a brutally long day at work, and needed to get out and do some shooting (my creative outlet), the sky was developing nicely and I knew I could make it downtown by sunset.

After driving around looking for a parking spot, I said to hell with it, and hit the overpriced parking garage. A quick bite to conquer my hunger pangs and I was ready to go. Just a few short steps back to the car to get the....dammit, I left the tripod at home. I'd have to wing it. I grab a pack of gum, a lighter, a bunch of napkins, and a few other items which might come in handy later, in lieu of a tripod.

Walking down the pier, a gorgeous breeze blowing, I smile to myself about wearing loose shorts and leaving the BVDs behind. Of course the warm summer air has brought out the best (meaning least) apparel on the dozens of attractive women out this evening. Crop tops, miniskirts, nice thin shorts (I love the thongs) all clinging to the sweet skin of the owner. I said before I don't take voyeur shots, but these first hand visions would put most Websites to shame. The female form at its best. I was barely 100 feet from the car and I was ready to go back and take care of things. I'm glad I didn't, as the sights just kept on coming (and I was pretty close myself). But there was work to be done.

Making my way towards the end of the pier, I stopped to get a few shots of the city. The sun was beginning to set and the reflections on the buildings gave incredible images as I fired away. Getting the angles that I wanted, I headed towards the lighthouse, nothing there that hadn't been done a thousand times before. I foreign couple (possibly Russian by their accent) asked me to take their picture in front of the lighthouse, of course, I obliged. The woman had an air about her, a shy sensuality, that when I looked through the lens, revealed an incredible body, I took my time framing the shot, both to give them a good picture and to give me a minute to try and relax the stiffness between my legs. While she walked to collect the camera, she brought her glance up from the walkway, up my body, and looked in my eyes and smiled a big thank you. As she stepped away, I was treated to her gorgeous behind wiggling away from me. I could not move. I was completely hard and needed some relief.

After a few moments of gathering myself, I wandered towards the back of the pier, where there is very little traffic. Looking for a bathroom, I found the service entrance had and automatic entryway. Looking around to see if I was going to get kicked out, I figured what the hell, and made my way through. Inside was maze-like with stairs and locked doorways and banquet rooms.

Up the stairs I go, remembering the sunset, and the roof area which is off limits, unless a function is going on. More locked doors, elevators shut down. I'm determined at this point. Four stairwells, half a dozen halls and one open door, and before me is the roof I've been seeking. Another look around, and a quick thought of how much bail money I have, I make my way onto the roof. Looking at the sky, I am awed and humbled by what I see. The colors are endless, textures unimaginable. The world before me is a grand work of art. Speechless and wide-eyed, I remember the camera, and commence capturing the beauty that engulfs me. Frame after frame, the two thoughts in my head are how easily this scene has made me forget any troubles, and don't drop the camera, stupid....

The splendor does not decrease with the setting of the sun, but opens up a whole new canvas. The lights of the city are burning brightly, magnified by the darkness falling around me. I reach for the pack of gum to rest the lens on, and zoom in for my shot. I am oblivious to the hundreds of souls below me, dancing and drinking and laughing.

When I finally fill up the memory card, I remember where I am, that I'm not supposed to be there, and how incredibly wound up I am. I give one more look around, and walk along the perimeter of the deck. Feeling secure that I am alone, at least up here, my shorts become too much to bear, as the friction is becoming overpowering. I find a safe spot to lay the camera, with an eye on the door (I'm not lucky enough to have a beautiful willing woman discover me), and release my ever-swelling cock.

My jewels feel like cue balls, but this is something I want to last. I start slowly, as I smooth the copious amount of pre-cum into my shaft. I must have been on the edge a long time, as I am slick enough to completely cover myself, there is even enough that I stroke it into my balls. The breeze kicks up and I turn into it, warm air rushing over me as I increase my pace. A squeeze and clench of my balls brings forth another stream of pre-cum. I stroke it in once again, gliding my hand faster over my shaft. I slow my pace to make this last. As fantastic as this felt, it would be over too soon no matter what. My mind is spinning and I hear the applause of the crowd cheering the band on, oh to have one of today's earlier sites as my audience. I imagine an ex-lover in front of me, urging me on, wanting to feel my hot cum splashing on her body, 'Oh yes, cum. Cum for me. I want you to cum on me,' the warm air becomes her breath. This puts me over the edge; I call out her name as my orgasm hits. Wave after wave of cum explodes from within. I keep stroking, wishing she were there with me, caressing and coaxing more from me...

Leaning against the wall, more like the wall completely keeping me standing, I come back to reality, check around once more, and clean up with the napkins I just happened to bring along. Somehow finding my way out of the maze was quick, maybe because at that point it didn't much matter, maybe because time was an illusion, I happily and hazily made it back to the car for the ride home.



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