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Morning Masturbation

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Mornings are my special time! I have posted a slightly edited version of this little confession elsewhere and some folks said they enjoyed it; maybe you will too.

I always wake up hard as a rock and horny as fuck. Without fail. Sometimes my bladder is full and aching, and sometimes not. It doesn't seem to matter. I just know that every morning finds me already hot and stiff, with my rod poking against my sleeping shorts, and sometimes I awake in the midst of a dirty dream to the realization that I have already started to masturbate, either by rubbing at myself or grinding my hips against the bed. I often find, especially if I have been grinding against the bed, that my precum has already begun to ooze out and wet my shorts, and if I lay on my back and strip them off I can see the small wet patch, and the pearly strings running from the glistening red tip to my belly as my cock springs up, throbbing and hard. Once awake, there is a moment when I try to decide if I can hold my pee or not, if I am full. I enjoy the sensation of fullness as I masturbate, but too much is uncomfortable. By the same token, peeing when I am this hard is easier said than done, and it is only when I am full to bursting that I will force myself to the toilet and push my cock down with my hand and try to relax the muscles enough to let the pee come out. Most times, as I lay there, I know that it is pointless to even try, and I relish the naughtiness of the idea that I need to masturbate in order to make my hard-on go away so that I can finally pee. I never need any lube or anything like that. Holding my cock straight up, all it takes is a few minutes of gentle squeezing around the shaft to build up a large, shiny drop of pre-cum at the tip, and I anticipate the moment when it gets large enough to quiver and begin to run down the head, because that first moment when I slide my fist up around the tip of my cock and milk it hard with all my gooey juices is just exquisite. I sigh and groan, my toes curl as the muscles down there tighten and strain, and my cock is so wet in my fist that I can hear it smacking as I pump. Sometimes it feels so good that I fight the urge to let it all go right then and there, but I know that the more times I come to that edge and wait it out, the better it will be when I finally let myself go over it. By force of will I stop and wait, relishing the throbbing tension in the shaft as I feel how hard I am. Sometimes I will continue on lying in bed, recalling a favorite sexual memory or fantasizing about something new. I love thinking all those dirty, filthy thoughts and mindlessly pumping on my rod. My pre-cum flows more and more, and I enjoy seeing the warm dribbles form at the tip, and smearing them across the head with my thumb. The way it is so focused and delicious inflames my entire body, and I will often slide my other hand here and there as I masturbate, pinching my nipples or rubbing around my balls, and I love feeling that little muscle down there tighten and strain as I carefully build myself up, flirting with that edge but not going over it. Sometimes I will even switch hands so that I can bring my other hand to my face, seeing all the wet on my fingers, sniffing my scent and sometimes lightly tasting myself. Other times I will get up and go to the PC and browse through porn sites. Sometimes I need visual stimulation, and I love to watch big, beautiful and horny women play with themselves, fucking their gooey fingers in and out and flicking their clits until they cum so hard from being watched that they grunt and squirt, and I can sometimes even see those contractions pounding away between their legs as they puddle the bed or even their own panties. I love the idea that we are both on the same page, sharing that same dark pleasure, feeling those same sensations. And seeing someone cum hard like that always makes my own urge swell, and if I find that I am teetering on that edge I sometimes have to give myself a hard squeeze to so that I can hold off. And other times I want to read a hot story and feel that connection of one mind directly to another, the sharing of the internal dialog, the most dirty, intimate and shameful thoughts, and I have a wide selection of story sites and sex blogs that I enjoy reading when I masturbate. My favorite is probably Literotica, though, and it has the most amazing collection of stories that there is always something new and filthy to read. I can enjoy well written filth just as much as any hot video porn, and both can get me off. Either way, the ache and the pressure eventually becomes too much, and I find that I almost cannot even touch myself anymore, because I am so worked up that it only takes a light squeeze to hold myself right at the edge. My aching and slick cock is nearly purple with lust and need, the tip glistening with my fuck juices, my fingers wet with my lube. I start to feel those little warning throbs that signal an impending orgasm. If I need to feel really dirty and whorish when I cum, I will lube up one finger, spread my legs wide, and gently probe into my ass as I feel that hot, wet, luscious urge start to build. I finally decide to give in, letting the sensation zoom up and up, tightening, squeezing, holding my breath as I grunt and strain, milking it out as slowly as possible. I can feel my cock swelling in my hand as my ass begins to contract around my finger, and then I stop milking and just squeeze. The tip of my cock swells even harder, my toes curl up tight, the corners of my mouth turn down, my ass trembles and then those sweet hard spasms begin deep in my belly and ass and force their way through my shaft, and I love to watch and feel those thick glorious spurts as I shoot off all over my stomach and thighs, splattering shamelessly everywhere, grunting softly as I cum and cum, long, hard and strong But then, just as I begin to relax and catch my breath and one need begins to recede, another makes its appearance again, and the pee pressure in my belly starts to build ominously as my wet gooey cock begins to soften. With my hard-on no longer blocking it, that pressure starts back up and I know I have only moments to get to the bathroom. I am still wet from my masturbation, and there are still little dribbles of come hanging from the tip as I stand in front of the toilet and finally let myself relax and pee. As my stream starts, all that pressure begins to fade, and after a few tentative starts and stops it gets fuller and stronger and it feels so good, nearly like another orgasm as I empty myself into the water with a loud splashing sound. Finally I am empty and totally spent, all my built up needs fully satisfied. Sometimes I feel ashamed and embarrassed at enjoying it so much, but I know that I will do it all again tomorrow anyway.



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