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Touching Without Getting Caught Game

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After my mom caught me masturbating my boyfriend we were not allowed to be alone together, so we had this game we started of touching ourselves or each other with someone else around.

I made Josh cum under a blanket while the whole family was watching a movie one night. It was so hot to do that and I didn't think he would actually cum. Mom was sitting on the long sofa with my step-dad and my younger brother and sister were on the floor. Josh and me were on the small sofa and had a blanket over us. He had kissed me once and put his hands under the blanket, but mom said 'Hands out where we can see them.' After a while I put one hand under and was rubbing his leg real slow. No one noticed, so I unzipped him and he slid down a little so I could take his dick out.

I was stroking it real slow so no one would see. I did this for like ten minutes as we watched the movie. My hand was tired, so I took it away, but he looked at me and shook his head no. I kept stroking him for a minute, then he sat up straighter and coughed. When he did that, I felt his warm cum all over my hand. I pulled out my hand and looked at him and slowly licked my hand clean. It was so hot!! And no one even knew! Or so I thought... (Later my step-dad told me he knew what we were doing and I was lucky mom hadn't noticed).

Another time, mom was at work and my step-dad was asleep. My sister was at some band thing and my brother who is 10 was in the chair watching tv. Josh was on the sofa with me. I laid down with my head in his lap for a while. I was rubbing his dick through his pants and he put the blanket over my head. I took him out and was stroking him. He was hard and my hand was tired and I was thinking about him asking me to suck on it. He had not asked again, but I was thinking about it. He was rubbing my pussy because I had a skirt and no panties this time. I was getting really wet and wanted to surprise him by sucking on it, but that seemed like going too far, so I just breathed on it. He jerked and moaned and his dick jerked and got harder. I heard my brother giggle. It turned me on to know someone was right there and we were getting away with doing this. I kept breathing on him and stroking him faster. He was rubbing me and it felt really good, but then he did something new... He stuck a finger up inside me. It felt strange but very good! As soon as he did that, I started to orgasm. I am loud when I cum and I moaned really loud and got all stiff and came on his hand. It was awesome and I was wetter than ever before. I heard my brother say 'You guys are weird' then he went upstairs. I said 'Oh my god that was so awesome'. Josh took his hand out and uncovered me. I watched him lick his hand clean, then he leaned back as I blew warm air on his balls. He then came and it got all over my face. It was in my nose and I opened my mouth to taste it.

I now really love having a boy cum on my face. I always have Josh cum on my face, but I still haven't had the nerve to give him a blowjob. And he is so sweet and has never asked me to. He has offered to 'eat me out' and the idea really turns me on, but that is another story.



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