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Torn Swimming Trunks

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Close as brothers


In my old neighborhood, there was an older kid named Wes who was about four years older than I was. He was one of those popular kids whom everybody liked but for some reason had no real close friends...he was just Wes, and on everybody's team. He played baseball, football, even had a big part in the school play. Everyone knew Wes, but I noticed he didn't really hang out with anybody in particular. To me who was four years younger than him, I thought he was fantastic. He had dark curly hair, dark brown eyes and though he wasn't very tall, all his athletics had given him a pretty good body. Because of the age difference, we didn't really have much in common except we always seemed to be in the same circle of people at one time or another. I remember the times he would notice me and speak to me, I would be secretly thrilled and wished I could spend more time with him.

The summer before my eighth grade year, Wes got a job as a lifeguard at a local pool. For some reason, the pool couldn't keep lifeguards that summer...I think one got fired, a few others went to camp and pretty soon, Wes was about the only one left working. He worked long hours, sitting up on his lifeguard chair, looking hot. He got very bronzed and tan, and I spend a lot of time sneaking looks at his very hairy legs dangling from his tall chair. Because I had gotten taller and was no longer such a little kid, and maybe because all of his older friends were gone, he started to talk to me... about nothing little things at first, movies, skateboarding, baseball, stuff like that. In the evening, the crowd got even smaller and actually a lot of time, there was nobody there at all, except for us. I think he liked having the company and I know I liked being around such cool, good looking guy. To have him finally befriend me was more than I could have ever asked for, and as the summer went on, we got pretty close and I could tell he actually looked forward to me visiting. The age difference, once so huge between us, didn't seem so wide anymore. Needless to say, I spend long hours at the pool,sometimes helping him clean it and work with the chemicals, but mostly just hanging out. A few times he sent me back to his mom's house for supper or for a snack, and to please him, sometimes when I would come back in the evening when I knew we would be alone, I would bring a Coke or maybe a snack for him. He would always say something like, 'Awesome, little man,' and would give me an affectionate punch on the arm, guy to guy, but it always sent shivers down my back whenever he touched me.

One time he had to run to the bathroom and left me by the pool by myself for a minute, which was fine. There was nobody there and so I waited, listening to the radio he had brought and wishing he would hurry up. A delivery man came rattling to the gate, dropping some floaties and stuff the apartment complex had bought, and when I went to the gate, the guy asked, 'You must be Wes's little brother, you look a lot like him.' Wow, what a compliment, I thought, even though I told him we weren't related at all, just friends. Still, as I thought about it, there were similarities. Both of us had dark curly hair, we were built sort of the same, and since I had hit puberty, I had hair under my arms and some on my legs. I was really flattered at the delivery guy had thought Wes was my older brother, and when Wes came out of the bathroom, I told him about it.

'Wow, little man, that's cool...I never thought about it much.' We had been playing chess to pass the time, and he fiddled with a few of the pieces thoughtfully. As he shifted in his chair, I caught sight of a hole in his swim trunks, along the seam. I could see right up into the white netting and saw a huge, dark bulge below the mesh. My cock stirred.

He caught me looking and looked a little embarrassed. 'I know, it was a little tear this morning and it's gotten bigger as the day went on.' He cleared his throat, and looked around. 'I wonder if we look alike everywhere. you know what I mean?' I froze, unsure of what we was trying to say, and he leaned forward. 'Dude, I have the hairiest little hole you can imagine, and the hairiest balls.' It was almost like he was embarrassed to admit this. 'I thin it's hairier than a lot of guys I know. How is yours?'

We had never really gone into this territory before. We had skipped around it for weeks, though a few times he had made notice of the changes that had happened to me in the past year. My puppy fat was gone, I was slim and strong and darker tan then I had ever been in my life, thanks to my long hours with him. I was especially proud of the little dark hairs under my arms, and though I didn't have a happy trail like he did, or a little patch of black hair on my chest like he did, I knew I was advanced for my age.

I gulped a little, and tried to be cool. 'Yeah, I do too.'

He looked interested, and laughed a little. 'Yeah, that's cool, man.' He shifted a little again, giving me another look at the tear in his shorts, and this time I couldn't help but notice it looked bigger this time. He rubbed a hand across his hairy, tanned stomach, and then dipped his fingers into the waistband and rearranged things a little. 'Only thing about this job,' he said casually,'are the long hours. I don't get a chance to jack off as much as I usually do.' He looked at me again, to see how I was taking all of this, and he smirked a little at the growing bulge in my own shorts. Without another word, he stood up, stretched a little-giving me a good look at his beautiful dark bushes under both arms-and pointed to the clubhouse, where the showers were. 'Come on.'

It was cooler inside, because of the air conditioning, but it wasn't the temperature that made me shiver. I followed him inside, and after making sure the door was closed tightly behind us, he leaned forward and put a hand on my shoulder. 'You hard, little buddy?'

I nodded, too afraid to speak.

'It's cool, it happens. His eyes drifted down my naked front, and his fingers gently tickled their way down my chest, touching my little nipples. He stopped at my swimming trunks, and then giving me a small smile and a kiss on my neck-which surprised the hell out of me-he tugged my shorts down. He cock sprang out, hard and quivering, and he looked at it for a second. 'Damn, not bad...we do look alike, man.' And then, wonder of wonders, he pulled his own shorts down and stepped back to give me a good look. He wasn't extremely big, maybe six inches or so, but it was perfect. It stuck up at an angle, the head slightly pointed and already a little wet at the tip. His bush was thick and black, the hairs longer than mine and covered more of his crotch, and when he sat on the wooden change bench and leaned back, I saw he did have super hairy balls and a little puckered asshole, also surrounded by black hairs. He pulled me down almost on top of him and rubbed our cocks together while his other hand ran down my back. 'Oh my god, Chris, this feels so damn good,' he moaned, and I was so nervous and into him that I couldn't say a word, to be honest. Our cocks were slick with pre-cum and he stroked them both together, and before I knew it, I exploded ropes of cum out to cover both of us. He lifted his free hand and pulled my head down to his and kissed me hard while I felt his own hot cock start spewing; both of us were jerking our legs and breathing heavily while this was happening. I loved the heat of him, the chlorine, man smell of him, and the way his breath felt on my neck. He reached down between us and scooped up some cum-I don't know whose it was, to be honest-and put it on his tongue, and then some on my lips. 'Now we really are brothers,' he said, and I just lay and hugged him, not believing this had happened.

This happened a lot more for the rest of the summer and into the fall, but eventually we drifted apart. His older friends all came back, and he started all of his school activities again, and even though the age difference had disappeared over the summer, when school started it was back again, and worse. We were in different schools, with different people, busy with school and stuff, and we just never seemed to be able to get together. As it turned out, after Christmas break my dad got a new job in another state and we had to move, and I haven't seen Wes since, though I still jack off a lot, thinking about him and how close we had been.



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