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Fantasy No1

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What would've been better than a crossword puzzle on a Sunday morning?


The women, my lady and Stormy’s sister had just left to do shopping. Stormy stayed in his apartment having finished his Sunday morning shower and was clad only in a bath robe as he sat at the dining room table with the Sunday crossword spread out before him, juggling with it. I chose also to stay to keep him company for I had just arrived, feeling it would be rather obvious to not want to stay but go with the women. Sensitive to other people’s feelings, I felt obligated to stay as a matter of courtesy as we had known each other for a few years.

I pulled up a dinette chair next to him and sat to help with the crossword puzzle. We sat side by side in our chairs mostly facing toward each other, our heads leaning towards each other over the puzzle as he combed his wet curly black hair. Our knees were almost in contact but careful to keep a distance that American hetero males are subconsciously on guard lest their libido is mistaken.

Leaning over on my elbows upon my knees, I was most aware as I had all of this moment that Stormy’s legs were apart opening the robe to expose himself to the air to dry but remaining covered all the while except for a partial view of the right thigh. I being aware of the obvious situation struggled with feeling helpless to move when I am preoccupied with what is in front of me. Wondering, imagining, should I dare reach over and lightly touch his brown knee, to see his face look toward me in a startled mode, but see my face smiling reassuringly saying to him “Hey, it’s ok”, then slowly sliding my hand up his smooth muscular inner thigh approaching that smooth and soft warm pouch to feel him tighten up then respond immediately by spreading his thighs apart casing his robe to reveal his half tumescent member cradled in my hand. He was uncut and the hood was withdrawing to reveal a pink plum.

I slid off my chair down upon my knees between his open thighs. Stormy was stunned by my actions for we had known each other for several years, always as straight friend. But he was responding uncontrollably to my waving fingers and sliding up and down that brown shaft.

[I felt he had an inkling for this desire due to past experience he once relayed. Although he is straight he had an encounter before of this sort. In his hometown a friend of his who was going into the priesthood as Stormy himself had wanted to but due to unknown circumstances gave up the idea. But this friend and him had served as altar boys. I suspect he had communed with him orally. Probably why Stormy didn’t go into the priesthood. He was so shaken by the experience that he liked it but felt guilty for liking it.]

Caressing in my hand a brown short, thick, uncut organ with blue veins translucent under the skin. Relaxed now, giving himself to my ministering, I leaned closer to his stem. It’s warm with the smell of after shower freshness. Kissing the tip then rolling my tongue around the head and foreskin as I do with nipples of breasts, pulling the foreskin back tight against his pubic bone to elicit intense sensation and showing it’s true capacity, sliding my tongue down that shaft to see those soft drawn up balls.

{I had seen his balls before on a couple of occasions when we were at the beach with our women. He was wearing cutoff jean shorts that partially exposed his smooth brown scrotum as it peaked out around the jean fringe as he sat crossed legged. I thought, “Is he flashing me?”, but afraid to act on it.]

Holding his balls and nuzzling my nose into the scrotum, I stole a lick to the underside behind his balls just above the slit of the anus. This produced a jolt and a moan as he clamped his thighs around my head then reopened them to thrust forward his pelvis further onto my tongue for he was quite sensitive in that area.

Slurping down on his shaft he eventually had to give it up and let it blow while my finger was tickling this asshole.

I had to stand up and open my jeans to reveal my long uncut bone to my new found ‘brother in arms(?)”(LOL), which the grasped eagerly kissed and licked it then stroked. Clutching his curly black, now drying hair, I pull him onto as I push into his mouth. Finally, I came as never before, as if we were a virginal, and in a sense we were with each other for the first time.

I wanted to go into the shower with him again but time didn’t permit as the women folk make their way up the stairs.

*This is fantasy. All characters/situations are fictional.



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