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Too Much

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Try living with three sisters, two older, one younger, and not much time between us, (Only over a year, in fact) and you will understand exactly what family tensions are about. Far worse, if, like me, you are second from bottom but you are the first to develop, start your periods and all the feelings that come with it! For a couple of years it was hell at home. My older sisters bullied the crap out of me, and my younger sister was jealous as all hell too.

Still, it left me with a problem. Sure, I had the 'periods' talk along with 'How to keep clean down there.' For FUCKS sake! 'Down there'?? Even my mum could not bear to say the word vagina. I got given my trainer bras. Yep, NOT measured just given one, a packet of sanitary towels and that was that. I was left to manage it all by myself. I was 14 at the time. That first year was awful. Not only the highly unpredictable nature of settling into a menstrual cycle, but the raging horniness I felt between times. Of course, I didnt know it WAS horniness. All I knew was that I got wet as all hell sometimes and my boobs would feel, oh, SO sensitive. Sometimes I would tingle between my legs too. Did I do anything about it? DUH.. NO!

Then, one day at school in the gym we climbed ropes. Going up was, well, nice. Coming down though.. OH.. MY.. FUCKING.. GOD! On the third time down the rope it happened. My first orgasm and it hit me so hard I actually fell the last couple of feet. Fortunately, this allowed me to be sent to the changing rooms. Once there, I stripped and inspected my knickers. They were drenched and smelled really musky. Suddenly I was aware of the other female scents in the room. Sweat, and, of course, more than a little pussy. My hand was between my legs in a flash and I was rubbing at my clit. Another orgasm.. and another.. AND another. I never wanted it to end. I was so wet I actually thought I had peed. I was just coming down from it when a voice broke the silence. 'Well, looks like YOU learned a lot today.' I opened my eyes (which had been so tightly shut that my eyelids hurt! Can you imagine??) and there was a girl who is known to the rest of us as 'Moaning Myrtle' mainly because she looks like that girl in the Harry P films, and acts like her too.

She was standing there, looking at me totally naked, hand still on my pussy and then, without another word, she just put her hand into her own knickers and sat back on the bench opposite and said 'Watch me...please?' I have never seen another girl (or a boy) masturbate but she (real name Anna) looked divine. When, at one point she pulled her knickers to one side I saw her pussy and how wet she was. She also had a couple of fingers inside her, something I didn't dare do for ages after that day. When she cummed, I remember she arched her back and pulled her knickers way out of the way and she actually squirted a lot of fluid, and it went almost across the space to me. Afterwards she said that she would never be able to go with a boy or a girl because she was so embarrassed that she did that every time she cums.

About a year afterwards, Anna and I, well, we were in the same situation really, although I had skived PE saying that I had an unusually heavy period. Anna was also, as usual, off PE. We started off masturbating ourselves a little and then, well, it just kinda happened, I had been holding her leg with my free hand and it just seemed right to touch her pussy. Soon, I was on my knees between her legs pushing my fingers up her and kissing. It felt and tasted fan-fucking-tastic. Then, I asked her to do the same for me. It hurt a bit when she pushed three fingers into me, and I bled a little too, but the orgasm was crushing. Afterwards, we went into the showers together and for no reason other than I really wanted something dirty, I asked her to pee on me. At first she did a little on my leg but then I knelt in front of her and she spread her legs and peed onto my boobs. Then I did it to her.

Since then, we have become full on lovers. Now, I like boys too and last year I lost my virginity to a much older, (actually MUCH older)man. Anna is cool with it and we even use it in our sex session. After David has fucked me, I always go to Anna's room and we have sex.

Well, I have to go and take care of business now!

Happy jilling.!



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