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A Wonderful Night With Debbie

Posted by: Author: Age: 55 Posted on: 9 comments
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I wanted to share my story.I enjoy all the stories posted.Some I even open my pants and enjoy myself.Good thing my chair is vinyl,because if it were cloth,there would be some wet stains on it.Giving my secret away to the family.


I found myself reading this site after I looked up masturbation.I now find myself masturbating quite frequently now.My husband has lost interest or is doing someone else.I don't know,but either way my pussy is still not getting what it needs.I am a 55 year old woman.Still keeping myself in somewhat good shape.Men still look as I walk by.I am the mother of three.I lead a normal life in the suburbs.With the exception of my sex life that is little to none,for the last few months. Almost every day before getting out of bed I masturbate just so I could get some of my needs taken care of.True I bring myself to an orgasm but I do need a little more.I want a big cock.No I need a big cock.Anyway once again after taking care of myself I get up and get going. Once a month on Friday night the girls get together for cards and a few drinks.We talk about all kinds of thing.Mostly about sex.That always comes up.I know things like whose husband has a big dick.What they enjoy,and about how often.I sometimes get jealous.I opened up and said I have not had any in some time.As you would expect questions.What do you do about your needs.So I told my friends. After the game we were walking back to our cars.Debbie came over to me and said that must have taken a lot to open up like that tonight.I am in a similar way.I will tell you a secret but I do not want it repeated around the other women.I have been enjoying the company of other women lately.Asking if her husband knew.She said I don't think he cares.He has not shown me attention in some time either.As she took my hand. Would you like to go somewhere that we could be alone.Very nervously I said I think I would. We went to a motel that was close by.After arriving I went to the bathroom.I wanted to clean up,and be as fresh as I could for my new adventure. Coming out of the bathroom,Debbie was down to just her bra and panties.She was taking down the bed.I must confess,I always thought she was attractive woman,but seeing her this way my goodness.I started getting wet still in my pants. Debbie was taller than me.Very thin with small little tits and a small flat ass.I could also see through her panties that she was shaved bald.I am a little shorter than Debbie.I am also a few pounds heaver.And my ass is a lot bigger.As Debbie is going to find out in a little while I have a very hairy pussy.With hair going back up the crack of my ass.If I was expecting anything like this I would have taken care of that. We got on the bed as Debbie removed her bra. Exposing small tits with the biggest nipples.They were so perfectly round and dark.Then she took off my top and opening my pants.Saying you will not be needing these.We kissed and she took full control.Before I knew it we were both fully exposed and she sucked my big tits.Then kissing me again.Saying OH ELIZABETH...As she kissed her way down to my hairy and waiting pussy.I could feel her tongue enter me.then she was working on my clit.I have a rather large one.Although it is hidden with all the hair.Thinking this could not get any better,Just then my friend really surprised me.Her tongue went up my asshole.I have not felt that in so long.Then back to my pussy bringing me to probably the best orgasm I ever had. Now I was going to take care of my skinny friend.This was the first time I had ever tasted a pussy other than my own by putting my fingers in my mouth.I must say I did like it.I gave her the same courtesy of also going back to her dark asshole.It was beautiful and also so tight.As I also inserted my finger up inside.Inside of just a short time my skinny friend has also enjoyed a great climax. We stayed in bed a while longer.Touching,kissing,and enjoying our new found friendship together.As we were getting dressed to go home,Debbie said how about we try to make this a weekly thing.I agreed.We were dressed and standing face to face I want to give her a kiss good night.Kissing her I ran my hands down to her small flat wonderful ass.Getting just one more feel. Until we do it again. We agreed that none of the other women would ever find out what we were doing.



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