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Tickle Games With Sis

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I remember when I was 14 and it was summer time and we were out of school and my sister Mariann and I were often left home alone. My sister had turned 13 and was starting to develop a cute little shape and I was becoming more and more attracted to her. I had been sneaking into the laundry lately to find her panties and would masturbate into the crotch of her used panties every chance I got. The warm used ones that she had just taken off were the best.

Sis and I wrestled around a lot and naturally me being the stronger older brother would be able to pin her on the ground most of the time. We started playing our tickle game one day when we were wrestling and I had noticed her skirt had ridden up and was giving me a full view of her white cotton panties which were hugging the outline of her cute little pussy. I couldn't help myself, my teen hard-on straining against my pants. As I laid on top of my sister, I told Mariann that I was going to tickle her and she just giggled and went along with the game. I rubbed my hard-on against Mariann's soft little pussy and within minutes shot my load on top of my Sis and into my pants. I'm not sure whether Mariann felt me cum on her, but she seemed to have enjoyed our new game.

I ran off to the bathroom to clean up and felt guilty and swore never to do it again. Well, needless to say, Mariann and I began to play the tickle game quite often and I would jack off constantly thinking about my little sister's pussy and cute ass.

Finally one night when Sis was getting ready for bed and we were home alone, I asked her if she wanted to play the tickle game and she said 'ok'. I laid on top of her while she was laying on the bed with her legs dangling off the side. I was rubbing against her pussy when I got the urge to see what it would feel like against her naked pussy. I reached down and took my dick out of my pj's and I put my hand on Mariann's baby doll pajama bottoms and said, 'can I take these down?'. Mariann said 'ok' and I slipped them down past her knees. I now had my throbbing hard-on against Mariann's hairless little pussy and it felt great. I rubbed my dick against Mariann's pussy for a few minutes until I was ready to explode. I didn't want to cum on my little sister since I figured it would freak her out, so I ran to the bathroom, closed the door, sat on the toilet and feverishly pumped my jizz into the bowl. It was the best orgasm I had had up to that point.

The next morning while laying in bed thinking about the night before, I heard Mom pull out of the driveway and knew Sis and I were going to be alone for a while. I reached down and started playing with myself and then decided to get a pair of Sis panties from the laundry. I wrapped Sis's panties around my dick, letting the panties tickle me while while I slowly stroked and thought about rubbing against Sis's pussy the night before. I started thinking that since Sis let me do that last night, she might be ready for something more and decided to find out what Sis was doing.

I came down the hall and found Sis on the couch watching TV in yellow baby doll pajamas. She was looking cute and sexy as she sat on the couch eating her cereal. I sat down next to Sis on the couch wearing only a pair of pajama bottoms and I was doing my best to try and conceal my hard-on. I'm not sure Sis noticed and I was too nervous and horny to care at that point. I finally worked up the nerve to ask Sis, 'do you want me to show you a way that I can tickle you that will feel really good?'. Sis looked at me and smiled and said, 'sure'. I'm not sure if she was expecting it or not but I reached over and started massaging Mariann's pussy on the outside of her pj bottoms. She continued watching tv and had her legs spread a bit. I was finally touching the object of my desire and I was in heaven. I had my left arm across my lap to keep my hard-on hidden but it was throbbing away. My horniness had me feeling bolder so I slipped my hand into my Sis's pj bottoms and worked my finger between the lips of my sister's pussy. Sis's pussy was warm and soft and I massaged her little clit. I could tell by Sis's breathing that she was enjoying what I was doing and she had spread her legs a little more. After a few minutes I reached over and said, 'let's take these off and it will feel better' as I removed her pajama bottoms. Now I had a full view of my finger in Sis's pussy while I continued to try and make Sis cum for the first time. Sis had a cute pink slit with a sparse sprinkling of hair. She had well defined lips that were beginning to show wetness. After a few minutes I wasn't sure whether Sis came or not, so I asked her, 'did it feel good all at once yet?'. I don't think Sis knew what I was talking about, but she said 'yes'.

Hearing this I took it as my cue to move her hand to the front of my pj's while I took out my hard-on and said, 'ok, now it's my turn'. I wrapped Sis's hand around my cock and started moving it up and down. Sis grasped my cock and hung on while I moved her hand up and down. She just stared at my cock wide-eyed, probably not believing what she was doing. I really wanted this to last, but her little hand wrapped around my cock was sexy looking and felt so good and I knew I wasn't going to last long. So that my Sis wouldn't freak, I said, 'now this white stuff is going to start coming out'. Just as I said that my dick swelled and I could feel the cum racing up my cock. My cock started pulsing and shooting stream after stream of jizz onto my belly. Sis must have freaked because she let go of my cock like it was a hot poker and just stared while my cock exploded. When I finished cumming, I went to the bathroom to clean up and when I got back, Sis had her pj's back on and we continued watching TV. I was nervous that Sis was going to tell our parents and told her that it was our secret, but I was still nervous.

The next day Sis asked me what the white stuff was and why it came out and our conversation must have made us both horny because she said she wanted me to tickle her again. Sis was too shy to ask so she spelled t-i-c-k-l-e-m-e. I couldn't figure our what she wanted until she spelled it a second time. I wasn't about to pass up that opportunity and now my cute little sister was asking me to tickle her, I knew we were going to have a lot more fun. But that is another story or two.



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