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Wild Wedding Party

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The reception was a big barbeque party at a park.


This wild party happened three years ago and I'll never forget it. I was divorced at the time and living alone in an apartment. The wedding was that of an old friend and the reception was a big barbeque at a large park outside of town.

At the barbeque, I ran across Nora, a lady I used to work with. Back then, I was still married and Nora and I would always flirt around with each other. She was several years older than I but had one hell of a beautiful body on her. At the time of the party, she was in her early 40s and still looked good.

We ended up sitting with each other. After eating, we were sitting on a bench with a drink talking. Every few minutes or so, there'd be these young ladies walk by in front of us wearing their cut off T shirts and their tight little shorts. I'd look at them walk by and would tell Nora how hard looking at something like that was on me. Nora would laugh at this. She then got into asking me 'Now, what would you do to something like that if you could'? I'd lean back and answer 'Oh my god, wouldn't you like to know'. She'd joke about 'How I wouldn't be able to handle something like that' and laugh. I'd answer her 'You're probably right but it would sure be fun trying'. During one of these conversations I told her 'I sure know I wouldn't last very long'. Nora answered back 'I bet you wouldn't' while laughing.

Nora then said 'I'll be back in a few minutes. I've got something in my car I want to get and show you. You wait right here'. I sat there for around 10 minutes and then she returned. But, this time she was dressed like these sweet young things I'd been drooling at all evening! My mouth fell to the ground when I saw her. I remembered seeing her at work when she'd come to work in her mini skirts and how good she looked. But, seeing her like this in those tight little shorts was breath taking.

She sat down by me and said 'Well; what do you think'? I told her 'You look fabulous'! She then said 'How long do you think you'd last with me'? I told her 'Not very long from what I've seen'.

Nora and I then went for a walk into the park. We soon found ourselves alone. It was then that we looked at each other and slowly came together kissing. Nora's hand soon found its way to my erect penis and she started rubbing her hand on it. I reached around her cupping her beautiful ass in my hands. I soon then stuck my hands under the waist band and had her bare ass cheeks in my hands. They felt awesome! Nora then pulled down my zipper, reached into my pants and pulled out my hard penis. She then went to stroking it and asked 'How long do you think you'll last now'? I told her 'I can feel it building already'.

Sure enough, in a minute or so I knew I was about to cum and I told her 'Oh Nora. I'm going to cum. Oh god you feel good. I'm cumming, I'm cumming' and I let fly with my first rope of cum. Some of it landed on her thigh. As I wound down, I told her 'Oh, that felt good'.

We made it back to the party. When the party was ending, Nora and I went to my apartment. We spent the night together and it was so good. I knew those young things that had got me so turned on at the party didn't have a thing on Nora. She was good! We continued to see each other until she met a man her age and they eventually got married. But, I'll never forget Nora and what her body did to me.



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