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Three Friends Masturbate together!!!

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Three guys on a sleep over discover masturbation together is fun


The three of us had started spending time together doing guy things on weekends...we were all the same age and had various experience with females, mostly just kissing and some touching or masturbation, so we were heterosexual but developing into bi situational and bi curious!!!

We were on a sleep over at Chris's place and it was a Friday night. At about 11 we went to his bedroom and we were all laying on a mattress on the floor reading and Chris pulled out from under his bed some magazines, sexy pics of nude women! We eagerly took one each, and there we were, Chris in his flannel PJ's and me and Peter in our underwear. Soon we were laughing as everyone was tenting with an erection!

We had never been nude together and apart from peeing together all we had seen of each other was a soft penis. Then suddenly Chris pulls his PJ's down to his ankles to reveal his fully erect cock...he said hey lets compare!! It was impressive, uncircumcised, long and so thick his hand barely fit around it with bid saggy ball sac, it was pointing up. and a foreskin, I had never seen that in person on a erect penis!

The foreskin was covering part of the head and he started stroking it I was amazed watching the skin sliding back and forth! I was shy but Peter threw off his underwear and knelt beside me and his cock was nearly the same as mine circumcised, big purple head and veiny shaft and tight smallish balls, some nice black pubic hair, a bush above his penis and smooth hairless tummy. We started laughing and they told me to pull mine off so I did, fully erect and hard, circumcised, big cock head and thick! It was exciting we were enjoying seeing each other!!!

Then Chris jumped up and opened a drawer and came over with a tailors measuring tape, he said he wanted to measure himself..!! He held the tape to the tip of hos cock and to the base near the balls he said write it down, nearly 7 1/2 long then he wrapped it around his cock and said 6 3/4.........to my surprise he said let me measure you..before I knew it I felt his hands handling my cock and I thought I was going to cum, he moves it back and forth...stroking me saying it needs to be rock hard to get a good measure.

I nearly ejaculated and it felt awesome! Chris said 7 1/4 long and 6 inches around....then he went to Peter and he said no way..then we said come on.....so I took the tape measure and felt his cock as Chris held the tape, he said stroke it a bit and I did, I felt it pulsate and stiffen more..we were all laughing!! 6 1/4 long and 5 3/4 around...I stroked it a bit more and all of a sudden Peter moaned and he said "faster" and then spurt after spurt of white cum shot out...most of it landed on me grossing me out....then Chris said my turn, lay back and I felt his strong hand take my cock, somewhat roughly and stroking very fast..I felt it really become rigid and about seven squirts of cum flew out, making a mess as he was stroking so fast.....then Chris started masturbating his big uncut cock and the cum just kept flowing and dribbling out of it all over and under the foreskin....it was hot.....!!!

We did cleanup up with tissues and later that night Chris suggested we see who could cum the fastest.....we lay next to each other stroking each other to ejaculation and we all came quickly but not much cum came out, for me a bit, a squirt of white fluid mostly, Peter about the same and Chris more dribbling. We never did more than masturbate that night but is was really a lot of fun



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