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My Special Little Kink

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After college, I rediscovered my passion for masturbating a certain kind of guy. Also MF.


When I finished college and got a job in the City, I got my own place, and was at last free to masturbate whenever, however and as long as I wanted. Which was every night, for hours, and in the shower in the morning. When I got horny naked in bed between sheets, I no longer had to quietly masturbate myself, afraid my roommate would hear. I kicked back the sheets and raised my hips and climbed up the wall with my legs to shoot cum into my own mouth. I plunged into masturbation 'experimentation' trying new things all the time, just as I had in the first blushes of puberty, when my friend introduced me to masturbation, and we enjoyed afternoons at his house, experimenting and indulging in the bliss of unlimited youthful orgasms.

After a couple of months, I realized that, all the while when I was masturbating, I kind of imagined, or felt, that I was masturbating in front of another guy, just as I had then, when I was excited to show the newest blooms of hair between my legs to my buddy. Since then, I'd been 'socialized' to masturbate alone, in private, but the thrill of watching and sharing never left me, and now it began to grow from a feeling, to an urge, to a full-blown desire.

Unfortunately, when I looked around at my limited circle, though I saw many interesting prospects (and masturbated thinking of them) there was nobody I could imagine even dropping a hint to. Anyway, most of them were work mates, and I was afraid to mix work and this kind of pleasure. There was a healthy gay community in the city, but I was too shy and afraid of my desires to step into a gay bar. So I masturbated alone with my imaginary friends.

My life had drifted into deep, solitary periods of masturbation, and I'd really forgotten, again, the desire for a masturbation friend, when a guy at work invited me to watch football at the apartment of a friend of his. There were about five other guys there, and the urge to masturbate with them, though the chance was totally remote, hit me strongly. While they watched the game, my imagination went astray, thinking of them naked, cocks out, balls bouncing with every stroke, and mentally I pictured each one of their private parts, the color and style of their pubic hair, the bent of their penis, the size of their balls. It was a strange mood. I wasn't embarrassed or afraid of what I was imagining, it seemed so natural, and I even had the early stages of a full erection, an erection I knew would spring fully for attention as soon as I stepped inside my own door.

Soon I headed for the bathroom in the middle of the quarter, while the others were glued to the screen. There I found all the paraphernalia of masturbation, lube, some magazines, nothing special, but they excited me very much, and I took a peek into our host's bedroom, where jelly and magazines and tissues, even what looked like a cum rag, were littered everywhere, much like my own place.

I sat back down in the circle flushed and excited. For the next half hour my mind raced to think of how to stay behind and approach Gary, the host. When the game was over, and the other guys were leaving, I stood there mutely, frozen, not saying a word, and as the last was leaving, just mumbled something or other to Gary. I simply wasn't leaving, and he shut the door. I really don't remember what we said or did for the next few minutes, except that I seized on talking about an article in one of the magazines in his bathroom, and that led, inevitably, and by sheer desire, to masturbation.

It was Gary that suggested it, and pulled his pants down first, not really waiting for my reply. He wasn't hard at all, and reached into a drawer in the end of the coffee table and pulled out a tube of lube, which he spread all over his cock and balls. By the time he looked up again, I was fully erect. I had imagined, because of his light skin and red hair, strawberry blond pubic hair, but I didn't not image how thick or long his cock would be. It was truly amazing, perfect beyond what I could have imagined, and he stroked it in a way that begged me to appreciate it, slowly, sliding it's full length, and displaying it in the air for a bit at the bottom of his stroke. I was speechless, and there was no need for either of us to say anything, we were totally wrapped up in the desires and pleasures of this kind of manhood.

In my fantasies, I imagined stroking for hours with my friend, our cocks glistening with precum the whole time. But out slight drunkeness, our excitement and desire led us quickly to orgasm. Gary first began breathing heavily, then grunting, and then his hips raised off the sofa as he began to ejaculate. I followed seconds after and truly thought I was going to faint I was hyperventilating so furiously! And my eyes became glued to Gary's cock, which was totally covered in thick, gooey cum, coating his whole shaft and some of his crotch. I was amazed. In puberty, my friend had more semen than I did, something I admired, but this was completely amazing.

Gary gazed at his cock for a bit, and then reached under the couch and pulled out a cum towel to wipe. He folded his cum inside, and tossed it to me to quickly wipe away the few drops I had spilled. I spread my legs wide and enjoyed as my cock shrunk down to size.

On into the night, Gary and I talked about how much we love to masturbate, all the while comfortably playing with our cocks, sometimes imitating each other, sometimes lost in the pleasure of it, sometimes simply exhibiting ourselves. It was so much a dream come true!

Gary had masturbated with friends throughout adolescence, and occasionally in college, but none since leaving college. We both confessed, with exhilaration, how much we missed and desired to jack off with another guy. We stroked again and shared another awesome cum, and almost fell asleep. Before I left, I had to ask him if your mutual friend, our work mate, had ANY idea. Gary said he'd dropped a couple of hints, but they fell on deaf ears, he was definitely not a circle jerker!! Thinking of this on the way home, I was both disappointed and relieved. Disappointed, because I'd fantasized masturbating with our friend dozens of times, but relieved, because, well, I'm not sure why, but it felt better hiding my kinky side from those at work. When I slipped between the sheets, I was overcome again, and stroked for a long time, fixated on the image of his cum-covered cock. In the days that followed, in my masturbation dreams, I gradually realized a certain truth, that the focus of my masturbation at puberty with my friend, had always been on his cum.

That Saturday, he came over to my place, and we spent the day naked and masturbated each other for the first time, and I can't describe the wave of sexual passion that swept over me when his gooey cum ran down and covered my hand. I slipped my fingers around my own cock, and, oiled by his cum masturbated to the most erotic feelings I'd ever had. I'm married now, and my wife knows of my passion for masturbating other men, especially those with gobs and gobs of cum to drench with. When I first told her, she felt really kinky, and we had awesome sex while I told her of my experiences. Then, when I said that one of my special buddies was coming to town, she changed entirely. We hardly talked for a week.

Then we had a talk. Was it true that we wouldn't have sex? Even oral? I promised that I had little desire and certainly would not as long as she had any qualms about it. Then she asked me about his private parts, and, finally, about how much cum he shoots. By this time, her bra was off, and between answers, I was sucking on her nipples. She pulled off her skirt and panties, slipped my fingers inside her, and had me tell her again all about his orgasms and his cum. Halfway through I came on her thigh, and she finished herself, masturbating to one of the loudest orgasms she'd ever had.

I guess that means yes? I said, and we both laughed. Since then, Laura and I have invited a few select male friends to our living room for masturbation, or, more specifically, to be masturbated. Laura calmly strokes herself, no touching by others and rarely cums during these evenings. But once our guest has departed, she spreads her legs wide for me. Usually, her aggression excites me so much that I cum much before she does, but she keeps me aroused while she furiously rubs her clit, shrieking with excitement. Often, I help masturbate her three or four times until she is exhausted.

It's our own, private little kink, known only to a few special men with copious cum and a desire to be expertly and passionately masturbated in the presence of a very hot woman.



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