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They Were Playing in the River

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This happened many years ago when I was on holiday in Indonesia. It was a group tour, and each day we were taken to certain parts of the country in a group.

On one of the days, we were taken to a remote village that was famous for making handicraft. The village was actually inside a forest.

Anyway, we were taken to a few spots in the village by our tour guide and were then left to free-roam for the next hour and a half.

To be honest, I wasn't into handicraft, but I decided to explore the entire village to see what it had to offer. Nearly every house has something to sell (handicraft, I mean).

After a while, I felt that I really needed to take a leak - I looked around for a public toilet but there was none! I didn't feel like using one of the homeowners' facilities so I decided to look for a secluded spot to ease myself.

I made my way into some dense foliage quite a distance away from anyone, found a bush behind a tree near a river and decided to mark my presence on the ground.

Just as I let 'drip,' I heard laughter not too far away - I froze, looked around and could not see anyone. I looked beyond the bushes ahead of me and discovered two girls playing in the river about 20 meters ahead.

I crouched down so as not to be seen and watched as the girls really seemed to be enjoying themselves. I noticed immediately that they were not naked. They were covered in a piece of cloth (a sarong) from chest to probably until thigh level - I could only see above their torso because the rest of their bodies were submerged.

They were laughing and giggling, and were splashing about. After a while, they would splash water on each other - and were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Both girls seemed 19 or 20 years of age.

The splashing match soon turned into a jabbing contest and then, to my excitement, into a groping match. They were both lunging at each other, trying to grab each others' flesh - a few times they'd squeeze or pinch each other on the breasts, which resulted in a squeal or delightful scream.

As I watched them playing, I thought to myself - why is it that they bathe with their clothes on? Doesn't it defeat the purpose?

Just as I did that - both girls stopped playing and started looking around, as if cautious to see if anyone was watching them. They were actually looking in my direction for a while, and I thought I was surely caught! But then they did something I certainly did not expect - they undid their sarongs!

As they did, I got full view of their perky breasts. With that, they continued to thrash and jab at each other in the water, groping at the same time. A few times, they squeezed and rubbed each other's breasts, or pinched each other's nipples.

I was so turned on to see all this happening - I wanted to just whip out my hard-on and start stroking, but I was too afraid I might get caught. So I just watched, and soaked in as much as I could. It's funny - they never kissed or licked each other - they were content with just using their hands.

At one point, both the women embraced each other, their breasts squeezed together - I could just imagine the tension of having each others' nipples rubbing together. They would grind their bodies together, and then let go of each other.

They did this a couple more times, and then decided to put their sarongs back on, which was floating not far away.

I took that as my queue to leave, and walked away feeling a little mesmerized about what I saw. I was completely aroused by what I had just seen.

I soon joined the rest of the tour group, and we were shown around a few more spots in the district - but my mind was far away. I just couldn't wait till we reached the hotel.

Eventually, we did. The moment I entered my room, I locked the door, dropped my pants, laid on my bed and began stroking my already super hard member!

It felt so intense thinking of those two girls playing with each other, naked. I thought of their supple, perky breasts, being pressed and squeezed; their cute, tiny, dark red nipples pointing at each other, getting pinched. I thought of them rubbing their breasts against each other, and that's when I lost it - I exploded thick ropes of cum everywhere.

For the rest of my trip, every night before going to bed I'd jack off thinking of those two girls in the river. I still think about it today, and it still turns me on when I do. It was the most memorable experience I had on my holiday that year!



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