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The Wonders of Extended Orgasm

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Before I learned how to help a woman enter the continuous orgasm I was sceptical. But it really does work. First my now ex-wife and I learned how and now my girlfriend has learned. It took us several months to learn how, participating once or twice a week. It is well worth learning for both men and women of all ages.


My girlfriend and I practice methods from a variety of sources that can lead to a continuous orgasmic state that can last more than an hour. The limiting factor in all this is usually just plain physical tiredness. A massage table is certainly my favorite sex accessory.

Last night was a quicky. We started out with light stroking of the whole body with feather dusters. We progressed through a body lotion rub and massage of some sore muscles. She became more and more relaxed. As we continued my attentions became more focused on her pussy. I continued massaging the structures of the vulva. By this I mean I wasn't doing skin stimulation, I was, VERY GENTLY, massaging around the base of her clitoris and labia. There is no rubbing across the skin and lubricant isn't needed at this point. Usually this massaging produces copious natural fluids. I continued the massage and placing a finger at the vaginal entrance, allowed the muscular waves to carry my finger inside her as I continued massaging the base of her clit. As my finger reached deeper I was able to start massaging, gently, the g-spot, again a gentle pressure, not a skin rub and stopped massaging the clit. Each time she got near to a peak I would switch to the other area. As she became more and more solidly aroused she began 'singing' her pleasure as involuntary muscular contractions started and got stronger. At one point I started stroking the skin on her labia and clit and stroking her g-spot in time with each other, not too fast. Her 'singing' got more intense as she started having intense orgasmic contractions. At this point I went back to massaging the structures, clit and g-spot, building even more arousal on top of this orgasm that has started but not ended. The only words said in the singing were 'this could go on all night' when she realized that she was in a continuous orgasm state.

Areas can get fatigued. Changing the point(s) of stimulation can help maintain high arousal. A much milder stimulation will maintain the continuous orgasm state than started it. I continued in this next section much like the previous only now were building on top of an already in progress orgasm. There are several other very sensitive and/or orgasmic triggers within the vagina. Much of the vagina is surrounded by the bulk of the clitoris and this can be massaged with pressure at certain areas. Also there is a smooth area above the g-spot on the anterior wall that gets very sensitive once initial stages of orgasm are reached. I move into stroking that lightly, not a lot of pressure while skin stroking the labia and clit. As an even more intense orgasm starts building on top of the existing orgasm her singing notches up yet again. This is a relatively physically quiet part. The muscle contractions are mostly internal and her breathing is deep but even more tension is building. As this builds up and up, I start going deeper with my finger and ending up each thrust hitting against a spot on the edge of the cervix, sometimes called 'the high trigger'. As I do this I also rotate my finger instead of an in-out motion. I can get about 270 degrees of rotation. Each rotation stimulates some areas not yet accommodated to touch increasing the arousal even more, and then back to pressure on the high trigger. When her breathing gets more ragged I start massaging a part of her clitoris that would be painful to do so before this high an arousal state. I time the massage pressures, internal and external to be about a second apart. Suddenly her singing gets deeply guttural and her whole body starts having massive orgasmic contractions and there is a flood of liquid that comes out in little squirts inside her vagina from multiple places, NOT from the urethra which is at the entrance. As this continues I switch back to more lightly massaging the g-spot and base of the clitoris. This will keep this deeper orgasm going as long as stimulation is continued. Gradually I wind this down as she goes off into an ecstatic rapture. I end up with my fingers still in place but no longer moving, just applying light static pressure. As the orgasm fades, which may take 10 minutes or longer, I look at the clock and wonder where the past 2 hours have gone. She was orgasming at various levels for more than an hour. I often have an orgasm or two along with her, no touch needed at all, just riding her energy. I find an hour of her orgasming just irresistibly stimulating.

At various times an orgasm with oral stimulation can go on for as long as a persons neck and tongue can hold out. Toys of various sorts can be used along the way too. And of course if she has been orgasming for an hour before intercourse begins..., WOW! but that's another story.



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