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From Fantasy To Reality

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When I graduated from college I went to work for my best friends father. My best friend is Erin and her father was looking for a salesman. I was out of college and decided to try it out. I went out with my boss to her clients and soon was learning how to sell and taking over his territory. It was a learning curve and I worked long hours and started to enjoy my job when my commissions started. Erin and I would work together on some accounts and just being around her I was having fantasies. Erin knew I was in love with her but told me she never dated someone she worked with. One Saturday we were working on a project and after her part was finished I just had to type it up and send it to the client. Erin told me she was going to the gym and would be back later. I sat at the computer and started typing. It took me an hour and when I was done I was waiting for Erin and leaned back and started to fantasise about her. My fantasy started with Erin coming in the room all sweaty and leaning over my desk and I could see her hard breasts straining against her shirt. She had no bra on and her nipples were poking out. She tells me it was perfect. Then she says she wants to reward me and takes off her shirt and sweat pants. She is standing in front of me naked and I ask about her rule. She laughs and tells me to stand and then pulls down my sweats and starts to jack my dick. After I cum I get her in the seat and finger her until she has an amazing orgasm. I am now hard again and Erin sits on my dick and rides me to another orgasm. At this time the door opens and Erin walks in and sees me reclining in the chair with a major tent in my sweats. She coughs and I stand up and Erin looks down and asks what I was dreaming about. Without thinking I say you. Erin looks down and asks what about me. I tell her I was dreaming you came into the room and read the paper and then stripped naked and gave me oral and I returned the favor. Erin was taken back and asked if I always had these dreams. I told her since we were 13. Erin looked at me went to the door and locked it and then told me to strip. I was naked in seconds with my dick standing straight up. Erin smiled and then stripped naked. I looked at her breasts and hard nipples and then to her pussy. Erin asked if the fantasy was good as this and then sat down and started to give me a blow job. My eyes rolled in the back of my head and I was in never never land. When I was close I told her and then creamed the inside of her mouth with my spunk. Erin got up and told me that was amazing. I told her to get in the chair and I kissed her thighs, and slowly licked up and down her pussy lips. Erin hands go to my head and she starts to rub my scalp. Then I stick my tongue in her pussy and Erin is now moaning. I head north and find her clit and start to lick and suck and Erin is telling me more. I suck her clit really hard and Erin bucks and moans and cums in my mouth. She pushed my head away and says she would have dated me in high school if she knew it was this good. I laughed. After resting Erin tells me the report is perfect and to send it out. Then she gets dressed and tells me she will follow me to my place for more loving. This was 10 years ago. We are married with no children and everyday we have sex.



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