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The Stranger

Posted by: Age: 18 (then) Posted on: 3 comments
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An hour with a total stranger that left a lasting memory.


Its the thing that many people dream about but never experience. But it happened to me. I was very naive at that age even though I was sexually active (whenever I could, that is). My last girlfriend was when I was 15 and we were screwing like rabbits for several months; but we got caught and were charged with Carnal Knowledge because we were under-age. But I had never seen a cunt, and didn't even know what a clitoris was or did, even though I'd been screwing. I know now why she kept saying "Don't stop, don't stop" when I was humping her; but at the time I didn't know that females could orgasm. I never knew I was so close to bringing her to orgasm but falling short every time. Anyway.....

I was coming home from college one night on the Sydney Harbour ferry. A guy about 21 years came and sat opposite and facing me. He looked like what I considered to be a normal heterosexual guy like myself. After a few minutes he took out his cigarette pack and asked me if I had a light. I said "Sure" and pulled out my lighter. He offered me a cigarette, I accepted, and we chatted all the way across the harbour.

As it happened we both got off at the same stop; we walked up the hill together, still chatting, and when we got to his flat he asked me if I wanted to come in for a coffee. I'm a friendly person and happy to make new friends so I said OK, and we went inside.

When we got inside he put the kettle on and then put his things away. As he walked past me he touched me on the cock - and then I realised what this was all about. I started to get an erection and didn't rebuff him. Encouraged that I hadn't tried to stop him he put his hand there again and started to work me with his fingers through my clothes. And as I still hadn't stopped him he unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock out and started to stroke me. By this time I had a raging hard-on. Man it felt good!

After a little while of this delightful activity he asked me if I wanted him to suck my cock. Well, of course, I said yes - who wouldn't? Then he told me I could cum in his mouth. I was surprised by this because, as I said, I was very naive, and had no idea that this kind of thing happened. Me and my mates occasionally jerked each other off and sometimes even put our penis into the other's mouth - but to ejaculate into our mouth - we didn't even think of it - well, I didn't anyway. I immediately said "yes", and was crazy with excitement.

He directed me to his bed and told me to lie down. I pulled my pants down to give him free access and lay down on my back. He knelt down beside me and took hold of my cock with one hand and then went down on me with his mouth. I couldn't believe my luck. He took me in his mouth and sucked me - it felt so good. And knowing that I would soon be exploding into his mouth filled me anticipation and that delicious sexual tension.

He moved his head up and down on my cock, sucking, wrapping his tongue around it, sucking, sucking. Oh, ah, that feeling. In and out, in and out, went my penis, every nerve sensitive to such incredible feeling - his tongue, his lips - oohhh, aaahhhh. The wetness, the smoothness of his mouth, the motion up and down, up and down, up and down, filling my cock with pleasure. The sensations gradually building and building, my balls starting to tingle with that well known and well loved feeling as the semen starts to build up ready for its exit.

All too soon the intensity of feeling became too much and I could feel the cum rising as he continued to take me in and out of his mouth. From deep down the semen began its rise to the top. As it made its passage up and out, the feeling was sensational, and I exploded into his mouth. He took it all and kept up the action until I'd finished.

Once I'd finished and expended everything in my balls he released my cock from his mouth and spat the semen out. As I put my pants back on he told me I had a nice cock and that it would pleasure any female. If I hadn't just blown my load I would have got an erection from his comment.

As I began to leave he said we should find a time to go to bed together. Well that idea turned me off right away as I didn't want to kiss or cuddle another male. So I said goodnight and never saw him again.

He never told me his name, never showed me his cock or ask that I do something for him. He just gave me a sexual favour without asking anything in return - I suppose because he was hoping for something deeper with me than I was prepared to give.

The sad thing is that I've never had a blow job since. My wife doesn't like the idea of me shooting a load of cum in her mouth; she'll take me in her mouth but stops short of the climax.



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