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He Wears Briefs

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This happened last week and was one brilliant weekend in a caravan.


My family and I moved from the city to the countryside last summer and I had felt pretty cut off from the rest of the world and was beginning to feel a bit lonely.

One weekend, my neighbors had a welcome to the street party for my family. It was a great night and I met the rest of the people on my street. One of them was a guy a year younger than me, lets call him Andy. Andy and I have become very close over the last few months and most of the time we are at each others houses.

We had spoken briefly about wanking in truth or truth games, but not really in much depth (much to my disappointment) but that was all going to change after this one weekend.

My family owns a caravan at the beach and we were going to go up and reopen it last weekend when my mum suggested I invited Andy along because she knew how close we were and she actually liked him (a rare thing with my friends). I asked him and thankfully he said yes.

The room we had to share in the caravan was rather small, there was less than a foot between the two beds but I didn't care. When it came to getting ready for bed on the first night I just noticed that Andy was getting into bed in his boxers and I really enjoyed this sight because Andy is about 5'11", slim with sandy blonde hair. We chatted for a while and soon afterwards we both fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up and he was still fast asleep. I had a raging boner as I always do first thing in the morning but decided not to do anything about it just because I didn't want him waking up. I fell back asleep and was awoken by the sound of him changing.

He had reached into the bag at the end of bed and pulled out a pair of underpants. Whilst sitting at the end of the bed his boxers had slid up, almost giving himself a wedgie, revealing part of his perfectly formed buttocks. He then got changed and proceeded to leave the room.

I now knew where he was keeping his underwear and that had been one of my goals for the weekend, smelling his boxers. I went over to his bag and pulled out a dirty pair of boxers; but they weren't boxers they were briefs. I found this odd as I didn't know any 17 year old boys who still wore briefs. I then smelt them and they smelled amazing.

I hadn't worn briefs in years and felt a bit daring so tried them on. They felt great and my boner had returned making my bulge look huge. I then took them off and proceeded to relieve myself at the thought of Andy with his briefs over my face.

That night I asked him what kind of boxers he wore and he said he didn't he wore briefs. I acted with disbelief even though I already knew it was true. He said he like the way they help everything stay in place (something I had to secretly agree with) and I asked him to show me them which he did and they were even better than the ones from that morning.

We talked some more and I could tell he was getting tired but was watching a program on his tablet and I was even hornier than that morning so I told him "Look I'm sorry but you're going to need to turn the other way and put your headphones in because I'm going to have a wank" He said he didn't care and he turned the other way. I had a wank when my best friend was less than a foot away from me and it felt great. It was the best orgasm i had had in a long time just because of how naughty I felt.

There is another story about this weekend but I feel I have rambled on for long enough in this one entry. So until next time: Happy Wanking.



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