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The Nurse

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She wasn't attractive, the body was nothing to look at, at least to the 18 yr old young man I was at the time. This story goes back many years ago. If you passed her on the street, you would never look twice. She was a friend of my mom's, a nurse who lived in the same apartment building as us. I had known her for a long time. She was married but no kids. Her husband travelled frequently for work. She was often in our apartment, especially when her husband was away, chatting with mom, sometimes over for dinner.

One particular time I was home sick with the flu or something like that. My mom had asked her to stop by when she got home and take a look at me. I was in my bedroom, in pajamas all day, feeling like shit when I heard her arrive. Mom knocked on the door and told me she would take a look. In she comes, dressed in her white nurse's uniform & closes the door behind her. Says she'll be taking my temperature and leaves the room. Returns with a jar of Vaseline in her hands and her thermometer. Asks me to lie down on my stomach as she sat on the bed. She proceeds to pull my pajama bottoms down below my ass like it's no big deal. Guess it wasn't to her. I was mortified and embarrassed.

I glance back and watched as she dipped the thermometer into the jar and removed it with a glob of Vaseline. All this time she's making small talk, asking me about my girlfriend, how school was going etc. Then I feel her hand on my naked ass and her fingers spreading my ass apart. Next I feel the thermometer at my entrance as she smoothly glides it in. Her one hand is resting on my left cheek and her right hand is holding it inside me. I can feel her fingers in that hand grazing my ball sack. She continues the conversation asking me personal questions about me and my girlfriend. Like, how often we have sex, do I see other girls, stuff like that. Now I'm feeling some tingling in my balls. I can feel her fingers brushing against my scrotum and even though I figured it was due to circumstances, my cock started to grow underneath me.

Then I felt her left hand which was resting on my cheek start to slowly move. She leaned in closer to me and says 'You've got a great ass' in a seductive voice. Well, my cock was already stiffening underneath me and I had to adjust my position. So I lifted my ass up slightly so my cock could straighten out and she let me know she'll be done very soon. So I felt her hand moving on my ass, her other hand touching my ball sack and I began to discreetly hump the mattress thinking she won't be able to notice. Then I notice her hand on my cheek is moving in rhythm to my subtle humping. She pushes down ever so slightly when I push against the mattress and relaxes when I do. The room is silent except for my breathing and I can hear my family in the other room.

Then I felt her shift her position and she leaned in close to my ear and said 'Feels good doesn't it?' as she runs her fingers over my balls. She said, 'Don't move' and slowly glides the thermometer out. My face is in the pillow so I assume she's reading it and putting it away, thinking this is over. Next thing I felt her sit back down lean in close and whisper 'ssshhhh' Her hands go back to my ass, I felt her playing with my entrance again and her other hand patted my cheek and she whispered 'Pick up a little' which I silently obeyed. I felt her finger slowly at my entrance then gliding inside me. Her other hand snaked underneath and as I felt that I lifted up slightly. She grasped my hard shaft and stroked it at the same time she ass fucked me with her finger. I lasted about two strokes and shot a load on my bed underneath me.

I soon learned that this very plain, unattractive, overweight lady was a sex fiend. I became her 'toy' for about a year until it ran its course. We had many opportunities since her husband travelled and we did just about anything you can imagine. She taught me a lot about sexuality and I discovered at an early age that passion and heat runs deep and wide and has very little to do with physical attractiveness.



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