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After Sex We Had Fun

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After sex we had even more fun masturbating.


It's what happened after we'd had sex which I loved most. We had made love quickly and passionately and Bella had orgasmed quietly. So I knew she would want more.

She climbed on top of me, and said softly but firmly, 'OK Now it's my turn to take control'.

She was on all fours, her breasts hanging down over my face, her nipples brushing against my lips. Instinctively I held the long nipple lightly between my teeth, pulling it gently in a way I knew she liked. My cock, which had softened after our love-making, was already beginning to rise again.

Bella reached between her legs with her right hand and began to stroke her cunt. She was already very wet from our fucking and I could hear the squelching noises as she massaged her open cunt. She plunged two fingers deep inside and then withdrew them to touch her clit.

My hands were on her arse squeezing her lovely butt. With one hand I reached to her labia which were hanging down a little. She pressed harder against her clit in a circular motion while I felt all around her open cunt and then between her cunt and her anus, then lightly I touched her anus.

Bella pressed her breasts against my face while keeping-up a steady insistent rhythm with her middle finger on her clit. I could feel the movement of her hand against mine as I moved my fingers inside her cunt. She let out little whimpers of pleasure as she rubbed harder on her pearl.

Then sitting up, so that her I could see and admire her magnificent breasts, She shifted herself so that she was pressing her cunt against my penis the head of which appeared between the hairs of her bush. She began to move in a steady rhythm, pressing her cleft against my penis. Then she raised herself a little so that she could use my cock like a dildo, rubbing the wet, smooth helmet of my penis against her clit in a firm determined way. She circled her cunt with my cock holding the shaft but didn't insert it, though I was pleading with her to put it in.

Instead she shuffled forward so that she was on her knees above me, her 'delta of venus' just above my face. I saw her hand reach down and her fingers touched her clit. She was so wet that she was dripping onto my chest. The sight of her bush and the cleft of her dark red cunt above me made me want to masturbate myself, so I reached for my cock behind her. She could feel my arm moving against her body and this seemed to excite her more as she began to rub her clit harder and faster. With her free hand she squeezed and pulled her nipples one after the other as if she was masturbating her nipples as well as her cunt.

I knew she was ready to come and I began to wank harder.

'I am going to come soon', she said breathlessly.

'Me too', I gasped

'Let's come together!'

She moved back over my hips. As we both wanked hard, our hands clashed. Feeling each other wanking was immensely exciting w real turn-on. She paused to allow my hand that was pumping my cock to hit against her cunt so I was wanking both of us simultaneously. I extended my thumb so it went in and out of her cunt as I furiously stroked my cock. Then she took over and with increasingly loud whimpers and moans she rubbed her clit until, suddenly, she collapsed on top of me, shuddering with the force of her explosive orgasm. This triggered my own climax and my cum spurted up her back. We kissed passionately and then burst out laughing for the sheer joy of the sex we'd had.

'Wow! That was fucking brilliant!' she declared triumphantly as if we had just won a gold medal in the sex Olympics.

I agreed. The fucking was great, but our mutual handjobs were even better.



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