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The Niece That I Love so Much

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My wife has a niece that it the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She was quite a tease when she was a teenager and I took full advantage of it. She was only 16 when I started rubbing against her and doing some feeling through her clothes. Shortly after her 18th birthday we were traveling from her house to mine and that is the day things got serious. We ended up parking in a field and we masturbated each other. I fully intended to go all the way with her but she would not as she said, 'fuck her aunt's husband'.

My job moved my family and I to another state for several years and I did not get to see her that often but when I did we would find time to get away from everyone else and have a masturbation session in my car.

I now live close to her and she is married with two children. It is evident that she loves her husband very much, as I love her aunt. However, this does not stop us from having fun every chance we have.

In addition to being beautiful she has a great body. One of the things that I love about her is her pussy. First of all it is very hairy, covered with thick dark brown hair. It is also very wet. I have never seen her when her pussy was not well lubricated. She has told me before that one man cannot totally satisfy her needs. In other words she stays horny most of the time. I am just lucky enough to be the other man in her life that helps take care of those needs.

A typical session between us usually goes like this. If her husband happens to be out of town and the kids are in school I will go to her house. We undress each other and get in bed. It's so much more fun if we are both totally naked. We do some serious kissing and touching and feeling. Once she gives me the signal I get down between her legs. She has this huge dildo that she loves me to use on her. It really stretches her pussy to the max. Once I get it in her I start playing with her clit. It does not take her long to have an orgasm. She likes me to keep her dildo in her when she cums and when that ass gets to bucking up and down on the bed I have to work at it to keep it in her. She will usually have 8 to 10 orgasms before her clit gets too tender to touch. When I pull the dildo out of her vagina she floods the bed with her slick pussy juice.

She will then take her hand and coat it with juice. She lubricates my dick with her pussy juice. When she massages the head of my dick with her pussy juice I have to hold myself to keep from cumming. She rubs her juice all over my dick and balls and will even lubricate my asshole with her juice. After playing with me for a while and sees me leaking precum she starts jacking me off. It doesn't take me long to cum.

She will always hold her other hand over my dick when I cum catching as much of my cum as possible. She always takes a taste of my cum and always rubs her pussy with my cum as well as her nipples. One time she took her fingers and tried to push as much of my cum into her pussy as she could. Sometimes she will jack me off a second time.

We are both totally drained when our session ends. One day about five years ago she called me and asked if I could come to her house and see her. When she opened the door she was totally naked. She led me to her bedroom and helped me undress. When we got in bed she asked me to do something that she had never allowed me to do. Apparently that day being her aunt's husband did not matter to her. She made my dreams come true. After it was over I asked her why she changed her mind and she simply said, 'I don't want to discuss it. We did it and we may do it again sometimes but there is no need to talk about it.'

We both fill a need that our spouses do not, and I am so happy that I am the 'other' man filling her needs.



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