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The Neighborhood Girls (1)

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When I was a little girl, I lived in a neighborhood where there were three girls one year older than me, and several, older. I mostly played with the girls who were close to my age. Likewise, only two boys, one a year older, and one two years younger than myself.

Somewhere between the ages of five and eight, we all became increasingly curious about sex. Some of the girls had cable early, and back then, soft core porn was still on channels like HBO and Cinemax on the weekends. We had sleepovers. We saw soft core porn. At some point, our already theatrical playtime, turned...well, into more than play time.

We would mimmick what we had seen in the movies, appointing who would be the girl and who would be the boy. I enjoyed being the boy.

I was the boy, with all the girls. We would kiss, and I would lay on top of them, and we would 'hump'. Because we hadn't a clue what this thing we stumbled upon was. I know that there were one or more of them, along with myself, who would cum, and at least one I don't think could.

At sometime, I became obsessed and was fixated on cumming WITH them. I was also already masterbating by then alone, using a knob in my bed post to 'hump' against, over and over in one night as a small child.

So, I would have sleepovers and would try to coax them into showing me how they 'did it' alone, without us doing it to each other. One time, it was Sandy's house and her dad had dirty magazine's we would look at. We didn't fully understand what we were seeing, but, we knew it made us want to hump. So, I asked Sandy if she ever did it alone, and she said 'Yes,' and I asked if she ever looked at the pictures and did it, and she said 'Yes.' So, I asked her to tell me what she did, and she said she would take the sheets off the edge of her bed and find the cord stitched around it, lay her pussy on it, hold on to the edges, and rub up and down till she came.

I had to SEE that! I asked her to show me, I think I told her I didn't understand what she meant. She pulled off the sheets and laid her pussy down, quickly, pumped twice and said 'Ok happy?' I just said, 'No, really just show me what you do, the whole thing.' She didn't answer and I said 'I won't stare, I'll just look at these pictures, and just you a little bit.' She agreed.

I started to flip through the pages and began commenting like 'What's THAT?' and 'Wow, that's big' and 'Wow, I hope I have one's like those!' I came to a picture that had a man with a very erect cock, shooting his cum from standing onto a girl's face and mouth who was kneeling. Now, we didn't know what cum was, so we thought he was peeing. I kept taking quick glances at her humping and sweating at the pictures, flexing her calf muscles and breathing quicker. When she suddenly stood up and said 'It works better if these are off' and pulled her shorts off, and quickly found her spot on the cord again.

I started to flip the page from the man 'peeing' on the woman when she said 'Wait, I like that one, let me look at it a little longer'. With that she became transfixed, staring at this photo, so much so that she didn't see me staring at her smashing her clit into this bed cord, rubbing her clit in circles on it, seeing it wet from behind. She finally tensed and shuddered and said 'Ok,I don't want to do this anymore.'

So, I asked if I could look some more, and she said she would leave and let me do what I wanted. She left and I grabbed the first big stuffed animal I saw, put it down on the floor, found MY favorite picture (which was the one that made her cum) and got six good strokes in before shuddering and grinding my pussy as hard I could into the nose of it.

We went to bed after that. But there are other girls and other stories about them.

Till then.



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