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Prom Dress Fun

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First time with a girl, let alone my Best Friend!


I'm about five foot three and really skinny. I have C cup boobs and a really small ass. I'm surprised I'm still a virgin after all these years. I've had many boyfriends but haven't let anyone get close to my V card. My girl friend Clarissa, is about five feet has DD cup boobs. She's had sex multiple times with her boyfriend but they've been dating since middle school so they're bound to get married.

Clarissa and I both wanted to go Prom dress shopping and we were really excited. We've always had fun together, and we are both very open with each other. We've talked about masturbation, oral sex, sex in general, boys, girls, etc. All things a horny teenager talks about.

We walked into the store and she saw the dress she wanted immediately. It's perfect for her. Purple (her favorite color) with a single strap and a bit of a poof at the bottom.

She screamed 'I have to try it on! Come on Marissa find one!'

I chose some random peach dress and we rushed into the dressing rooms.

She stripped off her clothes. Her body was just smoking hot to me. I didn't know why. I am not a lesbian just she was really hot. She stripped off her shirt first and she was wearing a really sexy pink polka dot bra. Her boobs were just telling me to grab them. She took off her pants and was wearing a matching thong.

I took off my shirt wearing my plain black bra and my pants showing my mesh black g string.

Clarissa turned and said 'nice string, I'd fuck you wearing that.'

I was so turned on by that, I could feel my pussy just get super wet by that.

We tried on the dresses and damn we both looked hot!!!

We took photos of both of us and sent them to our dates and they loved the dresses on each of us. We both knew these were the ones we wanted.

We took the dresses off and as I was hanging mine back on the curtain I felt a hand grab my ass.

'did I ever tell you how sexy you are?'

Jokingly I replied 'always.'

Then out of no where, she kisses me!!

Of course I kept on going with it but it came out of no where.

'What was that?' I asked.

'just something I've always wanted to do' Clarissa said.

'Oh really, well how's this?'

I kissed her and pushed her against the wall just us wearing our bras and panties. Her body was so soft and just the best thing to me.

We made out for about five minutes and than I felt my bra strap snap off.

I walked back a step and Clarissa grabs at my bra taking it off.

She starts to kiss my boobs passionately. I then took off her bra and did the same. I then heard her moan softly and started to rub her pussy through her panties. The moaning got faster and a little more loud. I pushed her panties to the ground and spread her legs with my knee.

I fingered her pussy for some minutes, her juices running out all over thighs. I then stuck two of my fingers in her which obviously was something she enjoyed because she moaned 'do it, come on Marissa, fuck me.' After a while she had an orgasm. Then it was my turn.

She took out a small vibrator from her purse and turned it on. She rubbed it against my pussy over my panties and said 'relax, I'll take care of you'

I sat down and took off my panties in a flash. She knew how to work that vibrator.

She pressed it against my clit and instantly I was in heaven. She then slowly stuck it in my pussy and then started to work it against me faster and faster. I was moaning and screaming loudly. I'm surprised no one heard us.

I had an orgasm so quickly it was faster but stronger than anything I could have done in my room with my fingers. I masturbate a lot.

However, we were not finished.

I sat up and recovered from what she did and then grabbed her and pulled her towards me. I started to kiss her and move into her.

We crossed legs and started to rub our pussies against each other. We started to get in a good rhythm so she held the vibrator between our pussies as we pressed our warm bodies together.

We spent 20 minutes just rubbing our vaginas against each other. It was amazing. We came about twice each and then we dressed each other back up.

I kissed her boobs one last time as I put on her bra. 'Ya know Clarissa I wanted that all day today.'

'I know you did but I wanted it for a year.'

I was so shocked to hear that.

'Wanna go home and do it again?'

'Lead the way sexy'

We did it as soon as we got home and all night at her house.

We went to prom together and we've done stuff a lot together afterwards. I've even joined in on a threesome with her boyfriend.

We've had fun and I'm meeting her again tomorrow night to do it. We decided to go to a Victoria Secret's dressing room. See how that goes.

I'm going to finger myself hard now because I'm so wet writing this.




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