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The Massage

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this just happened a few hours ago


This will be quick.
I had a massage booked during my lunch hour today. After I dropped my car off at the dealer for some repairs, I walked down the block to the massage place my appointment was at.
So, I arrive and was led into the little room. Since I was having a full-body massage, the girl told me to disrobe and put on one of the robes. I did and stepped out into the hall, where she was and led me to one of the rooms where the tables are. I only had to wait oh what seemed like a minute and the therapist knocked and walked in.
My my, he was hot! Chris, he said his name was, asked me a couple questions and then mixed the oils together that he was going to use. With his back to me, he told me to take off the robe and lay on the table on my back and put the towels over me (if I wanted to). I did!
He turned and came over to the table and poured some of the oil in his hands and rubbed them together. After a few seconds, he began to gently rub my feet and work his way up.
It was so relaxing and I was in heaven!
As he got to my knees, he asked me if he could push the towel up a bit. I said, 'Sure' and he did. With each movement of his hands higher on my thighs, I was getting more turned on and my pussy was on fire. He kept moving ever so closer to my crotch and stopped when I felt his hand touch my pubes. He then started off at the foot of my other leg and did it all the way up my crotch again. Then as he began to massage my stomach, chest and up to neck and head, I was slowly and discreetly moving my legs together and the sensations building in my pussy were amazing. At one point, my back arched a little and he asked if I was ok. I said, 'Well, actually I got a tight spot still in my stomach and that caused the pain.' He came around and slowly started to massage my stomach again.
I said, 'That's nice, but that's not where the pains are.'
He said, 'Oh, well - were are they?' As he began to massage me.
I kept saying, 'Lower , lower,' and so on, till he was just at my pubes and said, 'Ah, right there!'
He applied a little more oil and began to rub deep in. The feelings now down in my pussy from his work were intensified and I felt an orgasm build up. I must have raised my back a little or moved my hips - as he just looked up and winked.
As if he knew what was going on, he slowly slid his left hand down between my legs and touched my pussy lips. The warm oils and my thoughts sent a rush through me and I had an orgasm. We just grinned and giggled and I rolled over and he worked his magic on my back and back of my legs. Laying this way, I could rub my pussy against the table as I wanted. Which is what I did and had another, but less-powerful orgasm.
When he was done, I sat up, put the robe back on and climbed off the table. I saw a big bulge in his pants and whispered into his ear, 'You'd better take care of that before it stays like that!' and gave him a peck on the cheek and left.
I went into the little room and changed back into my clothes and headed out to the lobby. As I came out, I heard a funny sound coming from the room where my massage was. I snuck back to the door and peeked in. There was Chris, standing against the table, pants down to his ankles and he was jacking off and sniffing the table (about where my crotch was when I was laying on it face down). I watched him as he grunted and groaned and then let go. His cum, shot all over the floor and even across to the wall. I quickly slipped away and out the door and back to the office.
After that experience, I want to have a massage every week, hehe.



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