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High School Driving Me Crazy !

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When I was in school we knew how to party! Though many years ago now (it was 1974 then!) it is still very clear in my memory, like it was yesterday, though I can't remember what I did this morning!


I knew him in Art class, he was different from everyone and was in his own world and had traveled around the U.S. and had some great paintings from earlier years to show when we all met him as a new student. That was impressive as we were all not very good at keeping portfolios etc. I didn't pay him any notice for most of the year.

Then one day my brother tells me he can't pick me up from afterschool field hockey but he has a friend he met at a lake bonfire party who is really cool, has a car and his chinese restaurant job leaves him open afterschool and before the night job and would I mind if he drove me home because he is tired of always having to and wants to do other things. Well... I knew it was a old boy wink and nod, my sister ya ya.... they must have had some guy / guy talk at the party and my brother Tim must have said something, maybe how he hears me cumming late at night sometimes. But I thought well, I'll check this guy out anyway, I'm not dating anyone and it might be hip.

So he tells me his name and it really didn't ring any bells, and I just said 'fine, only once if he is a jerk or something'. So the next day he picks me up and I was so surprised it was Kelly from Art class! He was surprised too, he hadn't really thought of me either as a possible lover. We drove off and sure enough I was getting really soaking wet and he was excited too! Why pretend? His car was a japanese station wagon and he had it all fixed up for fun, playing great music like Genesis, Bo Hansson and Tangerine Dream, The Doors and Zeppelin, it was so hot and loud! we were so high! It was great so we took the long way home, around the forests of New Hampshire by rivers and lakes and finally got back home just after dark and a ruby laser beam sunset (gets dark early in the fall there!) and I just had to see it, I was so magically excited.

I knew my parents and brother were not home and being dark, I kissed him deeply opened my mouth and let him french me! He was a very good kisser! I like that! We made out and I admired his strong muscles as he ran cross country and his hip clothes, bell bottoms and tight print T showing off his tight stomach and arms with love beads and long hair, he was dreamy! He was obviously hot and hard so I stroked him over his jeans and he just took it out and without a word I grabbed it and began to stroke him!!

I love a beautiful penis and hate the ugly ones! just can't touch the ugly ones ones yuk, it was smooth and symetrical, nicely circumcised with a ring of darker color were the foreskin had been, I think they are much nicer to look at and to fuck than the other ones, it was just the right size erect too, not too big or too small, just fine, very fine!!! perfect little helmet head and so very sensitive under it!! I played and played with the texture and the aroma! yummy!

He Arched up, as we were in the front bench seats and I stroked him till he was very close. I knew he could finish himself with more skill than me so I put his hand on his penis and I moved my right hand to his perineum and his nuts, I had lots of experience and read all the playboys my brother could get and knew how to be very pleasing! I love to see them squirt! I pushed his nuts gently up into his body and lightly flicked his scrotum skin, playing with it and applying pressure to his perineum area, this was very effective as I whispered very sweet, sexy encouragements to him while the music played and our high was flying! He came so hard that it sprayed the whole windshield !!!!Never saw so much come out of a boy before or after!!! It sprayed our whole dash and all our clothes, it was an explosion of cream!! We both laughed so hard!!!

The next afternoon it was my turn, we had to clean up and go quick as he had work and I had to get inside before my parents showed up so I was quite frustrated until I had my time late at night. So the next day he picks me up and we are all smiles and so happy. We drive around again, this time he picks a secluded forest back road and finds a perfect hide out as New Hampshire in the 70's was a forest fairy dream place before all the massive suburbia took over. The deep forest was magical and the music was astounding and the stuff was always so fine !!

We got right down to business in the back of his station wagon! We kissed and made out so sweetly for a long time and then I moved his hand down to my pussy. He was skilled too! Thank God! He wasn't another bumbling jerk! He very skillfully caressed and cherished my moist folds, he gently and quickly flicked my clit, and brought me close over and over, until finally he plunged his three fingers deep into my soaping wet cunt!!! then he knew just exactly how to stroke me in and out and the right pace, varying the speed and getting me closer and closer, he rotated his hand and fingered my G spot! he knew all the tricks! He went so deep up to feel my cervix and opening my legs as wide as a young athletes can go opened me up as wide as I could!! the light but firm pressure on my thighs was heavenly, then he would hold my legs and swing them apart and then close together in a rhythm to match the music perfectly, faster then slower, apart then together, in and out!!!!! over and over like crimson and clover, I came like I was ejected into outer space!!! I spasmed and squirmed, squeeled and gasped! It took an eternity and then when I came back I couldn't talk or move!!! We smiled and laughed again so hard and then off we went.

We had a few more adventures too! All for now. Great memories! Those young boys can really cum! still fun now, with older ones, use it or lose it! But really there is nothing like a young boy cause they are full of cum like no other time later in life. Boys reach their sex peak at 17! Girls at 35! Keep that in mind!! Lots of Loving! bi from Teddi!



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