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The Eric Experiment

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The story of a brief, unexpected but not at all unpleasant encounter


When I was fourteen some new neighbors moved in a couple of houses down. As we all got to know each other, their son Eric and I did various things together. Eric was a year younger than I was, with long-ish straight blonde hair, a slight but athletic build and a dazzling smile. I showed him around the neighborhood, then around the rest of our small town and the wooded area nearby.

As summer came on and it continued to warm up, I followed my routine of making frequent trips to a swimming hole in a creek which our property straddled. Thinking that my friend Eric might like to see it, I invited him and he enthusiastically agreed to go. So one warm morning we set off along the narrow trail, me in my trusty swim trunks and Eric in denim cutoffs with a towel draped over his bare shoulders.

On the way we bantered about various things. While on the topic of girls, Eric mentioned that his family was very open about sex and discussed everything. That was quite different from my family, in which the subject was acknowledged but almost never brought up.

At the swimming hole we took off our shoes and socks and waded in. The water was nice and warm and soon we were splashing, thrashing, yelling and laughing. Then Eric's hands went below the surface and came up with his shorts, which he tossed onto the bank before resuming his swim in his birthday suit. It shocked me momentarily that he would so casually take everything off with me there, but then I remembered what he had said about his family's attitude toward sex and figured it made sense. Emboldened by his example, I soon had my trunks tossed up alongside his cutoffs.

After a bit we took a break from swimming and lounged on the rocks near the water. It was about midday now and the warm breeze felt wonderful on our bare skin as we lay on our backs looking up through the tree branches. Being naked and adolescent got us talking about sex again and Eric told me more about his open-minded family. He had a brother in college who was gay and their parents had always encouraged him to be who he was. After telling me this, Eric was silent for a few moments and then asked me, 'Have you ever kissed another guy?'

'No,' I admitted.

'Have you ever thought about it?'

That question was trickier, but I didn't want to say so. At the same time, I didn't want to leave it hanging. There was a look in Eric's blue-green eyes which told me that something interesting might be about to happen, and I wasn't at all sure that I didn't want it to. I bounced the question back to him.

'Have you?'

Now we were both silent. Eric turned onto his side and propped himself up on one elbow, so I did likewise. I'm not sure where it started, but sly, impish grins spread slowly across our faces. We were thinking the same thing and we both knew it. Finally I plucked up the courage to say, 'Well, are we gonna do this?'

'On three,' he said and counted off. 'One.....two.....three.'

My eyes closed instinctively and I felt Eric's lips on mine. Our teeth bumped a couple of times and even our tongues brushed together between them. It was an awkward adolescent kiss, but not at all gross. It conveyed the same warm, sweet sensation as a kiss with a girl and sent enough of a signal down my spine to give me an erection. I opened my eyes slightly and saw that I wasn't alone in this; Eric had his free hand on his own monument to curious boyhood and was stroking it with a slow rhythm. Again emboldened by my interesting new friend, I took similar action with mine.

As the smooch continued, Eric's lips tightened and his breathing jerked sharply in and out of his nostrils. I glanced down his body again and saw his hips thrusting. Then he came, squirting his milky jizz down onto the rock between us. His mouth came off mine and fell open in a big sigh of release, then his head dropped onto his arm and he lay there, panting. I felt my own climax coming and pushed myself over the edge. As I came, I bent down to Eric's face and planted another one on him.

I was embarrassed by this, but Eric brushed it aside. 'Don't worry about it,' he said through his exhausted grin, 'When you're in the middle of coming, there's no telling what you'll do.'

It was past noon and we hadn't had lunch, so we dipped in the water to rinse off the sticky cum, then got dressed and headed back. On the way we talked some more about sex, his brother, kissing girls etc.

Not at all unpleasant.



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