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Awesome night with teammate - 2

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Remember that even though my name is Jamal, I'm white with brown short hair, this is what happened a week after my first experience with Audrius, you should read that one first (Apr. 1st)


So a week after our first episode our team went to a tournament in Buffalo, NY and Audrius and I shared a room together in the hotel. We played 2 games on saturday and then we went back to our hotel after grabbing a quick bite to eat, Audrius and I had been giving eachother some awkward looks throughout dinner and we both sort of knew what was coming later that night. We got back to the hotel and our coach told us lights out at 11:00 cuz we had games the next day, it was 10 so I let Audrius have first shower while I watched NCAA on TV, he was being pretty shy so I was unsure what to do.

He came out in his towel and said "your turn" glancing at me topless (I did that on purpose). I let my eyes wander on his body for a bit and then hopped into the washroom. After my shower I came out and to my surprise he was still in his towel lying down watching the game. "Not going to change?" I asked. "Not yet" he said and we just watched the game awkwardly for a while... With only our towels covering our waists.

After about a half hour (around 11 now) I decided to break the ice and asked "you remember what happened last week?" He hesitated but obviously couldn't lie and said "uhh, yeah, kinda". So I asked "do you think that makes us gay?" "I don't know" he said, clearly uncomfortable. I persisted though, I wanted what I wanted, "I think it doesn't as long as we still like girls, which I do. Do you?" He shyly agreed and went back to the game. "You DO like girls right?" I asked. He told me he did and he was just embarassed and didn't want to talk about it.I persisted more and said "wanna do it again?". His eyes lit up.

I walked over and pulled off his towel exposing his semi. He returned the favour and ripped off mine, exposing my clean shaved pubic area, dick and balls. We reached for eachother's dicks and began fondling on his bed next to eachother. After a while he said "I wonder who's is bigger" to which I replied by getting up and going to my backpack and grabbing the ruler I had brought to do the homework I had forgotten about. I made sure his dick was at full hardness and measured just over 5 inches, he then took it and measured mine to be just a little bit shorter.

I asked him what it was like to have so much foreskin as mine only covered half my head when I was hard and his was still a little bit past his head. He said it made for easier orgasms and then asked why I shaved. I just told him it made for a nicer looking cock in my eyes. He said he wanted his shaved and I said I liked his blonde wispy pubes just the way they were. We were getting really hot.

At this point I was getting to my verge and when I told him he said he wanted to swallow all of it. I sat on his torso and positioned my 5 inch, hard, shaved dick right at his open mouth, my sagging balls just on his chest, I started to finish my self up while he braced himself. I shot 5 spurts deep into his throat and was surprised to do so without actually getting my dick in his lips. He swallowed all of it and I said my turn. He sat on me and pointed his cute dick at my mouth and I started to get excited. His balls were tight up against his body and it wasn't long before I was swallowing his cum.

We collapsed onto the bed just as there was a knock at the door and I rushed to get dressed and conceal my boner while Àudrius went into the washroom. I opened it and it was our coach saying 5mins and we should be in bed and I said thanks and that was the last of him. I turned out all the lights and went into the washroom where we began to kiss all over the counter. While kissing I brought him back to the bed and took off my clothes, he was still naked. I straddled him and we started grinding like crazy using precum as lube.

It wasn't long before we were cumming all over again and we got it all over eachother. I leaned down and started to lick it up while fondling his balls. We had one more make out session and grinded once more using the reamining cum as lube and after our third orgasms of the night we fell asleep again, naked, in eachothers arms.

In the morning we got our wake up call and kissed a bot before going to eat breakfast, the rest of our teammates were clueless and we acted as goofy as possible to eachother for the whole rest of the day without anybody picking up on it. We lost our first game that day (I wonder why) and Audrius and I parted ways with our families. This catapulted a jerk off friendship that will hopefully last a while, at least til we get real girlfriends

Gotta go, Audrius is coming over later and I'm putting together a costume



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