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The Czech Girl

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This is a true story in which I made a fantasy come true.


First of all: Let me tell you how much I love this site. I've spent quite a few hours reading the hot stories and take care of myself while doing so. Since I'm from Germany I hope you don't mind my bad English.

But now on to my story: It happened just yesterday that I did one nasty thing. For the first time in my life I encountered what you call a 'professional'. I was on a business-trip and got to the place known to have the nicest ladies in town. I entered the building to find out that it was not that crowded. There were only just a few girls doing their business...

On the third floor one really cute blonde girl greeted me at her door and asked if I would like to join her for having a good time. She wore a g-string and a nice lacy bra and high heeled black sandals. I told her that I just wanted to watch her a bit and a few other things and also asked about the price for joining her in her room. I also told her that I didn't want to fuck her or anything - I would just like to watch her play with herself. She told me the price and said that she liked her 'customers' to be pleased with her service and told me to come in and tell her my fantasies in detail. Later on in her room I learned her name was Eva and she came from Prague.

She told me to pull off my clothes and join her on the bed. She had already taken off her bra and was about to drop her panties. Now let me describe her a bit. She must have been about 25 years old - very skinny with a nice pair of firm breasts, blonde hair and blue eyes. The kind of girl that turns heads on the streets. She was now fully nude with just her high-heeled black sandals on.

I met her on the bed and we sat down facing each other. I already had a huge hard-on which I started to stroke slowly. She began circling her nipples with her fingertips and slowly began to moan while her other hand found it's way to her shaven pussy. While she played with herself she told me to tell her what I wanted her to do. I asked her if she used a vibrator but she told me she just had one at home but not here. She also said tomorrow she would buy one since her customers often asked her about it. I just wanted to watch so I told her to go on with what she had started.

She took off her shoes and I made a comment about how I liked her high heels. Then she laid back and started to caress my legs and upper body and finally my balls with her nude foot. Since I had made a comment on her shoes she must have sensed that I have a bit of a foot-fetish. However she put her right foot on my cock, stroking it and tickling it with her painted toes. Then she reached over with her other foot and guided my cock between her feet and stroked it up and down. I thought I was in heaven! By this time my cock was already leaking large amounts of pre-come and was all slippery between her nude feet. All the while she was working her clit and moaning.

To give me a better view she released my cock from her feet, took her legs wide in the air and told me to look at her. She asked if I wanted to touch her. How could I refuse at that point? So I caressed her legs, feet and upper body with my free hand while working my cock with the other. She told me that also her pussy needed some attention and as I reached for it and inserted my index-finger I found that she was really wet. I started to stroke her clit with my free hand and she moaned even loader.

By the time my cock was nearly bursting and throbbing. All the time she said 'Yeah big boy - stroke that beautiful cock for me' and things like that. Then she suddenly sat up know directly facing me and caressing my upper body and legs. She complimented me about my nice cock once again and took it in her hands to slowly stroke it while with the other hand she pinched my nipples which made me gasp. She laughed and pinched them again and again. Then she took my cock in both hands and quickened the pace of her stroking. All the while I was playing with her clit and pussy marvelling at her wetness.

I told her I needed to cum now and with that she laid back again and told me to stroke my cock for her, while she diddled her clit. When I felt the cum starting to rise in my balls I kneeled over her body still stroking my cock. I knew that I was on the way to a powerful orgasm. She kept telling me to stroke my lovely cock for her while she fingered her pussy.

I quickened my pace and finally I let out a long moan while rope after rope of cum shot from my cock all over her naked legs, belly and tits. She just said 'Wow - that's really a lot'. After some time to recover and helping her clean herself with some towels we put our clothes back on and had some small talk.

I really enjoyed my time with the nice Czech girl and told her so. Unfortunately she told me that this was her last day in Germany before she would go back to Prague. But maybe she would be back later in the year.

After all it was really a nice beginning of a business-trip and a great time to remember my 'first-time'.



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